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When Do You Need a Laboratory Test?

You may need to book a lab tests if you are experiencing any unusual signs or symptoms related to an infection, disorder or disease or if your doctor asks to take a laboratory test. You may also want to get tested for preventive measures as a part of routine check-up. It is best to consult with your family doctor about any necessary medical tests.

Benefits of Online Lab Test Booking

Online lab test booking provides:

-Access to a range of medical tests.

-Convenience: Ordering tests, tracking progress, getting digital reports and being able to check lab results online anywhere with a single click.

-No overhead fees associated such as travel expenses or waiting times at clinics. -Increased privacy due to secure data encryption protocols.

How to Book Lab Test Online?

Allow us to use your current location as it helps to find labs near you.

Click on the ‘Labs’ icon.

Select the tests or health packages you need.

Book a lab test online with the provider of your choice.

Enter your details

Select whether you want to go to the lab or prefer a home sample collection.

You will receive a confirmation message after payment completion.

Basic Preparation for Laboratory Tests

Following all the instructions given by your doctor or technician before taking a lab test is important to ensure accurate results.

Before taking a medical test you should:

- Strictly follow the fasting requirement

- Wear comfortable clothing

- Inform your doctor if you are currently on any medication or supplements;

- Keep all relevant previous medical records handy

- Arrive early for each screening in order to allow sufficient preparation time.

Why Book with Bajaj Finserv Health

Accuracy: All Bajaj Finserv Health-recognized labs are equipped with the latest technologies to give you the most accurate results.

Affordability: Our individual Diagnostic tests and packages are very comprehensive and do not dig a hole in your finances.

Sample collection at home: Get your samples collected from the comfort of your home at a time convenient to you.

Pan India presence: No matter where you are in the country, you can avail of our medical test services.

Easy payments: Choose from one of the multiple payment options available – cash or digital.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I test my blood at home ?

You can book a blood test online. We have a partnership with accredited labs in India, and you can select 'home sample collection' when scheduling the test. A healthcare professional will come to your home to collect the blood sample, and you will receive accurate results from the lab within 48 hours.

Should you visit a diagnostic center or book a lab test online ?

Online lab test booking is limited to blood, nose, and throat swabs and urine tests, while other diagnostic tests will always require you to come in physically (X-ray, CT scans, etc.)

What should you not do before a blood test ?

It is advisable not to drink coffee, eat food or take any medicines 12 hours before a fasting blood test. However, drinking water is acceptable to most physicians.

Which are the most commonly ordered lab test?

NA (Antinuclear Antibody) Amylase Test Blood Sugar test CT Scans CBC (Complete Blood Count) CRP (C – Reactive protein) Hemoglobin A1C MRI Scans PET Scans Thyroid Function test – TSH, T3, and T4

How does Home sample collection works?

Select the tests or health packages you need. Select a time slot & Book a lab test online with the provider of your choice. Enter your details. Select the option of home sample collection to take a lab test at home. You will receive a confirmation message after payment completion.

How to discuss with doctors after receiving lab test report

After receiving your lab test reports if you wish to consult our doctors then follow the below-given steps - 1) Click on the ‘Video’ or ‘Inclinic’ icon as per your requirement 2) Allow us to access your location 3) Select a doctor from the given list 4) Upload your details & reports 5) Choose a preferred time slot 6) Make payment

How much time does it take after sample collection to get the results?

Once you submit your sample it usually takes one day to run all the tests. You will receive a digital copy of your lab test reports within the next 24-48 hours on your registered email id.

What hygiene regulations are followed during home sample collection?

Before taking the sample, the phlebotomist will ensure that you are comfortable and in a clean and hygienic place. They will thoroughly follow all the wear clean, non-sterile gloves. They will always put on fresh gloves before a new sample collection. One-time collection kits will be used to ensure samples are not contaminated. The area of the skin from where the blood sample is collected with a needle will be cleansed with an alcohol swab.

How do I search for Pathology & radiology labs near me?

It's very easy to find a list of Pathology & radiology labs in your city. Open the app and activate your GPS location & type labs near me and you will get suggestions of the nearest diagnostic labs. You can then book a laboratory test online and choose to go to the lab or get a sample collected from your home. Various individual tests and packages are offered on the platform, select the lab test you want and get amazing discounts when you book lab tests online.

Is prescription required for health test?

It depends on the type of lab test you want to take and the reason you want to take that test. If you are going for your regular/annual health check-ups/lab tests, then a doctor’s prescription may not be necessary. Consult your doctor before you book lab test online.

How to use app for booking lab test?

Download the App Enter your details on the app Allow the app to use your current location as it helps you find the diagnostic labs that are near your location. Click on the ‘Labs’ icon present in the right-hand corner Choose from a number of tests or health packages. Book a lab test online Choose whether you want to go to the lab or prefer a home sample collection. Various individual tests and test packages, select the lab test you want and get amazing discounts when you book lab tests online.

If my test reports are normal, does that mean no illness has been detected?

When you receive your lab test reports it is often given with the reference ranges also known as normal values. These ranges help us understand what a standard normal result of a healthy person looks like, but everyone has a different type of body health. It is possible that a healthy person gets laboratory test reports that are outside the reference range, while a person with few health issues still may have a result in the normal range. It is best to consult your doctor if your results are not in the standard range, or your lab test reports normal but you are experiencing the symptoms. Your doctor may ask you to go for few more lab tests for an accurate diagnosis.

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