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Platelet Count Test in Jaipur

Also Known asPLATELET COUNT TEST, PLT Count, Thrombocyte count

No fasting required

on timeReports in 18 hours

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Looking for a lab close by to get your platelet function assay in jaipur? Bajaj Finserv Health has you covered. Easily book your test online from home and benefit from discounted rates.

About platelet count test

Platelet Blood Tests quantitively measure the number of platelets in the blood. Platelets are produced in the bone marrow and are essential for making a clot at the site of the injury preventing blood loss.

Platelet Count Test Overview

Test NamePlatelet Count Test in Jaipur
Also Known asPLATELET COUNT TEST, PLT Count, Thrombocyte count
Booked for 100+ times
Report time18 hrs
Preparation required.No fasting required

    Who needs PLT Test?

    • People who bruise easily.

    • People having unusual clotting.

    • Patients receiving chemotherapy or immunosuppressant therapy.

    • Patients diagnosed with Dengue fever.

    • Individuals undergoing a major surgery.

    Preparations and Precautions

    • No special precaution required

    Platelet Count Test price in Jaipur

    • The regular cost of Platelet Count Test is ₹50 in Jaipur. This all-inclusive cost covers the collection, testing, and mailing of reports.

    Platelet Count Test Price in Jaipur


    Collection Type


    Redcliffe LabsHome Collection₹50
    Dr. Lal PathLabsHome Collection₹160
    Thyrocare Technologies LimitedHome Collection₹260

    How home sample collection for Platelet Count Test in Jaipur works?

    collection type

    Book a test at your preferred lab by selecting home sample collection

    sample collected

    Get your sample collected by the lab technician at your home


    Receive your lab reports within 24 hours over email

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    Redcliffe Labs is headed and supervised by expert personnel of skillful and dynamic technocrats in the domain of Medicine and Pathology. We have a team of dedicated, qualified, and experienced pathology experts who deliver the test reports with utmost precision. Our pathologists follow NABL guidelines to provide accurate diagnostic reports and determine the root cause of a specific health disorder.


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    Frequently Asked Questions about Platelet Count Test in Jaipur

    What infections/illnesses does Platelet Count Test detect?

    1. Thrombocytopenia 2. Thrombocytosis 3. Bone marrow suppression 4. Auto immune diseases

    What does it mean if your PLT is low?

    If your platelet count is low, it suggests: 1. Thrombocytopenia 2. Increased risk of bleeding and blood loss 3. Your bone marrow is nor producing enough platelets. 4. Auto immune diseases destroying the platelets. 5. Spleen and liver are destroying the platelets.

    What is the normal function of platelets?

    The platelets are usually the first line of defence for tissue or vessel injury. They clump together holding the edges of the damaged tissue thus forming a bridge and trap the clotting factors. A clot is then formed over this plug and stops bleeding and helps scarring.

    What is the reason for low platelet count?

    1. Infections like Dengue fever. 2. Chemotherapy and immunosuppressant therapy 3. Autoimmune disorders. 4. Splenic hyperactivity

    What is the normal range of platelet count test?

    A value of 150,000-450,000 cells /microlitre.

    What is the Platelet Count Test price in Jaipur?

    The Platelet Count Test price in Jaipur is Rs. 50, including free home sample collection.

    Can I get a discount on the Platelet Count Test cost in Jaipur?

    At Bajaj Finserv Health, we aim to offer competitive rates, currently, we are providing OFF on Platelet Count Test. Keep an eye on the ongoing discounts on our website to ensure you get the best value for your health tests.

    Where can I find a Platelet Count Test near me?

    You can easily find an Platelet Count Test near you in Jaipur by visiting our website and searching for a center in your location. You can choose from the accredited partnered labs and between lab visit or home sample collection.

    Can I book the Platelet Count Test for someone else?

    Yes, you can book the Platelet Count Test for someone else. Just provide their details during the booking process.