Bhujangasana: 8 Effective Cobra Pose Benefits for You!

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February 18th, 2022
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Key Takeaways

  • Bhujangasana is a Sanskrit word for the cobra pose in yoga
  • The bhujangasana yoga pose activates 37% of your body’s muscles
  • Cobra pose benefits your health by improving your sleep and posture

If you are looking to do yoga for sciatica pain, you must try bhujangasana. Its name comes from Sanskrit words ‘bhujanga’ (snake or cobra) and ‘asana’ (posture or exercise). This is why the bhujangasana yoga pose is known as cobra pose. This reclining back-bending pose is also a part of the sun salutation series. 

There are many cobra pose benefits for better health. In fact, when you do the bhujangasana during surya namaskar, you activate 37% of your body’s muscles [1]. Read on to know more about how bhujangasana benefits your body.

Bhujangasana benefits 

The cobra pose benefits your health in the following ways.

Relieves lower back and spine pain

The way we work and sit can stiffen up our upper body muscles. Practicing cobra pose helps your back muscles by promoting good blood circulation. It strengthens your hips and spine by stretching them. A study found that practicing yoga including the cobra pose for 12 weeks reduced lower back pain and anxiety [2].

Bhujangasana benefits 

Reduces belly fat and improves posture

This pose helps reduce the fat in your stomach as it stretches your abdominal muscles. It also strengthens your core muscles. The modern sedentary lifestyle also leads to bad body posture. Practicing this asana is beneficial in tackling problems like slumping shoulders and slouching. This is because the cobra pose strengthens your back muscles.

Boosts flexibility and blood circulation

Do you feel that your body is stiff and tight? If yes, bhujangasana is the right pose for you to try. It stretches the muscles in your chest, spine, shoulders, hips, and back. This helps your body become more flexible. The cobra pose also improves blood circulation throughout the body. You can manage stress and anxiety better when the blood supply to your brain increases.

Helps in asthma prevention

You can also practice cobra pose daily for asthma treatment. Bhujangasana provides therapeutic benefits by helping you expand your chest and open the rib cage. The increase of blood circulation improves oxygen supply to all the organs and tissues in your body. 

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Bhujangasana types

Relieves stress and depression

A study of individuals with mild to moderate depression concluded that an 8-week hatha yoga program including cobra pose led to significant improvement [3]. Bhujangasana in particular is linked with the feeling of upliftment and elevation [4]. As you lift your chest while performing this asana, it enhances blood flow thereby supporting your heart health. Cobra pose is also said to help you get rid of negative emotions, which further relieves stress and fatigue.

Improves sleep

Practicing yoga, particularly the cobra pose, helps you get a good night’s rest. This was further proved by a study that compared sleep quality as a result of yoga versus aerobic exercise among women with type 2 diabetes [5]. 

Helps in proper digestion

As you lie down on your stomach during this pose, you put pressure on your intestinal muscles. This stimulates your abdominal muscles, which helps in proper digestion. Practicing cobra pose daily also burns abdominal fat, helping you get fitter! 

Strengthens muscles and reduces inflammation

Performing the cobra pose daily builds your biceps and triceps. This is because the weight of your body is supported by your hands during this pose. This also strengthens your core and leads to better fitness. A study also found that practicing the bhujangasana yoga pose along with other asanas significantly reduced inflammation in people with rheumatoid arthritis [6].

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Bhujangasana procedure

Follow the steps below to perform this yoga pose:

  • Lie down with your stomach on the ground.
  • Place your arms on the ground near your chest and raise your torso slowly.
  • Ensure you keep your elbows straight.
  • Lift your upper body including your head, neck, shoulders, and chest.
  • Make sure that you put your body weight on your hand and thighs, and not on your stomach.
  • Hold your breath and bend your neck slowly while feeling some pressure on your spine.
  • Stay in the cobra pose for around 30-45 seconds and breathe in and out.
  • Release the position slowly by lowering your abdomen, followed by the torso and head. Exhale while doing so.

Doing yoga poses including bhujangasana improves your mental, emotional, and physical health [7]. Now that you know the benefits of this specific pose, add it to you daily routine. If you have back pain or other concerning symptoms, you can book an online doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. Choose from a variety of experts from fields like yoga and naturopathy, Ayurveda and more and get health advice from the comfort of your home!

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