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Electocardiogram (ecg) Testin Pune

Also Known asECG

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Looking for a lab near you to book the ECG test in pune? Bajaj Finserv Health has made it simple. Book your test online from home.

About ECG test

ECG test measures electrical activity like heart rate and rhythm. The electrical impulses from the heart are traced in the form of waves on graph paper and interpreted. It is non-invasive test.

Electocardiogram (ECG) Test Overview

Test NameElectocardiogram (ECG) Test in Pune
Also Known asECG
Booked for 2500+ times
Report time48 hrs
Preparation required.No fasting required
Discount %5%

    Who needs an ECG test?

    • People who have family history of heart disease.

    • People who are having risk factors like obesity, sedentary lifestyle.

    • People with co-existing morbidities like high blood pressure, diabetes.

    • As a screening test for people who had previous heart attack or heart problems.

    Preparations and Precautions

    • You may be asked to change into a hospital gown at the time of the scan depending on the scan. You may have to remove your jewelry and any metal objects while getting the test done, as it might interfere with the image. Pregnant women should inform their doctor (and x-ray technician) as the radiations may affect the fetus.

    Electocardiogram (ecg) Test price in Pune

    • The regular cost of Electocardiogram (ecg) Test is ₹300 in Pune, but we are offering a 5% discount, so you can book it for just ₹285. This all-inclusive cost covers the collection, testing, and mailing of reports.

    Electocardiogram (ECG) Test Price in Pune


    Collection Type


    Lifespan DiagnosticHome Collection₹300

    How home sample collection for Electocardiogram (ecg) Test in Pune works?

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    Book a test at your preferred lab by selecting home sample collection

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    Get your sample collected by the lab technician at your home


    Receive your lab reports within 24 hours over email

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Electocardiogram (ecg) Test in Pune

    What does the ECG test measure?

    ECG measures the electrical activity of the heart that makes the rate and rhythm of heart beats. It also measures if there is any blockage to conduction of these impulses across the heart muscles.

    What does an ECG test for?

    An ECG tests for any abnormal electrical activity of the heart causing rate and rhythm disturbances. It can also test for conduction blocks and certain heart muscle injury due to ischaemia (reduced blood supply).

    What happens if ECG is abnormal?

    An abnormal ECG needs to be interpreted by a qualified physician only. Your doctor may advise additional tests to judge the extent of the illness and plan treatment and advise lifestyle changes for correction of the heart problems.

    Does ECG test show all heart problems?

    No. The ECG test detects only the rate and rhythm disturbances of the heart. Further testing like echocardiography and cardiac angiography are required to detect other heart problems.

    What is the normal ECG test range?

    A normal electrical activity is traced as a wave pattern. Normal heart rate for adults is 60-80 beats/min. Children have higher rate 75-120 beats/min.

    What is the Electocardiogram (ECG) price in Pune?

    The Electocardiogram (ECG) price in Pune is Rs. 285, including free home sample collection.

    Can I get a discount on the Electocardiogram (ECG) cost in Pune?

    At Bajaj Finserv Health, we aim to offer competitive rates, currently, we are providing 5% OFF on Electocardiogram (ECG). Keep an eye on the ongoing discounts on our website to ensure you get the best value for your health tests.

    Where can I find a Electocardiogram (ECG) near me?

    You can easily find an Electocardiogram (ECG) near you in Pune by visiting our website and searching for a center in your location. You can choose from the accredited partnered labs and between lab visit or home sample collection.

    Can I book the Electocardiogram (ECG) for someone else?

    Yes, you can book the Electocardiogram (ECG) for someone else. Just provide their details during the booking process.