Ayurvedic treatment for constipation: 5 simple home remedies

Dr. Neelam Patel
January 06, 2021

Health issuesespecially those that stem from the digestive system in the body, can be quite uncomfortable. Common symptoms generally include some form of abdominal pain, cramps, and even bloating. Many problems that arise from the digestive tract result from a disturbed colon and constipation is one of them. This is when the body is unable to have a bowel movement, and as a result, you might experience pain and discomfort. In such situations, seeking ayurvedic treatment for constipation is something many consider for relief.  

Choosing to go the route of ayurvedic for constipation treatment is a way to cleanse the bowel naturally. Options for treatment include the ayurvedic tab for constipation, which contains a herb called triphala and a few natural remedies too. For those with little experience with any form of ayurvedic remedy for constipation, starting out with minor dietary adjustments might be a suitable first step. To that end, take a look at these 5 ayurvedic home remedies for constipation.

Roasted fennel

Dealing with constipations requires you to ease the irritated bowel. The goal is to restore healthy bowel movement and roasted fennel may help with that by acting as mild laxative and kickstarting digestion. This is a tried and tested ayurvedic remedy for constipation and you can rely on it for relief. All you have to do is take a teaspoon of roasted fennel, add it to a glass of warm water, and drink the mixture before bedtime.


Triphala is an ayurvedic treatment for constipation that is highly effective and considered to be one of the best options. It cleanses and detoxifies the digestive system, which is key to restoring normal function. Triphala comprises primarily three ingredients: Behadaharada, and Amla. This formula also has glycoside, which has laxative properties and helps it act as a tonic. The ideal time to consume triphala is when you wake up or in between meals. All you have to do is take the 1 teaspoon of the mixture and mix it in a cup of hot water. Mix is well for around 5 minutes and then consume it. It is important to note that this mixture is an acquired taste and if it doesn’t agree with you, consider taking tablets instead.


Fibre is an important nutrient when it comes to healthy digestion and a lack of it can cause constipation. Missing out of the required amounts of dietary fibre is actually quite common but figs or anjeer help counteract this. Simply soaking them in hot water before consumption helps treat constipation and restore normal digestive function in no time. You can even consume it daily to ensure you stay healthy and avoid this complication.


Using a laxative is a common approach when addressing constipation and you should try to opt for natural foods that work to that effect. Among the many options, flaxseed is one that does just that and iknown as the laxative with no side effects. Moreover, flaxseeds are rich in fibre and have a demulcent effect. This refers to the presence of mucilage, which helps decrease inflammation and stimulates immune response. Additionally, flaxseeds have essential antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that help the digestive tract return to normal function.  

One of the best ways to consume them is to boil 1 teaspoon of these seeds for up to 3 minutes and drink the water once it has cooled down. You can also eat the seeds by themselves or as a garnish on a salad or bowl of fruits. 

Castor oil 

Castor oil is a trusted fix for constipation in many households and one you can rely on. It is another natural laxative, and it promotes regular bower movements upon ingestion. Here, you simply ingest 1 tablespoon on an empty stomach for the best effect.  

However, only relying on ayurvedic treatment for constipation isn’t ideal and the right way to go about it is to do all you can to avoid the complication altogether. Healthy dieting and food choices can not only reduce your chances of getting constipatedbut also help speed up the process of recovery. To help you instil these good habits, here are a few natural remedies to avoid constipation.

Ways to avoid constipation 

  1. Don’t combine two protein groups into one meal  
  2. Eat light meals and more regularly  
  3. Avoid eating close to bedtime, eat at least 4 hours in advance 
  4. Drink a lot of warm water 
  5. Ensure your diet has enough fibre and roughage 
  6. Get enough fruits and green vegetables in your daily meals 
  7. Use digestive herbs like black pepper, cumin, and fennel when cooking 

In addition to this, you can also turn to ayurvedic medicine for constipation. Options like the Patanjali medicine for constipation or Patanjali medicine for gas and constipation are among the best ayurvedic medicine for constipation available in the market. However, as mentioned earlier, try to avoid relying on medications to solve the problem and address the root cause. If you’re constipated often and can’t seem to find a sustainable long-term solution, consult a specialist who can advise you and provide several options. Depending on the cause, doctors will recommend the best ayurvedic medicine for constipation and gas or simply suggest Indian remedies for constipation that work. To find such doctors with ease, use the Bajaj Finserv Health App.

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