Aarogyam C: Its Benefits and 10 Major Health Tests Under It


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Key Takeaways

  • Regular lab tests like Aarogyam C can help increase your lifespan
  • Aarogyam C test list includes tests for liver, vitamin, and more
  • Sample for Aarogyam C test can be picked up from your home

Health and well-being are integral owing to the culture of hustle and fast-paced life. This lifestyle tends to take a toll over the long run. This mostly happens because of unhealthy or skipped meals, inactivity, inadequate sleep, and stress. The effects of these practices may be discrete, and you may overlook them until the situation worsens. To avoid this, it is better to take preventive measures. Regular health check-ups are one of the preventive measures that can help you stay on top of your health like Aarogyam C. 

Aarogyam C consists of a number of lab tests that provide a complete health solution. With over 60 tests, it helps keep a check on the majority of body ailments and assess your health status. This can help you avoid any lifestyle-related disorders depending upon your age and lifestyle choices. Read on to know more about the benefits of the Aarogyam C package and the Arogyam C test list.

Benefits you can enjoy with the Aarogyam C package

Prevent health issues 

By going for the Aarogyam C tests on a regular basis, you can have a better assessment of your health and health risks. As a result, you can take timely preventive measures to avoid the worsening of the situation. For example, if the results show that you are prediabetic, your doctors will advise you on proper exercise and nutrition. This way, you can prevent major health disorders.

Save on healthcare costs. 

Regular health check-ups can help save your money in the long run. It will allow you to get an early diagnosis and reduce the risk of worsening your condition.

Eliminate further growth of diseases 

Diseases like cancer can be hard to treat, especially if they are diagnosed at a later stage. Regular health check-ups, including lab tests, can help identify such diseases in their early stages. This can, in turn, help eliminate the risk of the disease growing further.

Aarogyam C -56

Increase your lifespan [1] 

Performing regular health check-ups like Aarogyam C can help increase your lifespan by preventing diseases or getting them treated before they become critical.

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Aarogyam C test list

The Aarogyam C tests check for various different parameters in your body with a different lab test. The following are the major tests from the Aarogyam C test list.

Cardiac risk markers test

This test is important as it helps check your heart health. It can identify or predict your risk of developing any heart disease or a coronary artery disease

Complete hemogram tests 

These lab tests are broad screening measures to help check for the presence of any infection or disease in your body. Hemogram tests three components of your blood – white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets [2].

Liver test 

With this test, doctors screen for liver infections like hepatitis to measure the severity of the liver disease. It can also help monitor the progression of liver diseases such as alcoholic liver disease or viral hepatitis.

Hormone test

This test is a part of the Aarogyam C package because it has an impact on various health parameters. They mainly include factors related to body weight, energy, and changes in mood. It also helps identify underlying health conditions.

test packages under Aarogyam C health plan

Lipid test

This helps monitor the levels of cholesterol in your body. Measuring the count of good and bad cholesterol helps determine your risk of heart conditions.

Vitamin test 

Vitamins are integral for your body to function smoothly, but they should be present in the proper amount. High or low levels can have adverse effects on your body. Keeping a check on your vitamin levels with a lab test can also help identify or treat underlying conditions.

Renal test

This checks the functioning of your kidney. It is important to monitor this because an improper function can cause various kidney problems and complications. Conditions like hypertension and diabetes can also have to affect your kidney

Thyroid test

This lab test is meant to screen for underactive or overactive thyroid glands. It helps check whether your thyroid gland is working properly.

Iron deficiency test

This test identifies whether you have low or high levels of minerals present in your body. It helps treat underlying conditions like anemia or iron overload, which affects your body by making you feel weak and dull.

Diabetes test 

This Arogyam C test helps measure the blood sugar levels in your body. Note that diabetes is a condition that sometimes is not identified at an earlier stage. Regular check-ups can help manage diabetes as well as prevent complications [3].

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Now that you know what Aarogyam C test packages include, start taking the necessary preventive measures. After giving your sample for the Aarogyam C test, you will receive the test report within 24-48 hours. Based on the report, you can consult your doctor to make future plans in regard to your health. You can also get online doctor consultations on Bajaj Finserv Health and browse health policies from the Complete Health Solution plans available on the same platform. Note that apart from hospitalization and treatment expenses, Complete Health Solution plans also provide coverage for preventive check-ups, lab tests, and more. Today, there is no need to visit labs for lab tests when everything can be done without you leaving home. So, without any hassle, you can start prioritizing your health!

Published on 28 Apr 2022Last updated on 7 Mar 2023
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