An Important Guide on the Side Effects of COVID Vaccine on Menstrual Cycles

An Important Guide on the Side Effects of COVID Vaccine on Menstrual Cycles

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April 15, 20224 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • There is an established link between COVID vaccine and menstrual cycle
  • Side effects of COVID vaccine on period cycle is minimal and temporary
  • There are no effects of COVID vaccine on pregnancy or fertility

Ever since the rollout of vaccination against COVID-19, researchers have informed people about the possible side effects of COVID vaccine on menstrual cycles. Some of these include muscle pain, tiredness, fever, headache, and chills [1]. However, many women have also reported menstrual cycle irregularities after taking the COVID-19 jab. These women experienced changes such as early, late, longer or painful periods.

Though how the COVID vaccine affected period cycles was not a major matter of concern earlier, recent studies do suggest an association between the COVID vaccine and menstrual cycle [2]. Read on to know how does COVID vaccine on menstrual cycles and whether there are any long-term effects of COVID vaccine on pregnancy.

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Does the COVID vaccine affect on menstrual cycle? 

A study was conducted to find if COVID vaccination was linked with changes in menstrual cycle in women getting vaccinated compared to those unvaccinated. It was found that women experienced changes in menstrual cycle length after getting the COVID-19 vaccination. The study collected data from around 4,000 women from a smartphone app that tracked menstrual cycles. The data tracked 6 consecutive period cycles of these women for 5 months. For the vaccinated individuals, it consisted of 3 pre-vaccine cycles and 3 cycles during the vaccine doses. For the unvaccinated women, it comprised of first 3 cycles along with cycles 4-6 in the unvaccinated cohort.

For the vaccinated individuals, there was a small and temporary change in the length of the menstrual cycle, where it got shortened or extended by less than one day. Also, the timing of the next period occurred earlier with an average of less than one day when the vaccine shot was given. Similarly, those who were administered two vaccine doses within a single period cycle had a change of two days on average. These changes are said to be negligible and temporary with no further effects.

It should be noted the study included certain vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. However, those who had taken the AstraZeneca vaccine were not considered in the study. So, the study is not based on all COVID-19 vaccines available in various countries.

Side effects of COVID vaccine

Side Effects of COVID Vaccine

COVID vaccine and menstrual cycle: Are there any long-term impacts? 

Experts believe that the COVID-19 vaccine triggers an immune response and inflammatory processes that cause effects like fever and fatigue. It is said that some of these cellular physiological processes may impact the inflammatory processes responsible for regulating menstrual cycles. The COVID-19 vaccines affect the inflammatory and hematological systems more than hormones. 

Although the COVID-19 vaccines affect the menstrual cycle, there are no long-term side effects of COVID vaccines in this regard. Chemical signals that can affect your immune cells circulate throughout the body. This can lead to the shedding of the womb lining that causes spotting or early period. Researchers believe that the impact of COVID vaccines on the period is short-lived. Remember that the significance of vaccines outweighs the risks.

COVID vaccine and menstrual cycle

Does COVID vaccine affect pregnancy? 

Many scientific studies have gathered information that proves vaccines do not affect fertility, miscarriages, or birth outcomes. It does not matter if a woman was vaccinated before getting pregnant or received the vaccine during pregnancy. Thus, it is safe to get pregnant or deliver a baby after vaccination. In fact, not getting vaccinated and being exposed to the virus may affect the mother and child during pregnancy.

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The health risks in unvaccinated pregnant women suffering from COVID-19 can be serious. Thus, COVID-19 vaccination should be encouraged in women. If you have not already got vaccinated, use the vaccine finder on Bajaj Finserv Health and book a vaccination slot and you can download cowin certificate online. You can also consult with doctors on the platform to clarify any doubts regarding the COVID vaccine and menstrual cycle.

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