How To Reduce Thigh Fat: 7 Effective Exercises Try At Home

How To Reduce Thigh Fat: 7 Effective Exercises Try At Home

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March 29, 20236 mins read


A significant proportion of thigh fat is subcutaneous fat below the skin. Performing high-intensity exercises can help focus on targeting this fat and toning your thighs. However, combining workouts with a wholesome diet and lifestyle changes is necessary to achieve long-term results.

Key Takeaways

  • Ageing, genetics, a poor diet, and a lack of exercise cause uneven fat accumulation in the thighs
  • Adding more protein and fibre instead of sugar and fatty foods can help avoid gaining fat in the thighs
  • Squats, lunges, and burpees can help tone your thighs and lose extra fat

How to reduce thigh fat is a common question among those looking to improve their overall health and appearance. Our thighs are where we usually gain weight the fastest. The hormone estrogen is responsible for this, as it directs all extra calories to the thighs to be stored as fat cells. Excess fat in the thighs can be challenging to eliminate, but with the right approach, achieving a slimmer, more toned look is possible. This article will show how to reduce thigh fat at home with simple exercises, avoiding certain habits, and a balanced diet.

How to Get Rid of Thigh Fat?

A combination of targeted exercises, a healthy diet, and lifestyle changes can help to reduce thigh fat. If you want to improve your health and feel more confident in your appearance, following these strategies can help you achieve your goals.

How to Reduce Thigh Fat With Lifestyle Changes?

  • When our bodies or minds are overworked, we frequently gain extra weight. Those who want to reduce their weight or are wondering how to lose thigh fat should get plenty of rest. You are likely to put on weight if you sleep for less than seven hours
  • Stress management is crucial. When you stress too much, your cortisol levels rise, stimulating the hunger hormone. To reduce stress, combine the exercises with some deep breathing exercises
  • Playing any sport thrice a week will help you in many ways. Playing soccer with your toddler or fetch with your dog are two examples. You will be able to lose weight and stave off hunger pangs thanks to the hormones that are good for you and adrenaline
  • Try to schedule a time to go biking, hiking, or to destinations you've always wanted to visit. Your thigh muscles will get strong from biking and hiking
  • Remain active and on your feet as much as possible. Choose the stairs over the elevator, leave the car at home while you shop, and take a quick stroll during your lunch break

Such minor changes will add up over time and help ensure your legs are always on the move.

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How to Reduce Thigh Fat by Changing Your Diet?

Next on the list of how to reduce thigh fat is eating healthy, and it’s just as crucial as working out. Here are some ways to give your body the necessary nutrients and increase your metabolism to drop those extra pounds. 

Avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar:

Refined carbohydrates and sugary food are unhealthy for our bodies. Pastries, desserts, sodas, pasta, bread, and white rice are the main culprits. These foods cause a sharp peak in your sugar levels in the blood and then crash. [1] Hunger and cravings for more junk food are almost always the results. These foods are also deficient in nutrients and should not get consumed regularly, especially if you are trying to lose weight

Fill up on fibre and protein:

High-protein, high-fibre meals keep you fuller for longer while consuming fewer calories. [2] Fibre and protein are available in fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, legumes, lean meats, and eggs. They also contain the necessary vitamins and minerals for a well-balanced diet

Drink plenty of water:

Because the human body is composed of 75% water, almost every function involves water in some way or another. It is critical to stay hydrated to keep your body running properly. Even slight dehydration can let your metabolic rate to slow. Nutritionists recommend drinking more than 2 liters of water per day, depending on your height, weight, and activity level

Maintain a moderate calorie deficit:

Your body must burn approximately 3500 calories to shed one pound. To lose a few pounds, you must determine how many calories your body requires to maintain your current body weight. A diet that reduces that number by 500 calories/day would be a reasonable starting point. Over limiting your intake of calories may result in feelings of deficiency and ensuing binge eating [3]

It's important to get a general physician consultation before you make any modifications to your diet.  

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How to Reduce Thigh Fat With Exercises?

Our thighs support the body weight and aid in even the slightest movements. This is why strengthening the muscles in your thighs with exercise is essential.  

Here are seven exercises to lose thigh fat:

1. Squats

  • Stand shoulder-width apart with your feet and your arms by your sides
  • Tighten your core while keeping your chest up and your eyes straight
  • Position yourself in a chair by bending your knees and pushing your hips back
  • Pause and then push back to your starting position once your thighs touch the floor
  • Lift the arms slightly when returning to the starting position

2. Lunges

  • Stand tall, bow your head in prayer, or place your hand on your waist
  • Take your left leg frontward, toes facing the front
  • Lower your upper body until your left thigh and calf have a 90-degree angle
  • Go back to your starting position after holding the stance for three seconds. Repeat

3. Burpees

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Crouch down with your hands on the ground in the space between your legs
  • Kick your legs behind your back to begin a push-up. Push yourself up after lowering into a push-up
  • To crouch, hop forward with your feet close to your hands
  • Leap straight into the air while raising your arms above your head. Stand up after completing one repetition
Reduce Thigh Fat

4. Fly jumping jacks

  • Maintain a straight back and close foot contact. Draw a straight line with your shoulders, and open your hands in a lateral position
  • Extend your legs and clap your hands together in front of you
  • Jump again while bringing your legs together. With your shoulder, take your hands back to a straight position

5. Leg lift

  • Extend your legs on the floor
  • Place your left foot flat on the floor while bending the knee
  • Move your right leg and take it to the level of the knee opposing it
  • Lower it to the ground with care. Now try it with the other leg similarly

6. Butterfly stretch

  • Have a seat on a soft floor area or over a mat. Begin by straightening your back and spreading your legs
  • Create the shape of a winged butterfly by bending both knees. Then, as close as possible, bring your feet to the pelvic area and join them by clapping your hands together
  • Unhurriedly inhale and exhale while enfolding the mat with your thighs and knees. Begin wavering both legs up and down like butterfly wings
  • Extend your legs wider and maintain a straight spine to reach the starting location

7. Plank

  • While standing in a push-up position, bend your elbows so that your forearms are bearing the weight of your body
  • Maintain a tight core, clenched glutes, and a straight line from head to toe
  • Sustain the position as long as possible
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Thigh fat results from genetic factors, obesity, and other factors. This is why knowing exactly how to reduce thigh fat can be difficult. However, having a balanced diet, lifestyle changes and exercise to reduce thigh fat can help significantly. 

Remember that everyone's body is different, and it may take time to see results, so your efforts must be patient and consistent. If you're struggling to reduce thigh fat despite your best efforts, get a doctor consultation to get a personalized recommendation. Visit Bajaj Finserv Health to know more and get the guidance you need.

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