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Key Takeaways

  • Aarogya Care plans from Bajaj Finserv Health cover preventive health checks
  • Aarogya Care Health Protection Plans provide coverage up to Rs.25 lakh
  • Top-up health insurance plans are available with a deductible of Rs.5 lakh

Increasing medical costs have made people realize how important it is to have health insurance. So much so that the insurance industry in India is expected to grow annually by 12-15% over the next few years [1]. But, choosing a health insurance policy isn’t simple or easy. Understand the features and the benefits it offers to buy the right one.

The Aarogya Care Insurance Plans offered by Bajaj Finserv Health are smart options you can consider. They are affordable policies packed with features. The many benefits of purchasing Aarogya Care Plans are:

These health protection plans are some of the most comprehensive plans in India. They provide financial coverage for a wide variety of healthcare issues. You also enjoy customized benefits to suit your requirements. To know all about different types of Aarogya Care Plans and their features, read on.

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Why Should You Choose Aarogya Care Plans?

Aarogya Care Plans include many different types of policies. Some include insurance coverage while others are add-ons or non-insurance in nature. Aarogya Care health insurance plans suit all your family’s healthcare requirements, which is why they are called 360° plans. These plans are personalized to your needs, pre-paid so you can get help 24X7, and preventive so you can use them even when you are not hospitalized. They also cover pre- and post-COVID care and have a large network of partners so you can access medical care across India. You can sign up for these plans online with an easy digital process too. Read on to know the various types of Aarogya Care health plans.

How Are Health Protect Plans Beneficial?

Health Protection Plans offer coverage up to Rs.25 lakh. You can include up to 6 family members in it and this is ideal for most households. It offers complete hospitalization coverage and a range of other benefits. You can choose from 3 different types, which are:
  • Health First Plan
  • Complete Health Solution
  • Super Top-Up Plan
The Health First Plan offers you health benefits on a monthly subscription. With easy payment options, it covers your regular health expenses in addition to insurance. It is an affordable option and you don’t need to worry about paying a huge lump sum. With minimal monthly payments, these are the benefits you can avail:
  • 1 voucher of preventive health checkup
  • 5% discount on room rent during hospitalization
  • OPD reimbursement charges up to Rs.15,000 for each member
  • Coverage for 2 adults and 4 children
  • Health insurance coverage up to Rs.5 lakh

With the Complete Health Solution, you get a higher cover of up to Rs.25 lakh with discounts on lab tests, a higher discount on room rent and doctor consultations, and reimbursement benefits on OPD costs. The Super Top-Up Plan is another add-on option you can go for. It helps you upgrade your existing plan for better coverage [2]. These top-up health insurance plans offer Rs.25 lakh coverage with a deductible amount of Rs.5 lakh. Perks of this offering include:

  • Lab benefits of Rs.16,000
  • Doctor consultation reimbursement charges of Rs.6500

These plans cover critical benefits that may be excluded in other policies. The important riders also ensure comprehensive care, no matter the illness or treatment.

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Why Should You Invest in Personal Protect Plans?

These plans are customized to cater to the modern lifestyle and chronic health conditions. They are illness and wellness plans with self-care benefits as well. Four important health plans offered here are:

By availing the Sedentary Lifestyle Care Plan for instance, you can save up to Rs.4700 on care. You get validity of 1 year alongside:

  • Discounts of Rs.3000 on lab tests
  • 10% discounts on doctor consultations

As this plan is associated with a sedentary lifestyle, you get an option to consult a physiotherapist of your choice. Here, you can claim reimbursements of Rs.1000 on OPD consultations.

What Are the Distinctive Features of Health Prime Plans?

These plans are very affordable and can be availed by paying just Rs.199. Few types included as a part of this plan are:

  • Health Prime Max +
  • Health Prime Elite Pro
  • Health Prime Ultra Pro

Health Prime Max + can be purchased with a minimal amount of Rs.699 with a validity of 3 months. This quarterly prepaid plan can address your wellness needs up to Rs.5000. Various other benefits you get with this plan include:

  • 1 free voucher each for dental and eye checkups
  • Free ambulance service during hospitalization
  • Teleconsultation sessions with specialists

How Is a Super Savings Plan Different from Other Health Insurance Plans?

The most important benefit is that you get discounts at partner network hospitals. The Suburban Medicard is a part of this plan and is available in 3 types:

  • Classic
  • Premium
  • Platinum

The Classic loyalty card can be purchased by spending only Rs.99. Platinum and Premium cards are available for Rs.1999 and Rs.499, respectively. You can avail the benefits of a complete health package twice on a Platinum card and once with a Premium card.

Considering the importance of health insurance plans, it is vital that you choose the best health insurance policy. These help manage your medical expenses properly and affordably. With Bajaj Finserv Health Aarogya Care Plans, you can buy the right policy from the bevy of options offered. What’s more, you enjoy a cashless claim process too! Lastly, the wide range of perks helps you save money and prioritize healthcare. Apart from this Bajaj Finserv Health Offers a Health EMI card that converts your medical bill into easy EMI.

Published on 19 Nov 2021Last updated on 14 Oct 2022

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