Create a Lasting Workout Routine with These 7 Simple Tips

Create a Lasting Workout Routine with These 7 Simple Tips

Dr. Smitha Lodha
April 11, 20224 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Working out regularly can help you deal with depression and anxiety attacks
  • Starting slow is one way to create a lasting workout routine
  • Change your weekly workout routine from time to time to stay motivated

Creating a workout routine has many positive effects on your daily lifestyle. While a good workout session can leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, it can also help deal with problems such as depression or anxiety attacks [1]. The best workout routine you can follow is the one you curate with the help of a specialist according to your body type and needs. It is not necessary for you to try a gym workout routine if you are not comfortable going out, instead you can schedule an exercise session at home.

Workout routines are easy to make but requires strong intent to sustain for a long time. Read on to find 7 useful tips on how you can make your workout routine last.

Push yourself to get going 

The first step to following a workout routine is to get rid of idleness. In some days, you may feel tired or lethargic but it is important to push yourself to reach your daily exercise goals. In such cases, watching a few motivational videos or listening to your favorite songs may be of help. Once you complete the workout, you will surely feel much better.

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Break the workout routine into parts 

You can break your workout routine into parts to avoid exhaustion. For example, you can work out for 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

Start with simple exercises 

If you are just starting your workout routine, begin slowly with simple exercises [2]. Diving straight into a hardcore work routine will leave you feeling more tired, and at times less motivated. You can start by walking 30 minutes a day, as this is the most basic form of exercise that has overall benefits to your body. If you have any prior injury or medical condition, take guidance from a specialist. They can help you design a fitness program to improve your strength, range of motion and endurance.

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Be patient and trust the process 

Patience is important as workout benefits do not appear overnight and require a certain amount of discipline. Doing hectic workouts for a week just to give up later is not going to benefit you. If you focus on following the workout routine and eating healthy, the results will come. Trust the process to get its reward.

Change your weekly workout routine to keep it interesting 

The perfect way to create a lasting workout routine is to try new things. This will not only help you stay motivated through the course of your workout but will also keep boredom at bay. Mix things up every week like doing cross training and biking every alternate day. You can then shift to running, swimming and weight training in the following week. Plan the workout routine in a way where all the different parts of your body are emphasized.

Give yourself timely breaks 

Overdoing any kind of exercise is not a good idea as it may lead to boredom or injuries. Make sure to give yourself timely breaks like considering a day off in your weekly workout routine. This also helps keep you motivated and ensures you do not get burnt out.

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Stop comparing your results with others 

Comparing your progress with others may make you lose motivation faster than anything else. It is important to understand that everybody has a different body type and metabolism. With a particular workout routine, some people may reach their workout goals before you but there is no need to get disheartened. Focus on your routine and have trust on yourself to get results in the right time.

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Following these simple tips will take you a long way in maintaining your health and well-being. Exercising can help improve immunity, while reducing the chances of heart diseases and keeping your bones strong and healthy [3]. For more such wellness tips, you can get doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. Hear from experts on how to create the best workout routine suitable to your body, while understanding the benefits it will have on you. Get started on your exercise sessions today and make them last! 

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