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Key Takeaways

  • <a href="https://www.bajajfinservhealth.in/articles/top-6-health-insurance-tips-to-get-affordable-health-insurance-plans">Health insurance plans</a> cover treatment costs and other medical expenses
  • 15 Aarogya Care plans from Bajaj Finserv Health also offer OPD coverage
  • These plans offer doctor consultation reimbursements of up to Rs.17,000

Buying a health insurance plan can help you by providing financial aid for hospitalization and other healthcare expenses [1]. The cover for these medical costs may either be offered in your primary insurance plan or as an add-on or rider offered by your insurer. Different insurance companies offer these benefits through their individual plans and riders. The Aarogya Care Insurance Plans from Bajaj Finserv Health have multiple benefits that help you protect your and your family’s health, and help you protect your finances as well. The plans are divided into four categories that are specially designed to best meet your needs. Read on to know more about different plans under Aarogya Care that provide cover for doctor consultations.

Health Protect Plans

Complete Health Solution

This plan comes with four variants that include: 
  • Platinum copay
  • Platinum no copay
  • Silver copay
  • Silver no copay
Apart from insuring up to 6 members, these variants also offer additional benefits like preventive health check-ups, network discounts and many more features. These plans offer reimbursements up to Rs.17,000 on doctor consultations with multiple visits and no capping on individual usage.  Additional Read: Looking for Medical Insurance Plans? Aarogya care plan benefits

Health First

With this plan, you can get comprehensive health benefits at monthly subscriptions. You get a total coverage of up to Rs.5 lakh along with deductible options up to Rs.5 lakh. You can cover 2 adults and 4 children under this plan with premiums starting from Rs.799 only! You also get doctor consultation reimbursement benefits up to Rs.15,000 per member with any doctor at a hospital of your choice. You can visit multiple times and there are no limits on individual consultations.

Super Top up

With increasing healthcare expenses, your health insurance policy should be upgraded too. Upgrade your current plan at minimal cost and include your family members as well. You can have a top up policy of up to Rs.25 lakh with a deductible of up to Rs.5 lakh [2].  This upgrade also allows you to claim doctor consultation reimbursements up to Rs.6,000 with multiple visits and no cap on individual use. Apart from these, you get teleconsultation benefits and can consult more than 4,500 doctors from your home.

Health Prime Plans

Health Prime Ultra Pro

This is a half-yearly prepaid, preventive plan that is personalized to meet your healthcare requirements. It covers medical expenses up to Rs.8,000 at a pocket-friendly price of just Rs.999! You get one preventive check-up voucher with 45+ lab tests and amazing network discounts. This plan also allows you 10 teleconsultation sessions with reputed doctors across India from more than 35 specialties.

Health Prime Elite Pro

If you are looking for additional benefits for a healthy life ahead, this is the perfect plan for you. With this plan, you can cover your medical expenses worth Rs.12,000 at an affordable rate. You also get network discounts and free check-ups at any hospital of your choice.  Apart from 15 teleconsultation sessions with doctors from 35+ specialties, you also get to enjoy doctor consultation benefits up to Rs.2,000. You can consult with more than 80,000 doctors without any limits on number of visits.

Health Prime Max+

This quarterly prepaid plan is specially designed to meet your medical requirements of up to Rs.5,000. It comes with network discounts and free check-ups at any hospital of your choice. This plan also offers 10 teleconsultation sessions with 4,500+ doctors across India from various specialties.

Personal Protect Plans

Sedentary Lifestyle Care

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a number of ailments like fatigue, reduced muscle strength, or obesity. You can lower your risk of these conditions by availing this plan and enjoy benefits like teleconsultation, lab tests, and network discounts at more than 3500 hospitals and labs. You also get doctor consultation benefits up to Rs.700, with ortho doctors and general physicians. If you are consulting a physiotherapist, you can avail benefits up to Rs.1000. 

Healthy Body Package

A healthy body is the key to a happy life. The health body package helps you prioritize your health and maintain it. It is tailor-made to suit your health needs at cost-effective rates. It also offers network discounts and lab test reimbursement benefits of up to Rs.4,000.  With the plan, you can also enjoy general, orthopedic, or dietician doctor consultation benefits of up to Rs.1,500.

Health Preventive Package - Essential

Prevention is better than cure and with this plan you can prevent various health conditions and their complications. This plan helps you get an early or timely diagnosis and identify the necessary lifestyle changes you need to make. It offers benefits of up to Rs.6,000, which include lab tests and network discounts of up to 10%. The plan also comes with doctor consultation benefits up to Rs.1,000 from any specialty. Doctor Consultation Cover - 24

Post-COVID Care

After fighting infection, your body needs extra care and attention. The Post-COVID Care plan takes care of your health and prevents post-COVID complications. It helps check the presence of antibodies and ensures you get proper immunity and expert medical care.  The plan offers general doctor consultation benefits up to Rs.2,000 and a number of lab tests along with network discounts.

Pre-COVID Care

With rapidly emerging variants of COVID-19 such as the omicron strain, it is important to take precautionary measures to keep yourself safe. The Pre-COVID Care plan allows you to take a comprehensive approach towards your health and become more vigilant so you can fight the infection better. The plan comes with general doctor consultation benefits of up to Rs.2,000 along with lab test packages and huge network discounts. 

Easy Consult

This policy helps you keep track of your health and go for regular check-ups. The Aarogya Care Insurance Plans allows you to book an in-clinic or teleconsultation appointment with ease at a budget-friendly price of Rs.799. You can get 3 teleconsultation and in-clinic visits with more than 4,500 specialists located across India. Additional Read: How are Bajaj Finserv Health’s Aarogya Care Health Insurance Plans Beneficial? Now that you know which plan under Aarogya Care covers doctor consultation, check out their benefits on Bajaj Finserv Health platform. This way you can compare and analyze different plans to select the one that best suits your and your family’s health needs. With an easy purchase and claim process, you can have a hassle-free experience as you cover your health.

Published on 16 Feb 2022Last updated on 13 Jan 2023
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