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Top Health Concerns

Top Health Concerns

With the diseases and conditions tests, you can keep health problems at bay. Whether you have symptoms or simply want to be proactive about your health, these tests will provide critical insights and personalized recommendations to help you live a healthy lifestyle.


Cancer is a complex group of diseases characterised by the abnormal, uncontrolled growth and spread of cells. Early detection is critical for successful treatment because it can help prevent further complications. Preventive cancer screenings, such as mammograms and colonoscopies, can help detect cancer in its early stages when it is more treatable. These tests can also detect pre-cancerous conditions, allowing for early intervention and prevention. Regular testing and guidance from a healthcare provider can assist individuals in figuring out the best possible treatment plan and managing the disorder effectively, ultimately leading to a higher quality of life.

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Full Body Checkups

Full Body Checkups

Overall health diagnosis

Body Organs

Body Organs

Assess major organ function

Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle Habits

Measure habits, empower health

X-Ray, MRI & Scans

X-Ray, MRI & Scans

Radiology based lab tests

Why you should take a health checkup on regular basis?

A regular health checkup is essential for monitoring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle habits, such as diet, physical activity, stress levels, and sleeping patterns, can have a significant impact on your overall health and well-being. Taking a disease test can identify any potential health issues that may arise due to your poor lifestyle habits and help you identify areas where you can make improvements to enhance your overall well-being. By staying proactive and making small changes to your lifestyle habits, you can live a long and healthy life.

Price of Top Health Concerns in Pune

Provider Name


Redcliffe Labs centre for Top Health Concerns

₹99 - ₹20500

Healthians centre for Top Health Concerns

₹12 - ₹6694

Genesis HealthCare centre for Top Health Concerns

₹80 - ₹5500

Poona Diagnostic Centre centre for Top Health Concerns

₹60 - ₹4000

Sage Path Labs Private Limited centre for Top Health Concerns

₹60 - ₹1800

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre centre for Top Health Concerns

₹110 - ₹1600

Dr Tayades Pathlab Diagnostic Centre centre for Top Health Concerns

₹50 - ₹3500

Imagesense Diagnostic Center centre for Top Health Concerns

₹80 - ₹5000

Dr. Lal PathLabs centre for Top Health Concerns

₹160 - ₹1800

Diagnostica Span Private Limited centre for Top Health Concerns

₹80 - ₹3500

General Diagnostics centre for Top Health Concerns

₹70 - ₹4000

Ruby Hall Clinic centre for Top Health Concerns

₹210 - ₹4400

Likhithas Diagnostics and Speciality Lab centre for Top Health Concerns

₹75 - ₹1900

Kamal Diagnocare LLP centre for Top Health Concerns

₹50 - ₹1700

Thyrocare Technologies Limited centre for Top Health Concerns

₹149 - ₹4250

CRL Diagnostics Pvt Ltd centre for Top Health Concerns

₹100 - ₹1450

Jehangir Hospital - Pune centre for Top Health Concerns

₹170 - ₹1300

Sushrut Medical Care And Research Society centre for Top Health Concerns

₹100 - ₹1000

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Prescription Required to book any disease test?

Yes, most diagnostic tests for diseases or conditions require a prescription from a healthcare provider. The healthcare provider will evaluate the individual's symptoms and medical history to determine whether a test is required and, if so, which test is best.

How important are diagnostic tests in the treatment of a disease or disorder?

Diagnostic tests help medical professionals correctly identify the problem, determine the severity of the problem, and develop a personalized treatment plan. Diagnostic tests that are accurate and timely can help improve health outcomes, lower healthcare costs, and increase patient satisfaction.

Can diagnostic tests detect all diseases and disorders?

Diagnostic tests are important in the early detection and treatment of many diseases and disorders. While they may not detect every condition, they are a useful tool for early detection, prompt treatment, and improved outcomes.

How often should I get diagnostic tests for a particular condition?

The frequency of diagnostic tests for a condition is determined by several factors, including the type of condition, risk factors, and the patient's overall health. It is best to consult a doctor to determine an appropriate personalized testing schedule for you.

What factors can affect the accuracy of a diagnosis?

The type of diagnostic test used, the expertise of the healthcare provider, the patient's health history, and other underlying conditions can all have an impact on the accuracy of a diagnosis. Other factors, such as medication use, recent illnesses, or the presence of infections can also affect the results.