Looking for a Suitable Health Cover for Your Newborn? Here's A 3-Step Guide


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Key Takeaways

  • You can add your baby to health plans after 90 days of birth
  • Not buying a health cover for your child increases financial stress
  • Check the coverage before buying health insurance for your newborn

Having a baby or becoming a parent for the first time brings along a joy of its own kind. But it also indicates an increased sense of responsibility. It is upon parents to take care of their children and provide them with everything that is good for them. This includes looking after your newborn’s health. The only right thing to do at such a time is to cover your with a child health insurance plan.

Your first step before the birth of your child is to buy a child health insurance plan with maternity coverage that covers post-natal expenses. Maternity plans cover your baby up to the first 90 days [1]. Post this period, parents can add children to a family floater plan or a group insurance plan [2, 3]. Buying an individual plan for your baby is not possible. 

Health insurance for newborns covers hospitalization costs during unforeseen events. Here is a guide for you to provide the best healthcare coverage for your little one.

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What are the benefits of health insurance for newborns?

Financial security

The first and foremost benefit of a health policy for newborns is the financial security it provides. Health insurance for newborn babies provides the financial help you need to keep your child healthy. A newborn has weak immunity and is prone to several illnesses. The baby may require frequent hospitalization for which child health insurance plan can prove to be handy. 

Cashless claim facility

In times of uncertainty, health insurance covering newborns is just what you need to avail timely treatment for your child. You can avail cashless treatment at network hospitals of the insurer. The provider will directly settle the bill with the partner hospital in this case. This way you do not have to worry about arranging for emergency funds or paying from your pocket.

No-claim bonus

A family health insurance or a group health insurance covering the expenses for a newborn provides the benefit of a no-claim bonus. If you haven’t made any insurance claims for your newborn during the policy year, you will get a bonus. This may be in the form of discounts on your premium during renewal.

Comprehensive health cover

You can add your newborn to your family health plan after the completion of 90 days from birth. This will give your little one comprehensive health coverage. This includes in-hospitalization costs, pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures, ambulance charges, and more.

Preventive health check-ups

Most health policies offered by reputed insurers offer annual health check-up benefits. This allows you to take preventive care measures by monitoring your family’s health including newborn care. 

Tax benefit

The premiums you pay on health insurance towards your child have tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961. Thus, you can save on taxes while safeguarding your child’s health.

What are the risks of not giving your newborn child a health insurance cover?

Post-natal expenses and complications after delivery require timely treatment and hospitalization. Today, medical inflation is increasing at a rapid rate, and absence of health insurance may keep your baby from getting quality healthcare. That is why it is vital to include your newborn in your existing health insurance plan.

What are the factors you should consider while buying newborn health cover?

Policy upgradation

Before buying a health insurance plan, check whether or not you can upgrade your health insurance policy to include your newborn. Most health plans protect newborns once they complete 90 days after birth. Thus, make the decision carefully and opt for a plan that allows you to upgrade with ease. 


Checking the premium while buying child health insurance plan is important. It helps you plan and manage your budget well. Some insurance plans require you to pay an additional premium to cover your newborn while others do not. So, choose the plan carefully.


The coverage provided for newborns on various health insurance plans may differ. For instance, one plan may cover vaccination and post-natal expenses, while the other plan may not. So, select a plan that provides maximum protection to your child.

Health Cover for Your Newborn - 3

Waiting period

Health insurance policies come with a waiting period before providing a health cover. This applies to newborns too. Make sure you note how long the waiting period is before your little one is covered.

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You should check the co-payment clause before buying health insurance for your baby. Health plans with a co-payment feature come at a comparatively lower premium. Co-payment requires you to pay a set amount of money from your pocket during claim settlement. The rest will be paid by the insurer. The more the co-payment, the lesser will be your premium.

Terms and conditions

A health insurance policy with newborn child cover may have certain conditions. It is equally important to know about its inclusions and exclusions. This will help you understand the plan better and provide the best coverage to your newborn. So, read the fine print carefully before making any decision.

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Published on 2 Feb 2022Last updated on 4 Jan 2023
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