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Have you ever wondered how to make the heart strong? It is very simple. All you need to do to improve heart health is follow simple ways to keep your heart healthy. Read to learn about some exciting tips.

Key Takeaways

  • Of the many ways to keep heart healthy, dietary changes are easiest
  • Exercising is one of the vital healthy heart tips to try
  • Limit salt intake to improve heart health and lower blood pressure

If you have ever thought about making the heart strong, you share a similar concern with thousands of others. This is a constant thought for many since the heart is one of the most important organs in the body. It is responsible for circulating blood and oxygen throughout your body. So, you need to adopt healthy measures to keep your ticker fit. According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases are responsible for causing many deaths worldwide. Reports reveal that approximately 17 million individuals died from heart ailments in 2019 [1]. The number keeps steadily increasing over the years. As per the reports from World Heart Federation, this number could go beyond 23 million by the end of 2030.

If you are wondering how to make the heart strong, all you need to do is follow a few proven ways to keep the heart healthy. From eating a heart-healthy diet to practicing healthy heart tips, it is easy to improve heart health. Now that you know heart ailments are the main reasons for death, always strive to make the heart-smart choice. You can start with a few minor lifestyle changes, and you are good to go! Start with small steps and understand how to make the heart strong.

Here are a few healthy heart tips that can help you answer the question of “how to have a strong heart?”.

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1. Reduce Sodium Intake 

When there is an excess intake of sodium in your diet, there is higher water retention in your body. The excess water accumulation requires your heart to pump even harder to circulate the additional fluids throughout your body. If you are thinking about how to make the heart strong, all you need to do is minimize your salt intake. While you may consciously consume less salt in your foods, take care to limit the consumption of processed foods. These junk foods contain a lot of sodium that can harm your heart.

Be aware of choosing only those products with minimal sodium content. Ensure that you stay below 1500mg, as per the recommended daily salt intake. This is an easy tip for all those wondering how to make the heart strong.

2. Munch on Healthy Snacks Like Nuts 

An important fact to know about how to have a strong heart is that your diet is vital. This is especially true regarding snacks. Nuts like walnuts and almonds help improve heart health. As almonds are rich in unsaturated fats, including them in your diet is one of the effective ways to keep the heart healthy. Healthy fats help in lowering your bad cholesterol and improving your good cholesterol.

Eating walnuts also keeps your heart strong as they contain omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital in protecting your heart by minimizing inflammation in your arteries. If you find yourself reaching for snacks because you’re worried about how to make the heart strong, ensure to choose the healthy options. However, make sure to have nuts in limited quantities as they are foods high in calories.

improve heart health

3. Practice Meditation and Yoga for Heart Health 

Meditation awakens and rejuvenates you throughout the day. Follow deep breathing exercises daily for at least 15-20 minutes. Practicing deep breathing helps lower your blood pressure. This helps promote good cardiovascular health. In addition, you may also try following simple movements that are considered yoga for heart health.

A few heart-healthy yoga poses, such as seated forward bending pose, half spinal twist asana, and bridge pose, are effective in improving the functioning of your cardiac muscles. Don’t overthink too much about how to make the heart strong. Stress is a contributor to heart issues. Instead, start meditating and practicing simple asanas.

4. Maintain Body Weight with Proper Exercises 

If you have no clue about how to make the heart strong, a brilliant place to start is by maintaining the right body weight. To improve heart health, it is crucial to be physically active. Be it walking for 30 minutes or doing intense exercises thrice a week, make it a point to lead an active lifestyle. If you are thinking about how to increase your heart rate, you can try out aerobic exercises. 

When you practice aerobics, your blood circulation improves, helping you improve heart health. Stretching and resistance training may also prove effective if you want to know how to increase heart rate.

5. Consume a Well-Balanced Diet 

As mentioned earlier, a simple answer to the question, “how to make the heart strong?” is to eat a diet containing essential vitamins and minerals. Choose healthy fats and carbs as a part of your daily meals. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits, especially legumes, pulses, and whole grains. By making healthy food choices, you can maintain good cardiovascular health and healthy BMI levels too. 

Start your day with a bowl of whole grains and fruits and feel the energy throughout the day. Eating different fruits and vegetables can keep many health ailments at bay. Adopting this simple measure is effective if you are thinking about how to make the heart strong.

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The heart is a vital organ, so visit a doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms like chest pain. Keeping your blood glucose and cholesterol levels in control is a crucial parameter. It’ll be one of the first things to note when learning to make the heart strong. Increasing this type of awareness about cardiovascular diseases and heart health is the mission of World Heart Day

The day also provides easy-to-follow heart-healthy tips to help you understand how to make the heart strong. If you experience any unusual symptoms, connect with the top cardiologists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an online doctor consultation via app or website and address your concerns from the comfort of your home. Take small steps today and march towards a healthy future tomorrow.

Published on 19 Jul 2022Last updated on 29 Dec 2022
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