5 Golden Ways to Take the Right Approach to a Before-Diwali Weight Loss Plan

5 Golden Ways to Take the Right Approach to a Before-Diwali Weight Loss Plan

Dr. Vikas Kumar Sharma
November 18, 20214 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • A before-Diwali weight loss plan can keep you on a healthy track
  • With a pre-Diwali detox plan, you can reduce your calorie intake
  • A healthy diet plan includes sufficient fiber and proteins

A good diet has the power to keep you safe from chronic illnesses like cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, and more. While you may be following a balanced and healthy diet plan at home, staying on track during the festive season can be a task. You may also want to look your best during Diwali, Christmas and New Year celebrations. A trim figure, glowing skin and lustrous hair not only draws compliments but also signify good health!  

With the festive season around the corner, now is the right time to begin your before-Diwali weight loss plan. The best part about starting now is that you can shed those extra kilos and toxins and get in shape before all your loved ones gather together. When you are healthy, you can enjoy festivals with full energy and indulge yourself on sweets and snacks without worry. Here’s how you can improve your diet with a before-Diwali weight loss plan. 

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Get started with detox water and low-calorie foods

You can prepare detox water by infusing water with fruits, vegetables, and herbs. You can treat it as a healthy substitute for soda or high-sugar drinks. Add this to your diet if you are planning to lose weight. You can use cucumber, mint leaves, lemon, basil or any other fruits or vegetables as per your liking to prepare this water.  

Also consider including low-calorie food in your healthy diet plan. To start with, find substitutes for high-calorie ingredients. For instance, this Diwali you can use jaggery instead of white sugar to prepare the festive mithais. Ragi, jowar and bajra are some of the other low-calorie, yet healthy foods that you can include in your diet. Switching to low-fat milk, soy milk or any other healthier plant-based alternatives will also be beneficial for you when you are following a before-Diwali weight loss plan.

how to loss weight

Cut down on sugar consumption to make your healthy diet plan work

As a part of your pre-Diwali detox plan, you can reduce sugar intake in your diet. Thus, you can protect yourself from high-sugar health issues like obesity and tooth decay. Moreover, sugar can be a simple source of energy, but it doesn’t provide the body with other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. That’s why doctors recommend a balanced diet, so that you can get all the required nutrients for your body.  

Focus on protein-rich and fiber-heavy foods to stay full for longer

You can ensure holistic nutritional support to your body by eating foods rich in fiber and proteins. This will boost your energy and increase your productivity. Make sure you consume fiber in the form of leafy vegetables and fruits like guava and banana. Add adequate protein-rich foods such as lentils, whole grains, meat, fish, and eggs to your diet. This way, you can give your body its required nutrition, without piling up unwanted calories.

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Manage the portion-size to boost your before-Diwali weight loss plan

You get zero health benefits by fasting excessively or eating too much. It is much better to manage the quantity of the foods you consume and watch their nutritional qualities. Maintain a portion size as per your body’s requirement. Thus, you can remain a foodie and eat everything in moderation!  

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Switch to weight loss drinks and cut down on alcohol consumption

Do keep an eye on the drinks you consume during this time of the year. Nutritionists suggest drinking a lot of healthy teas and water as part of Diwali weight loss tips. Drinking fizzy cold drinks can dehydrate you and increase your calorie intake. Avoid too much alcohol too as it is high in calories. Remember, cocktails are a combination of alcohol and juices and can cause more harm. So, reduce the intake of these things to stay healthy.  

Diwali comes once in a year. But if you are mindful and continue with your diet plan for the whole year, by next Diwali you will be a lot healthier! So, improve your diet with a before-Diwali weight loss plan aided by the tips above. To continue with your health diet plan throughout the year, get in touch with a nutritionist near you. Book an online appointment or an in-person doctor appointment on Bajaj Finserv Health. This way you can boost your weight loss journey with personalized guidance.

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