High Blood Pressure Treatment At Home: 10 Things To Try!

Bajaj Finserv Health Team, General Physician
January 06, 2021

Having blood pressure problems is quite common and health experts a few years back predicted that around a third of the Indian population in 2020 would suffer from hypertension. When left unchecked, high blood pressure damages the kidney and increases risk of stroke and heart disease too. As such, it isn’t something you should take lightly and opting for high blood pressure treatment at home is a good place to start.


Ideally, you should approach your primary care provider for home remedies to control high BP. Depending on your case and family history, you may require medication to keep it in check. However, if that’s not the case, then you should definitely consider natural remedies for high BP. While a quick online search will return several options that you can trybe wary of practices that are pitched as a quick remedy for high BP unless a specialist you’ve consulted can verify its efficacy.


To make things simpler, here’s a list of 10 natural remedies for high blood pressure that you can try at home.


Destress often and regularly


Stress, both chronic and occasional, have been linked to increasing BP and causing hypertension. Moreover, when you’re stressed, you’re likely to engage in unhealthy habits like smoking, binge eating or drinking alcohol, all of which worsen the problem. So, among the most important home remedies for high pressure is destressing regularly. There are many ways to go about it, which are:

  • Avoiding stressors 
  • Relaxing between activities 
  • Meditating  

You can choose your own means of relaxing and rejuvenating body and mind, be it with adult colouring, music, cooking, gardening, spending time with a pet, doing yoga, running, working out, taking naps, reading and more. Destressing is surely one of the home remedies for high blood pressure that really works!


Avoid alcohol


While there are studies that suggest that consuming alcohol, in moderation and controlled quantities, can actually help lower BP, overconsumption quickly negates that effect. In fact, it makes it worse and can increase your BP furtherSo, do not consume more than 1.5 ounces of 80-proof liquor, 12 ounces of beer or 5 ounces of wine to control your BP.


Exercise to control hypertension


Exercise is great for maintaining physical fitness and an effective high blood pressure treatment at home. Working out for at least 150 minutes a week or about 30 minutes a day can lower blood pressure by almost 8 mm Hg. Moreover, exercise doesn’t have to involve lifting weights or going to a gym. You can perform aerobic exercises like dancing, swimming, running, walking or even cycling to keep hypertension under control.


Eat dark chocolate


Overconsumption of chocolate will not do you any favoursbut in moderation, dark chocolate was found to be effective at reducing BP. This is because dark chocolate has high flavonoid content. Flavonoids are plant compounds that dilate blood vessels, which can lower blood pressure. To try this high blood pressure treatment at home, look for non-alkalized cocoa powder that has no added sugars.


Lose extra weight, especially if you’re obese


Being overweight you exerts a lot of pressure on your heart. When your heart has to work overtimeproblems like hypertension are common. Studies have found that losing just around 5% of your body mass can make a significant difference in lowering your BP. Naturally, if you’re obese, losing weight should be a priority and it is doubly effective when paired with exercise as a high blood pressure treatment at home.


Stop smoking 


Tobacco is something you have to steer clear off if you’re looking to lower BP naturally. This is because tobacco damages blood vessels and every puff results in a slight increase in pressure. Moreover, smoking also increases risk of heart disease. Try this as it is one of home remedies for high blood pressure that really works.


Reduce sodium intake


High salt intake has been linked with elevated blood pressure and stroke. This is a problem because it is available in large quantities in processed and packaged foods. So, if you’re looking for effective home remedies to control high BP, start by avoiding fast food. Cook meals at home, watch your sodium intake and you’ll notice your BP stabilise naturally!


Decrease your caffeine consumption 


Caffeine consumption results in a near-instant hike in blood pressure. This effect is stronger on those who aren’t accustomed to it or consume it very rarely, in whatever form. So, if you’re looking to maintain a normal BP or a quick remedy for high BP, cut back on the coffee or energy drinks. If you’re not used to caffeine, avoid it altogether to keep your BP from spiking.


Get enough calcium through diet


Studies have found that people with low calcium have higher BP. Moreover, calcium-rich diets have be linked to healthy BP levels, which means it is an effective option as a high blood pressure treatment at homeIdeally, you should get this mineral naturally through food, which can come from leafy green, skim milk, yogurt, beans, sardines and collard greens.


Eat foods rich in magnesium 


Magnesium helps your blood vessels relax and it is quite common for people to not get enough of it. Studies have found that a lack of magnesium can cause high BP and supplementing it through diet is the right way to counteract this. Vegetable, dairy, whole grains, legumes, and meat are all good sources to consider as home remedies to lower high blood pressure.


These natural remedies for high BP can definitely help you, especially those that bring about healthier dietary and body weight changes. In addition to these, you should also consult your primary care provider for emergency treatment for high blood pressure at home. They may prescribe certain supplements or medication that can quickly get things back into control.


Relying only on home remedies to lower high blood pressure isn’t smart because there are very real risks involved when it comes to BPSo, it may be smarter to view suggestions for high blood pressure treatment at home as guidelines to healthier living. If you’re showing symptoms of elevated BP, don’t hesitate to get professional help. Thanks to the Bajaj Finserv Health App, you can get this care easily, right through your smartphone.


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