List of 7 Best Homeopathic Medicines For Hair Fall

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During the monsoon season, hair loss increases due to an increase in air humidity, a dry scalp, dandruff, and contact with acidic rainwater. This can be prevented by using suitable homoeopathic medicines such as phosphorus, graphites etc., and trying natural remedies such as yoghurt, banana etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Homoeopathic remedies can prevent hair loss
  • Homoeopathic medicines and natural remedies also promote hair growth
  • Among the most popular home remedies for hair loss are yogurt, banana, coconut oil, eggs, and apple cider vinegar

Rainy season hair loss is more prevalent due to high levels of humidity, acid rain, or dirty rainwater, which cause hair to become dry and brittle. If you color your hair with chemical dyes or use other hair treatments, your hair will get greasy and oily due to the additional humidity generated by these chemicals. This ultimately results in damage to the scalp and hair. You must get a doctor's consultation in this case. Using gels on your hair during the rainy season can increase dandruff, ultimately leading to hair loss. Using homeopathic medicine for hair fall is a great solution to this problem. 

Reason For Hair Loss During Rainy Season

When moisture is on the scalp, the hair follicles weaken, causing the hair to appear lifeless and lackluster. Even worse, this results in snarled hair, which in turn causes hair loss. When the scalp is exposed to moisture, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, leading to hair problems such as itching and redness. Additionally, dampness increases the risk of infection. 

Numerous individuals have the terrible habit of fretting about their hair loss and rushing to purchase over-the-counter hair creams, treatments, and chemical treatments, which accelerates the process of hair loss. It is important to consider homeopathic medicine for hair fall and regrowth. 

Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall

List of Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall

Following is a list of best homeopathy medicines for hair fall in the rainy season:

1. Silicea

This is the homeopathy treatment that homeopathy doctors advise patients to utilize the most. Sandstones and human tissue were utilized to form this structure. This prescription promotes the growth of new hair and the strengthening of existing hair, the removal of dryness from the hair, total nourishment for the hair, and hair growth stimulation. This tissue cell salt is one of the twelve substances used in homeopathy. 

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2. Kalium Carbonicum

Kalium Carbonicum is another homeopathy medicine for hair fall in the rainy season derived from chemicals used by the Egyptians to manufacture glass. Numerous homeopathy practitioners recommend it for essentially preventing the course of hair thinning and brittle hair, which in turn manages the growth of hair. The efficacy of this medication is of considerable value to individuals who are conventional and reserved by nature. 

3. Phosphorus

This is the best homeopathy medicine for hair regrowth, fostering healthier hair growth. It promotes new hair growth in areas where a large amount of hair is lost at once. This is also indicated for hair loss due to dandruff or other mild scalp conditions. 

4. Fluoric Acid

This medication for hair restoration helps treat alopecia, brittle hair, vertex baldness, idiopathic hair loss, tangled hair, and other related disorders. It thickens and volumizes the hair and stimulates the growth of new hair. 

Home remedies for Hair Fall

5. Mezereum

Psoriasis and dandruff are two examples of skin disorders that may cause hair loss. Therefore, a medicine such as mezereum can be used to treat this condition and promote hair growth. This must be utilized constantly to achieve desirable and practical results. 

6. Natrum muriaticum

This medication's active ingredient is sodium chloride, more widely known as table salt. This homeopathy for hair loss medicine helps treat hair loss due to dandruff, dry crusts on the scalp, skin problems, or menstrual disorders. If your hair loss is the result of a hormonal imbalance, this medicine will be of great assistance to you. This is a standard piece of advice given to sensitive and expressive individuals. 

7. Graphites

This drug may be the best solution if you suffer bald spots on your scalp or hair loss from the sides. As a result of the increased humidity, you could suffer an itchy scalp and small breakouts on your head. This could result in hair loss. This medicine helps both conditions, preventing hair loss and alleviating its effects. 

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Home Remedies for Hair Loss in Rainy Season 

One can utilize the following natural homeopathy remedies for hair fall in the rainy season:  

1. Yogurt

Yogurt aids in eliminating potentially harmful elements of shampoo from the hair while simultaneously moisturizing the scalp. 

2. Banana

Bananas are an excellent source of sustenance for the hair due to their carbohydrate, protein, and vitamin content. As a result of utilizing this product, your hair will have more volume and gloss, and its lackluster appearance will disappear. 

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is widely recognized for its beneficial effects on the hair. Because of its use, the hair strands are hydrated and softened, enhancing their ability to retain moisture. The lipids in coconut oil are suitable for repairing damaged hair's health. 

4. Eggs

Eggs are a time-honored remedy utilized for generations to revive lackluster and limp hair. After breaking an egg and mixing its contents for some time, apply the concoction to your hair and let it air-dry.  

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

After shampooing your hair, you can apply an apple cider vinegar-based conditioner to your strands. It diminishes the appearance of dandruff and closes the hair cuticle, preventing moisture loss from hair strands. Additionally, it prevents residues and contaminants from accumulating in your hair and scalp. It is one of the most popular homeopathic remedies for weight loss

Homeopathic medicines can help prevent hair loss during the rainy season. They can also help with hair-related problems, such as scalp and follicle pain, and aid hair regrowth. Homeopathic remedies for diabetes are also much prevalent nowadays.

Published on 9 Aug 2022Last updated on 5 Apr 2023

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Dr. Abhay Joshi

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Abhay Joshi

, BHMS 1 Muzaffarpur Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Muzaffarpur, Bihar

Dr. Abhay Prakash Joshi is a homeopathy physician. He is treating specially fertility and gynae cases. He is a Homeopathic gynecologists' and fertility expert.


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