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Key Takeaways

  • Aarogyam XL test package can help you know your health better
  • Anyone over 18 years can get the Aarogyam XL test package once a year
  • With 140 tests, Aarogyam XL package offers a complete health solution

Aarogyam XL is a full body check-up package that can help you better know your health. These tests have become a necessity because of how fast-paced life has become, which leads to unhealthy habits like skipping meals, lack of sleep, and increased stress. These unhealthy lifestyle habits have adverse effects on your health in the long run. According to WHO, 60% of factors that affect your health are related to lifestyle. Also, an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to health complications like metabolic diseases, heart conditions, weight problems, and more [1]. Ignoring the signs of underlying health issues and not opting for preventive healthcare can lead to further health complications.

Aarogyam XL is a package of over 100 lab tests. It helps prevent risks that can arise from nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle habits, hormonal imbalance, and more. This test can help you understand which areas in your body you need to focus on and what kind of changes you need to make. Read on to know more about the benefits of Aarogyam XL test and various tests included in it.

Top 3 benefits of Aarogyam XL full body health check-up 

Early detection of health conditions 

Aarogyam XL is a comprehensive health package with 140 tests. From vitamin levels to heart health, it tests for 20 different aspects of your health. This is beneficial because it increases the chances of detecting a health condition in the early stages. It helps you get the right treatment at the right time.

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Increased lifespan 

Preventive health check-ups can significantly improve your life expectancy [2]. Any full body check up package like Aarogyam XL test and Aarogyam A test offers this benefit. Regular full body health check-ups help you stay updated about your health. Thus, you can make the necessary changes to your lifestyle to improve your health conditions. If the need arises, you can also get timely treatment.

Minimal healthcare costs 

You need to know if you are unhealthy to take the necessary measures to improve your quality of life. Tests like these reduce expenses because treatment of any health issue at an early stage is cheaper than at an advanced stage. For example, if you are diagnosed with high blood sugar during your annual health tests, you can delay or reverse the progress of prediabetes with a few simple lifestyle changes [3].

When and who should get a full body check-up? 

People of all ages should get a full body check-up as a preventive measure at least once a year. This is because certain diseases can only be detected either in childhood or in adulthood. Anyone above the age of 18 can get the Aarogyam XL full body check-up package. It is also imperative that people above 30 get regular health check-ups. Apart from this, if you have a family history of a certain disease, make sure to undergo a full body health check-up minimum of 10 years before it was diagnosed in the youngest member.

List of under Aarogyam XL and their benefits 

Complete urine analysis 

It contains 10 different tests. A complete urine analysis can help detect many illnesses such as kidney disease, diabetes, urinary tract infection, and more.

Complete hemogram 

There are 24 tests as part of the complete hemogram. From infections causes to other signs, these tests can help doctors reach or confirm a diagnosis.

Cardiac risk markers  

As the name suggests, this test is to check your heart health. 7 tests under this predict if you are at the risk of developing a heart condition.

Toxic elements 

Toxins are extremely dangerous to your health and they can accumulate in your body. This can in turn cause complications. There are 22 tests for toxic elements in the Aarogyam XL test package.


The 7 different tests under this can help you monitor your blood glucose levels and the effect of medications you are taking for this.

Aarogyam XL -4


Vitamin deficiency can have some adverse effects on your health. The 13 vitamin tests in Aarogyam XL can help you check the essential vitamin levels such as vitamin K, E, A, D3, and more.


Renal tests are important to stay on top of your kidney health. This package has 8 renal tests that can determine your risk for any kidney disease. This test is usually ordered if you have the risk factors for kidney disease or have a family history of risk factors that can cause kidney dysfunction.


The liver tests help you know how well your liver is functioning. The 12 tests offered help screen for liver infections and severity, while also highlighting the effects of prescribed medication.

These are just a few of the many tests included in the Aarogyam XL package. The package also has tests for steroids, lipid, hormone, pancreatic and metabolic issues, arthritis and more.

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Armed with the above information about the Aarogyam XL test package, start taking proactive measures to protect your health. The Aarogyam XL price is adjusted to be affordable and to serve as a pocket-friendly complete health solution. You can book this test on Bajaj Finserv Health and enjoy its coverage with the Complete Health Solution plans. You can have samples picked up from home and minimise the need to visit a diagnostic center. You can get an online report for this test within 24-48 hours along with an analysis from top doctors. Apart from this, you can also get online doctor consultation and health cards on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book your appointment now to take better measures for your health!

Published on 4 May 2022Last updated on 15 May 2023

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