Acne Homeopathic Remedy: 5 Important Things You Must Know

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July 7th, 2022
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Acne is a skin condition that becomes visible during the teenage years and may continue in adulthood. Find out how you can get the right acne homeopathic remedy to treat different types of acne.

Key Takeaways

  • Globally, about 650 million people suffering from various types of acne
  • Homeopathic remedies for acne have been able to reduce acne symptoms
  • Get acne homeopathic treatment with ease on Bajaj Finserv Health
Getting the right acne homeopathic remedy can be an effective way to finally see clear skin, not just on your face but on your body too. Before we get into acne homeopathy medicines, it is important to learn about the condition itself. Acne is a skin disease that usually becomes visible once we enter our teenage years. Acne can affect your face, back, and chest. Some common types of acne are blackheads or comedones, pimples or acne vulgaris, red skin or seborrhea, pinheads or papules, nodules, and more. These are all descriptions of various acne symptoms you can observe and are treated in slightly different ways. Acne is caused by a high level of reproductive hormones like androgens or testosterone. It basically involves a disorder of the hair follicles blocking the sweat glands, which causes pimples. It is no surprise that it is a common sign among adolescents occurring in 28.9% to 93.3% of both teenage boys and girls. Post teenage years may also continue during adulthood. Globally, about 650 million individuals suffer from this condition. In fact, the WHO has reported acne vulgaris, or chronic acne, as one of the most prevalent skin diseases, with a prevalence of 9.4% [1]. While acne is not something toxic and may go away automatically, it still causes pain and irritation and may lead to infection if you scratch or tear the affected area by accident. It may also lead to embarrassment and confidence issues. Research has shown that an acne homeopathic remedy can be a prudent way to address this issue. Here’s more on this. In a particular study, individualized homeopathic remedies for acne were given to 83 patients [2]. Among them, most had previously undergone conventional treatment for acne, but this didn’t show sufficient results. During the study, researchers prescribed each patient a single acne homeopathy medicine. As a whole, this acne homeopathic remedy study involved 17 different homeopathic medicines. Acne Homeopathic Remedy This acne homeopathic treatment was followed up every 6 to 8 weeks by each patient. The types of acne being treated were classified into the following groups: 
  • Mild: If it was comedonal acne with no presence of papules or pustules 
  • Moderate: If it was marked by lesions, both inflammatory and not 
  • Severe: If it was marked by lesions that are primarily inflammatory, such as nodules, cysts, and pustules
The study’s results reflected that the treatment worked for at least 68 patients, which shows an 81.9% success rate. The number of lesions in these patients reduced significantly after following the prescribed acne homeopathic remedy. This study helps establish that homeopathic remedies for acne can reduce the symptoms to a large extent. Now take a look at the common medicines used as acne homeopathic remedies. Additional Read: How to Get Rid Of Pimples Naturally? 5 Top Ways

Homeopathic remedies for acne 


This is an effective remedy for patients who have pustular type acne and excessively oily skin. They may also be addicted to coffee and foods filled with high content of sugars and oils. In such conditions, psorinum can help reduce acne. It also helps with associated conditions like stomach upsets and depression. types of acne


This is a useful acne homeopathic remedy for people who cannot digest oily foods and have associated symptoms like irregular menstruation and mood swings.

Calcarea Carb 

This acne homeopathic remedy can help treat all types of acne. Patients who are introverts and suffer from anxiety are usually given this acne homeopathy medicine.


If acne appears in the back region of the patient, sulfur is considered the best acne homeopathic remedy. In such conditions, the skin of the affected patient may become sensitive. With Hepar Sulphur, homeopaths treat small acne that bleeds and is filled with pus.

Silicea (Silicon) 

This acne homeopathic remedy is recommended for patients who get acne as a result of fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and low immunity. Their acne is usually deep and contains pus, which turns severe in cold weather. Other medicines that can be used as acne homeopathic remedies include kali bromatum, bacilinum, radium Brom, calc-silicate, petroleum, carbo veg, nat mur sepia, kreosote Lachesis, mezereum, psorinum, and more.

Conditions that cause acne 

You can boost your acne through homeopathic remedies by taking a look at the conditions that are majorly responsible for acne and seeing if you can take action against them.  
  • Consumption of high sugar foods, chocolates, and milk products 
  • Blockage in sebaceous glands 
  • PCOS 
  • Hypothyroid 
  • Cushing’s syndrome 
  • Increased secretion of testosterone 
  • Menstruation 
  • Menopause
Additional Read: Fungal Skin Infections: How to Prevent and What are the Home Remedies? 

Dispelling five misconceptions about acne 

Besides going for an acne homeopathic remedy, it is also important for you to know the facts about acne rather than believe misconceptions. Take a look at some erroneous beliefs about acne.  
  • Misconception 1: Acne only happens to teenagers 
Though acne becomes visible during the teenage, it may also continue during adulthood.
  • Misconception 2: it is important to wash your skin repeatedly to tackle acne  
Though it is recommended to take extra care of your skin, especially your hands, during the pandemic, over-washing your whole body can further worsen the condition of acne. During summer, having a bath twice a day is enough to cleanse your skin.
  • Misconception 3: Chocolates are responsible for acne 
Remember that it is not the chocolate but the dairy and sugar products used in it that can lead to hormonal changes that may cause acne to form.
  • Misconception 4: You can heal acne by pressing on or squeezing the pimples 
Never try to do this as it can worsen the condition further. Talk to a homeopath for easy acne homeopathic remedy to take care of the condition.
  • Misconception 5: Sunscreen boosts acne symptoms 
It is important to choose the right sunscreen to keep acne at bay. You can go for a product that is non-comedogenic and oil free. You can also choose a sunscreen based on your skin type for best results. With all this information regarding acne and acne homeopathic remedies at your disposal, managing the condition becomes easy. For any query, you can get a doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health and talk to a homeopath about acne homeopathy medicines. You can also ask them about related topics such as homeopathic remedies for diabetes or homeopathy for asthma. This way, you can address ache with ease and convenience!
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