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Key Takeaways

  • Health insurance helps combat rising healthcare costs
  • The Complete Health Solution Plan offers OPD and lab benefits
  • The Super Top-up Plan offers additional health insurance coverage

To get the best care at top hospitals with great facilities, you need a lot of funds. Healthcare costs have shot up due to medical inflation. The increase in charges by reputed medical professionals also contributes to this rise. Most Indians get care at private hospitals and end up paying out of pocket. This has pushed many families across income groups into poverty [1]. 

Hospitalization alone is not the cause for this. Costs related to outpatient care and medicines have added to this burden as well. Families with senior and chronically ill members face high medical costs for years. Keeping all this in mind, having health insurance can be a boon. While you can dip into your savings, there are better ways to handle costly emergencies.

Comprehensive coverage via the best health insurance plan is one smart option. They cover expenses related to hospitalization, treatment, and more. You can sign up for important riders along with them to get benefits on:

  • diagnostic costs
  • medication
  • OPD consultations

That is what you get from the Health Protection Plans offered by Bajaj Finserv Health. Read on to know more about these health insurance plans and their features.

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Different types of Aarogya Care Health Protection Plans 

Complete Health Solution Plan

The Complete Health Solution Plan is all-inclusive. It protects you against untoward health emergencies and provides comprehensive coverage. It brings you advanced health features, online doctor consultation and preventative check-ups too.

Bajaj Finserv Health offers four different Complete Health Solution Plans:

  • Complete Health Solution Silver Plan
  • Complete Health Solution Platinum Plan
  • Complete Health Solution Silver Pro Plan
  • Complete Health Solution Platinum Pro Plan

Here are the features and benefits of Complete Health Solution Plans.

Tips to choose the best health insurance plan

Avail of preventative care

Early diagnosis and treatment increase your chances of a full recovery. But, conditions like diabetes and cancer do not show any early symptoms. So, regular checks are the only way to diagnose such diseases. This is critical if you have a family history of any health conditions.

With the Complete Health Solution Plan, you do not have to worry about the cost of diagnostic tests. This plan offers you more than 45 health test packages at discounted rates. You can also opt for a sample collection service, ensuring the comfort of the elderly and the sick.

Access the best facilities at discounted rates

The best hospitals with the most qualified doctors guarantee quality care and diagnosis. But these facilities can be expensive. Bajaj Finserv Health partners with the best hospitals in India and offers many deals. With these health protection plans, you get a 10% discount on doctor consultations and a 5% discount on hospital room rent at partner hospitals.

Get OPD and lab benefits as per your preference

Often you do not need hospitalization, but only medical consultation or preventative care. This could include many visits, for which you have to pay a consultation fee. Repeat visits could end up being very expensive, but with the Complete Health Solution Plan, this isn’t so. It provides coverage for OPD visits that are not limited to its partner hospitals. You can visit a doctor of your choice at any hospital and enjoy reimbursement benefits.

Apart from these benefits, this Aarogya Care health insurance plan also offers the following benefits:

  • Road ambulance coverage of up to Rs.3000
  • Coverage for major organ transplant 
  • Pre- and post-hospitalization coverage of 60 and 90 days, respectively
  • 25% coverage of hospital expenses for Ayurvedic and homoeopathy treatment

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What is the difference between the four health solution plans?

Complete Health Solution Silver Plan

Complete Health Solution Platinum Plan

Complete Health Solution Silver Pro Plan

Complete Health Solution Platinum Pro Plan






OPD reimbursement benefit





Starting premium for Rs.5 lakh coverage (Age 21-30)





Starting premium for Rs.10 lakh coverage (Age 21-30)





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Health First

The importance of health insurance cannot be questioned. But, it can also be heavy on your pocket if it covers you and your family members. This is still no reason to delay getting comprehensive coverage. To help you get the best, Bajaj Finserv Health brings to you the Health First Subscription.

In this plan, you get preventive healthcare coverage and OPD benefits. This comes with discounts on availing services from partner hospitals and labs. You also get health insurance worth Rs.5 lakhs that covers your entire family.

The other benefits for a minimal monthly subscription are:

  • More than 45 lab test packages
  • 5% discount on hospitalization room rent
  • 10% discount and on doctor consultation
  • OPD and Lab benefits of up to Rs.15,000
  • Health insurance for the entire family

Super Top-up

The cost of universal healthcare in India is on the rise [2]. So, even your existing health insurance may not cover the rising cost of treatment. In such cases, getting the best top-up health insurance plans can help lower the burden. A smart upgrade for your current policy is the Super Top-up plan. This gives you add-on health insurance benefits of up to Rs.25 lakh.

Key benefits under this top-up health insurance plan are:

  • Lab benefits of up to Rs.16,000
  • OPD benefits of up to Rs.6,500
  • 24X7 access to the best doctors 
  • No cap on teleconsultation appointments 

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Health insurance is crucial and its benefits shouldn’t be overlooked. Besides healthcare perks, it offers you tax benefits on your premiums, which can save you money. This is another reason to sign up for a plan! Choose the best health insurance from the Aarogya Care Health Protection Plans right away. Address healthcare issues as they arise without any postponement or compromise. Apart from Aarogya care Bajaj Finserv Health Offers a Health card that converts your medical bill into easy EMI.

Published on 19 Nov 2021Last updated on 14 Oct 2022
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