4 Fungal Nail Infection Treatment Options to Keep in Mind

4 Fungal Nail Infection Treatment Options to Keep in Mind

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May 12, 20224 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Fungal nail infection generally occurs on areas like your toenails
  • Fungal nail infection treatment includes surgery, oral medicine, nail paints
  • The best toenail fungus treatment depends on the type of toenail fungus you have

Fungal nail infection is a common skin issue that many can get. It usually affects your toenails, which is why it may often be referred to as toenail fungus. A clear indicator of the discoloration of nails or if they become brittle. Fungal nail infection treatment is also quite simple, and doctors will usually prescribe medications based on the type of infection. 

To understand more about the symptoms, you should watch out for and what to expect when getting nail infection treatment, read on. 

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What is a fungal nail infection?

Fungal nail infection may develop in your toenails or fingernails. Also known as onychomycosis [1] or tinea unguium, this infection may spread gradually. So, if you have this infection, it may be difficult to understand any immediate symptoms. Now take a look at different types of fungal nail infections.

White superficial infection

Usually affects your toenails and leads to white spots

Proximal subungual infection

This is a bit uncommon fungal nail infection - it can result in white and yellow spots on your toenails and fingernails

Distal subungual infection

The most common type of fungal nail infection - can affect both your toenails and fingernails

Home remedies for Fungal Nail Infection

Candida infection

Caused by Candida yeast, it usually impacts your fingernails if you wash your hands repeatedly in a small time gap.

What are the symptoms of fungal nail infection?

As mentioned, it may be difficult to suspect any immediate sign of fungal nail infection. However, in an advanced condition, you may get a strong odor from the infected nail. The nail can also become thick and fragile, and a portion of it can come out of the nail bed.

It is easy to ignore fungal nail infections at first because you do not feel any pain in the area. But if an infection gets worse, it can become hard for you to walk or use your hands due to constant pain.

Symptoms of Fungal Nail Infection

What are the fungal nail infection treatment options?

Fungal nail infections may be a little difficult to treat. Talk with your doctor if self-care strategies and OTC medicines do not work. Toenail fungus treatment or general fungal nail infection treatment is planned as per the intensity of your fungal nail infection. It can take up to several months for even the best toenail fungus treatment to work. There are also chances of repeated infection even if the condition of your nail improves. 

The four remedies which you can try for fungal nail infection treatment are as follows:

  • Consumption of oral antifungal medications: Due to the quick action of the drugs, this is the most convenient way to clear fungal nail infections. Doctors may recommend you drugs like fluconazole, terbinafine, griseofulvin and itraconazole
  • Applying medicated nail paints: Although this is a slower process, it is another way to get rid of fungal nail infections. Just apply nail paint to the affected area every day. Note that this method can take up to one year to serve its purpose.
  • Using antifungal ointments: This can be an effective process when your nailbed has become thin.
  • Surgery [2]: In case the other processes do not work, doctors may surgically remove the infected nail.
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Now that you know what the options for fungal nail infection treatment are, consult a doctor to find the one best suited for you. Consult the best dermatologists online on Bajaj Finserv Health. Along with knowing the best toenail fungus treatment option, you can get guidance on a range of other issues such as types of skin rashes, black fungus, or ringworm. All you have to do is go on the Bajaj Finserv Health platform or app and search for a skin specialist near me. Choose from a list of options and get the best treatment today!

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