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arthritis profile - basic

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The package contains 8 checkups that assess total blood count, uric acid level and help detect rheumatoid factor, autoimmune diseases as well as infections and inflammation in the body


Tests Included: 59

1. rheumatoid factor (rf), serum

2. anti nuclear antibodies (ana)

1. bilirubin total

2. albumin / globulin ratio

3. serum globulin

4. gamma glutamyl transferase (ggt)

5. alanine transaminase (alt), sgpt

6. alkaline phosphatase

7. aspartate aminotransferase (ast), sgot

8. albumin, serum

9. bilirubin indirect

10. protein total

11. bilirubin direct

1. immature granulocyte percentage (ig\%)

2. mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (mchc)

3. red cell distribution width (rdw)

4. hemoglobin; hb

5. absolute basophil count

6. red blood cells (rbc)

7. absolute neutrophil count

8. absolute lymphocyte count

9. nucleated red blood cells

10. absolute monocyte count

11. lymphocyte percentage

12. nucleated red blood cells

13. absolute eosinophil count

14. mean corpuscular hemoglobin (mch)

15. absolute eosinophil count

16. platelet count test

17. absolute basophil count

18. red cell distribution width (rdw)

19. absolute monocyte count

20. packed cell volume (pcv), hematocrit

21. absolute neutrophil count

22. immature granulocytes (ig)

23. total leukocyte count (tlc)

24. mean corpuscular volume (mcv)

1. hdl cholesterol-direct

2. non-hdl cholesterol, serum

3. ldl / hdl ratio

4. ldl cholesterol direct

5. vldl cholesterol

6. cholesterol / hdl ratio

1. total cholesterol

2. triglycerides, serum

1. thyroid stimulating hormone (tsh)

2. total triiodothyronine (t3)

3. total t4 (thyroxine)

1. serum calcium

2. uric acid, serum

3. creatinine, serum

4. bun / creatinine ratio

5. blood urea nitrogen (bun)

1. total iron binding capacity (tibc)

2. transferrin saturation (ts)

3. iron

1. hba1c (glycosylated hemoglobin)

2. average blood glucose (abg)

1. c-reactive protein (crp)


8-12 hour fasting is mandatory.

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Doctors recommend this test once a year

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