A Guide to World AIDS Day: Its Significance and How Does AIDS Affect Your Life?

A Guide to World AIDS Day: Its Significance and How Does AIDS Affect Your Life?

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December 13, 20215 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • World AIDS Day is observed every year globally on December 1
  • The World AIDS Day theme is End Inequalities. End AIDS
  • Fatigue and sweating at night are a few symptoms of AIDS

AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a condition that is the final stage of infection caused by HIV. The full form of HIV is human immunodeficiency virus, and it is capable of attacking your immune system. This virus destroys a specific white blood cell that helps your body fight infections. As a result, your immune system is weakened, and you may develop other health complications too.

According to WHO, approximately 36 million people so far have lost their lives due to HIV-related infections [1]. AIDS occurs only when your immune system gets completely damaged due to HIV. It does not mean that an HIV infection always causes this condition. Depending on the severity of damage caused by the virus, you develop AIDS.

HIV spreads in the following ways:

  • Unprotected sex
  • Contaminated needles
  • Mother to child transmission during breastfeeding or pregnancy

Raising awareness is an important step to eradicate this condition globally. With this view, people across the globe observe World AIDS Day on December 1. To know more about the importance of this day and how to celebrate World AIDS Day, read on.

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World AIDS Day

Why is World AIDS Day Important?

This day is observed globally to support millions of people who are battling with this disease. It is also celebrated to mourn the lives lost due to AIDS. World AIDS Day also recognizes the global efforts taken to prevent the spread of HIV. This day came into existence in the year 1988 and since then, WHO has declared December 1 as World AIDS Day. This day also serves a reminder to all of us that HIV is still prevalent in our society and has not been eradicated yet. People are becoming aware of its symptoms and treatment since this day is the most significant healthcare day observed globally.

Here are a few symptoms of AIDS that may initially seem like flu [2].

  • Profuse sweating at night

  • Swelling in the lymph nodes

  • Excessive fatigue

  • Fever

  • Aches in muscles

  • Body rash

  • Sore throat

These are the first signs of HIV infection that may subside within four weeks. It is called an acute HIV infection that can progress to chronic form, if not treated properly. The virus has the capability to weaken your immune system, and this can cause AIDS. During AIDS, your immune system is completely damaged. Doing a blood test can help in the diagnosis of AIDS.

Though there is no cure for AIDS, certain medicines can be used to treat this condition. The method of treatment is called ART or antiretroviral therapy. With its help, it may be easier to manage a chronic HIV infection. Most importantly, it ensures that this virus does not spread from one person to the other. Healthy lifestyle and proper medical care can help you lead a quality life despite an HIV infection.

World AIDS Day

What are Different Stages of HIV Infection?

There are three stages of HIV infection namely:

  • Stage 1 or acute HIV infection

  • Stage 2 or chronic infection

  • Stage 3 or AIDS

Stage 1 is a contagious stage in which HIV is found abundantly in the blood. It is during this stage where you may experience flu-like symptoms. Stage 2 is known as symptomatic infection in which active HIV may multiply at slow pace. This stage is also transmissible and if not treated, it can progress to stage 3. Stage 3 is the most severe form of infection. Here, the immune system is totally damaged, and you are prone to a large number of infections. This is a highly infectious stage too.

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World AIDS Day

How is World AIDS Day Observed?

The World AIDS Day 2021 theme is End Inequalities. End AIDS [3]. This day emphasizes reducing growing inequalities so that HIV treatment is accessible to everyone equally. Several fundraising programs and awareness campaigns are conducted to create awareness among people.

What Are the Various World Aids Day Activities You Can Do?

During World AIDS day, a large number of activities are conducted. Concerts, rallies, discussions and debates are a few common activities. In schools and colleges, World AIDS Day activities for students are organized that help in educating young minds about the transmission of HIV.

With the efforts taken by healthcare organizations across the world, World AIDS Day has gained prominence. The importance of HIV is now well recognized, thanks to their tireless efforts. There is a gradual increase in people becoming aware of the symptoms and causes of AIDS as well.

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