Indoor Yoga Exercises to Help You Stay Fit During Rainy Season

Dr. Vibha Choudhary

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Vibha Choudhary


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Key Takeaways

  • Doing indoor yoga improves your overall health 
  • Practice these easy-to-do yoga poses at home 
  • Rejuvenate yourself with the lotus and fish poses for yoga 

Monsoons are one of the most loved seasons in India. Whether it is sipping a hot cuppa indoors or getting wet in the rain, monsoons have a special place in our hearts. However, rainy weather brings a higher risk of infections like malaria, dengue, and typhoid. This season also makes you feel less active and more sleepy. No, it’s not just you! Research shows that high humidity, cooler climate, and lack of sun have physical and psychological effects that cause this feeling of laziness. This is why it is essential that you build your stamina and keep active by trying out different indoor yoga poses.  

yoga home workout helps rejuvenate your body. It also helps you strengthen your immune system. Doing yoga exercise at home is the most affordable workout you can ask for as all you need is a yoga mat to get started with yoga indoors! Yoga instructors normally advise a 45-minute session to try out different yoga poses at home. To get started with indoor yoga, take a look at these 6 poses that enhance your flexibility and immunity during the monsoon. 

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6 Indoor Yoga Poses to Try This Rainy Season 

Do the lotus yoga pose to strengthen your lower back

Among the different poses for yoga, the one in which you sit in a cross-legged position is the lotus yoga pose. Stretch your legs after sitting down and then place your feet on the opposite thighs. Keep your right foot on the left thigh in an upward facing direction and vice versa. Your back needs to be in a straightened position with your knees touching the floor and feet pulled towards your hips. This indoor yoga pose helps you strengthen your lower back muscles. 

Perform the fish pose to build upper back muscles

Fish pose is a reclining and back-bending pose. It is a must-do in any yoga home workout session. Start this pose by lying straight on your back and then eventually lifting your upper body with the help of your elbows. Now, tilt your head back in such a manner that the top of your head rests on the floor. This results in your back forming a curve. Ensure that your toes point inwards. The fish pose helps to build your upper back muscles and strengthens the neck.

Complete sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) for improved blood circulation

Surya namaskar or sun salutations are more effective when done in the early morning hours. This indoor yoga workout is a combination of 12 different postures that you can complete at a slow, medium, or fast pace. While this improves blood circulation, it also helps your body to function better. It enhances the overall flexibility of the body by toning different body muscles of neck, shoulder, arm, hands, wrist, spine and leg. 

Build lower body muscles with the bridge pose

The bridge pose is an inverted pose formed by bending your back. This pose is effective in building lower body muscles by giving a good stretch to your spine, chest and neck. Not only does this pose improves digestion but is also known to calm the brain. You can do this indoor yoga pose by lying on your back and folding the knees. Keep your feet flat and touching the ground. Now, slowly lift your abdomen above the ground in such a way that your chin tucks into your chest. Hold the bridge pose for 10 seconds and slowly return to the original position.

indoor yoga

Execute the cobra pose to strengthen your spine

Similar to the fish pose, this is a reclining and back-bending yoga pose that helps in reducing stress and fatigue. Start by placing your hands on the mat and then raising your shoulders slowly from the ground. Ensure that you bend your back and waist in a curving shape while you experience a nice stretch on your back. 

Perform the boat pose for better digestion

Don’t miss practicing this yoga exercise at home as it is ideal to tone your muscles. It offers gastric relief too. Start by lying on your back. Then, gradually raise your upper and lower body to form a boat shape. The pose resembles a V shape. It is a challenging pose to master and requires you to balance your hands parallel to the ground. This is why it helps in enhancing muscle strength. 

Doing yoga indoors can help you achieve a healthy body and mind. Don’t forget that trying out yoga exercises at home can be fun too! This also enhances your agility. If needed, join an online class to get expert help in doing these yoga poses at home and prevent injury. If you experience discomfort or need medical advice, you can rely on Bajaj Finserv Health. Here you can book appointments with eminent naturopaths and Ayurveda doctors as well as other specialists in minutes. 

Published on 1 Jul 2021Last updated on 13 Apr 2023

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Dr. Vibha Choudhary

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Vibha Choudhary

, Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT)


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