How to Stop Hair Fall: 20 Easy Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

Dr. Ashish Bhora

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Dr. Ashish Bhora


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Key Takeaways

  • it is important to understand hair fall reasons before trying remedies at home or trying therapies at a wellness centres
  • common causes of hair fall include heredity factors, stress, pollution, nutritional deficiencies and improper care
  • Understanding how to stop hair fall isn’t tricky but is definitely an important part of healthy living

Hair fall is a serious problem that affects both women and men in India. A study has found that male pattern baldness in 25% of men started showing signs as early as the age of 21. Hair fall equally affects women as statistics show that 40% of women in the country experience hair loss. No wonder then that learning how to stop hair fall is a common query across geographies. However, it is important to understand hair fall reasons before trying remedies at home or trying therapies at a wellness institute.

While the common causes of hair fall include heredity factors, stress, pollution, nutritional deficiencies and improper hair care, there are also other uncontrollable factors at play. Among these is the fact that the human body goes through hormonal changes over time and this has an effect on hair health. This is quite an important factor to consider, especially given the fact that hair loss has quite a substantial psychological impact on the afflicted. This can give rise to self-esteem issues and in worst-case scenarios, even depression. To help avoid such outcome, proper hair care, diet and treatment is key.

Here are 20 ways in which you can reduce hair fall.

Style hair gently

When it comes to styling your hair, avoid using curling or straightening irons to get the desired look. Similarly, avoid overly tight braids or elastic bands as these pull on the roots or damage the scalp, leading to hair loss. Ideally, any hairstyle that pulls on the roots should be avoided altogether as it can lead to excessive shedding.

Avoid chemical treatments

Protecting your scalp is the best way to reduce hair loss and this is why it isn’t advisable to go for chemical treatments such as hair colouring or perms. These can cause lasting damage to the hair and scalp as many chemical treatments contain ammonia. When used on hair, this chemical degrades the structural integrity of hair and causes it to become brittle over time.

Eat a protein-rich diet

Hair is essentially protein and so it is important that you supplement it by consuming enough protein in your diet. Failing to do so is said to cause retardation in growth of hair or thinning, both of which are factors of hair loss. Eating a protein-rich diet is an effective way to start hair fall treatment at home. Adding eggs, fish, beans, yoghurt and chicken to your diet is a safe and healthy hair fall solution. Additionally, soy protein can also serve as a viable hair loss cure.

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Consider massaging your head with onion juice

Scientists have found that the sulphur content in onion juice is a potent hair fall treatment you can try. In fact, for those suffering from alopecia areata, a hair loss condition in which hair falls out in patches, onion juice has proven to boost regrowth when used twice a day on the scalp. Additionally, massaging your scalp is among the common hair growth tips and has proven to deliver results.

Incorporate yoga into your fitness routine

When learning how to stop hair fall, consider that one of the top hair fall reasons is stress. This is where stress-relieving activities such as yoga can come in handy, especially when done right. For instance, finding the rhythm with common yoga movements such as the kneeling pose, shoulder stand, fish pose, camel pose, downward facing dog and forward bend has merit in preventing or slowing hair fall.

Get routine hair and scalp massages

Scalp and hair massages are key to maintaining hair health and boosting growth. In fact, it is recommended that you get a weekly scalp massage to stimulate your hair follicles. Moreover, a good massage is also among the many home remedies for hair fall as it doesn’t require special training. Using mineral-rich hair oils also helps in this process. Also, massages help reduce stress, which is another main cause of hair fall.

Cut your damaged hair regularly

In order to fight hair fall and boost hair growth, it is important to trim your hair every 6 to 8 weeks. This is typically the time frame in which you’ll find the tips of your hair exhibiting signs of damage, such as a straw-like texture or in the form of split ends. Getting rid of damaged hair regularly improves hair health tremendously.

Take the right stress-relieving measures

As mentioned earlier, stress is among the main reasons for hair fall. In fact, it is known to disrupt hair growth, cause premature greying and play a key role in the development of other hair problems. This is why it is important that you give enough priority to stress-relieving activities such as exercise, meditation or any other such tools you may have at your disposal to minimise hair loss.

Do not take hot showers regularly

Owing to the fact that hot water is over 37C, which is the temperature of the human body, it can cause serious damage to hair follicles. When in contact with the scalp, it can cause dryness and inflammation. These conditions ultimately lead to hair miniaturisation (thinning), which plays a big role in hair loss. Further, hot showers are known to strip the scalp and hair of oils that protect it from damage. Without this protective oil layer, both the hair and scalp are vulnerable to dust, which in turn cause it to wither and die out. A smart alternative is to use cold water as it invigorates the scalp and improves circulation. This also helps remove waste and improves oxygen delivery to the scalp.

Seek treatment for scalp infections

Seeking medical treatment for hair and scalp infections is vital to reducing hair fall. This is because fungal, viral and bacterial infections like seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis are known to weaken roots and cause a lot of damage to hair follicles. These cause near-instant hair breakage and hair fall, especially if left unchecked.

Air dry your hair

Using heat or vigorously drying your hair with a towel can damage the scalp and hair. If you are used to using heat to dry your hair, remember that this method practically boils the water in your hair and causes the strands to become brittle. Moreover, using the towel with too much force also causes breakage, tangling and pulling, all of which are bad for optimal hair health. The best approach is to let your hair air dry completely, but you can definitely use a tower to gently squeeze excess water out of it without rubbing it.

Wash your hair at least thrice a week

The ideal approach to hair fall control is to keep it clean. This means washing it on a semi-regular basis and while making sure to never overdo it. Here, you must use a gentle cleaner that can remove the dirt, oil and bacteria buildup without drying out the scalp. This way, you clean out clogged follicles and keep your scalp optimally moisturised. It is also important to remember that over washing your hair will strip the scalp of essential oils that help with hair growth. However, if you must wash it regularly, use a mild shampoo as harsher formulas will definitely cause damage.

Consider hot oil treatments

Oil treatments using coconut oil and olive oil are known to improve hair elasticity, reduce hair fall and repair damage. These usually require you to oil your scalp or hair and leave it overnight for the full benefit. This is because it allows you hair to get completely coated and loosens dandruff easily. However, an alternative that works just as well is a hot oil treatment. Here, you simply heat the oil until warm and massage it into your scalp one hour before you rinse it out. Doing this 3 times a week should allow you to enjoy the full benefit as a hair fall solution.

Try the green tea and egg hair treatment

This is a particularly effective hair fall solution as it takes advantage of both green tea and egg. Green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) known to stimulate hair growth and eggs have a high protein content, which is required for hair health. When combined into a liquid, this mixture should be applied as a hair mask, left on the hair for 30 minutes, and then washed off with shampoo.

Get a hair spa treatment

Hair spa treatments can nourish, condition and strengthen hair when done professionally. These typically include all the essentials to proper hair care such as massages, use of protein-rich creams and oils, as well as a healthy cleaning, which rids the scalp of any impurities that may restrict hair growth.

Take the right supplements

Nutrition is an important part of reducing hair fall and this is why it is important to have a well-balanced PCOS diet chart. However, this isn’t always possible but you can take supplements to ensure healthy hair. For instance, some of the more important supplements include vitamin B-complex, vitamin B-6, vitamin C, vitamin E, and Silica. For the ideal dosage, it is best to consult a specialist.

Cut back on smoking

Smoking is a particularly harmful habit when it comes to hair loss. Firstly, in order to produce healthy hair, you need proper blood circulation to the follicles. However, tobacco shrinks blood vessels and restricts this circulation, interrupting hair growth. Secondly, smoking weakens your immune system, which can lead to health problems that cause hair loss. A good example is developing a bacterial or fungal infection on your scalp, which promotes hair loss. Lastly, research has linked pollution to hair thinning, and smoking in closed areas acts as exposure to pollutants.

Get enough sleep

The easiest way to learn how to reduce hair fall is to understand the importance of sleep. Resting enough allows your body to grow hair and improper sleep is a roadblock to this process. It is during sleep that protein synthesis takes place, which is responsible for hair growth. In addition to that, the body produces melatonin which is responsible for increasing hair growth during this time.

Never comb or style wet hair

While combing your hair is important to untangling it and removing dead cells, you should never comb it when it is wet. This is because hair is at its most vulnerable when it is wet and so, it is susceptible to breakage.

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Opt for aromatherapy with essential oils

Studies have found that aromatherapy is an effective hair fall treatment, especially when combined with essential oils. Here, oils made of rosemary, cedarwood, lavender and thyme have proven useful in reducing hair loss when used on a regular basis.

Understanding how to stop hair fall isn’t tricky but is definitely an important part of healthy living. However, in some cases, even the best home remedies for hair fall may not help the problem and it is then that you should consult a specialist to get results.

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Dr. Ashish Bhora

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Ashish Bhora




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