Dental Insurance: Here are 4 Things You Need to Know!


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Key Takeaways

  • Lack of dental insurance in India has discouraged good oral healthcare
  • Most health insurance policies provide partial dental insurance coverage
  • Cosmetic procedures are usually excluded from dental insurance coverage

Among the different types of insurancedental insurance is still a new concept in India. This is no surprise considering that oral health in India is often ignored. About 50% of our schoolchildren suffer from tooth decay as per a study. It also reveals that 90% of adults suffer from periodontal diseases in the country.

Bad oral health is linked to health problems like diabetes and heart disorders. Often the high cost of dental care gets in the way of good oral health. So, you can opt for the right dental insurance coverage and fund your dental treatment with ease.

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Dental insurance provides coverage for dental treatment, excluding cosmetic procedures. It generally includes treatments like: 

  • Root canals
  • Cavity filling
  • Tooth extraction 

While choosing a teeth insurance plan, you should know what it covers and excludes. Read on to know more about dental insurance.

Benefits of dental insurance coverage

Dental health in India does not get the same importance as physical or mental health. It is also expensive to take care of dental health and hygiene. Both these reasons lead to tooth decay and other problems that can be avoided. You too may delay visiting a dentist until the problem is severe.

Dental insurance and its benefits can change all this for the better. Comprehensive dental insurance coverage includes simple and major treatments. These plans also provide cover for preventive care, ensuring that your medical bills are pocket friendly. This also encourages people to visit dentists more often.

Here are some inclusions of comprehensive dental plans in India.

  • Regular consultation and follow-ups
  • Dental procedures like tooth filling, and root canal procedures 
  • Diagnostic tests like dental x-ray and clearance exams for patients undergoing chemotherapy 
  • Dental surgeries and implants  
  • Oral infections, treatment for gum conditions, pediatric dental care

Dental insurance also covers preventive care, medication, and treatment after a surgery. You also get complete coverage for damaged teeth due to an accident. Some insurers provide free consultations with dentist from their network too.

These plans even cover common treatments such as teeth scaling. This is when a dentist cleans the plaque from your teeth. Some dental insurance plans partially cover teeth whitening and teeth capping (dental crowns). You can also get discounts on braces or implants based on the insurer you choose.

what is included in dental insurance

Pointers to note before buying dental insurance

Remember to read the fine print before you buy any plan. Insurers offer complete and partial cover for different procedures. Being informed can help you plan treatment better. 

Do not forget to check the claim process and the reimbursement time. While some insurers provide a direct claim, others have a settlement period. In this case you bear the expenses from your pocket first, make a claim, and submit bills. Then the amount is reimbursed to you by the insurer. So, it is best to verify everything from inclusions to the claim process to ensure clarity.

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Exclusions of dental insurance plans

Like other policies, dental insurance plans also have certain exclusions. They do not cover procedures and surgeries done for cosmetic purposes. Here is a list of general exclusions to be aware of. 

  • Dental prosthetics 
  • Dental implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Jaw alignment
  • Surgery of the upper or lower jaw bone
  • Dentures 

Such treatments are not eligible for an insurance claim in most cases. So, learn about your coverage before opting for cosmetic or corrective surgeries.

Types of insurance that include dental insurance coverage

There are a few stand-alone dental insurers in the country. You can choose them to address oral care in depth. However, many insurance plans do provide some dental coverage. Here are six types of insurance that include teeth insurance.

  • Travel insurance plans provide dental insurance coverage as part of accidental emergency coverage. If you suffer teeth damage due to an accident, you can make a claim. There is usually an upper limit to the amount you can claim here so make sure you know what it is.
  • Personal accident insurance also covers dental expenses as a result of an accident.
  • Critical insurance policies provide cover against a specific illness. They offer complete reimbursement in one go. You can choose one for dental surgeries to benefit from the cover.
  • Family floater health insurance plans provide comprehensive medical cover to the entire family. Some of these policies also offer dental insurance coverage.
  • Preventive healthcare insurance policies provide cover for periodic check-ups and consultations. Sometimes this cover extends to oral health too.
  • Individual health insurance policies also provide cover for specific dental procedures due to accidental injuries.

With dental insurance, you can get the best oral care without worrying about the cost. But, it is crucial to choose the right insurer. Aarogya Care health plans by Bajaj Finserv Health offer a hassle-free claim settlement and have a range of benefits. With them, you can access preventive healthcare and book doctor consultations online.  You can also enjoy cashless claims and other features at reasonable premiums.

Published on 16 Nov 2021Last updated on 20 Jun 2022

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