6 Helpful Baby Skincare Tips Every Mother Should Follow During Monsoon

Dr. Ashish Bhora

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Dr. Ashish Bhora


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Key Takeaways

  • Babies have sensitive skin, so the right baby skincare is essential
  • Monsoon brings humidity and dampness, which can cause rashes
  • Use season-friendly products for your sensitive skin baby

Newborn babies have tender and sensitive skin that you need to take care of properly. A baby’s skin may be prone to rashes and allergies if not handled properly, all year round. It is essential to follow a baby skincare routine with natural products, devoid of any harmful chemicals.

Baby skincare tips in the monsoons: A guide for every mom_Bajaj Finserv Health

During the monsoon season especially, babies tend to experience dryness and itchiness. So, it is best to use baby sensitive skincare products on their gentle and delicate skin. [1] Here’s how you can follow a proper routine for both mother and baby skincare, especially during the monsoons.

Create a Baby Skincare Routine with These 6 Useful Sensitive Skincare Tips

Give your baby a daily bath

The humid weather during monsoons can cause excessive sweating in babies. Therefore, important to give them baths and wipe their body at regular intervals to keep them dry. Ensure that you choose a gentle baby soap enriched with olive oil and almond as part of your baby skincare routine. Take proper care in choosing only mild baby soaps or baby cleansers. You can also consider using baby soaps enriched with milk protein and Vitamin E as these make the skin soft and supple. [2] During monsoons, take care to bathe the baby in lukewarm water in a warm environment. [3]

Use herbal products for your baby’s hair care

While sensitive skin baby care products are essential, you need to also focus on baby hair care. It is ideal to opt for natural products that are safe and gentle on a baby’s hair. Choose hair oil that contains herbs like hibiscus and chickpea. Hibiscus serves as an excellent moisturizer and conditioner for your baby’s hair. Using shampoos infused with chickpeas provides much-needed nourishment too. Coconut oil is also a good alternative to tackle itchy scalps and cradle cap in newborn babies. [4]

Baby skincare - monsoon dos and don'ts_Bajaj Finserv Health

Keep your baby’s skin dry after bath

It is essential to keep the baby’s body dry after a bath. Gently pat their body dry especially on the areas where you can see skin folds. As a part of the baby sensitive skincare regime, wipe gently on the cheeks, neck, knees, and chin with a soft towel. Massaging is also an efficient option that improves the cognitive skills of the baby. Choose a baby oil rich in vitamins and minerals and massage is slow, smooth strokes. You can massage your baby either before or after a bath.

Prevent diaper rashes

Using diapers for a prolonged period can result in the baby experiencing body rashes. These rashes are mainly caused due to wetness of the nappy. To prevent this, use a diaper rash cream rich in almond oil to relieve the baby. Another alternative is to use diapers for a minimal period. When a baby is always in a diaper, especially during humid, rainy weather, it can cause excessive sweating that may ultimately cause rashes. So, take care to change their diapers frequently before it gets wet. [4]

Preventing diaper rashes in monsoons - baby skincare tips for moms_Bajaj Finserv Health

Choose the right monsoon clothing

It is very important to choose the right clothing for babies during the rains. It is best to dress the baby in full-length cotton clothes. Cotton not only allows fresh air to pass through but also prevents rashes. In case the temperature dips, a soft woolen sweater or a light jacket is ideal. Make sure to use a thin blanket for your baby as any rough clothing may cause an allergy. It is very important to note that you should not overdress your baby and this is one of the most important baby skin tips during the monsoons. [2, 4]

Keep the environment clean

Last, but not least, keep your environment neat and clean. If there is a garden around your house, make sure there is no water-logging during monsoons. This helps prevent not only mosquitos but also fungal and bacterial growth that can cause infections like candidiasis. Use a natural mosquito-repellant cream to keep your baby safe from mosquito bites. You can also use mosquito nets as another alternative. [2]

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You must follow these baby skin tips methodically as babies are prone to illnesses during monsoons. If you notice any kind of allergy or want expert recommendations on baby sensitive skincare products, book an appointment with a pediatrician on Bajaj Finserv Health. Consult an expert pediatrician for your baby's health near you and keep him/her healthy.

Published on 9 Jul 2021Last updated on 12 Apr 2023
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Dr. Ashish Bhora

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Ashish Bhora




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