Oral Psoriasis: 4 Facts You Should Not Neglect!

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December 7th, 2021
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Key Takeaways

  • Oral psoriasis is a painful condition that should be treated without any delay
  • Oral psoriasis can cause inflammation in mouth, cheeks, tongue and gums
  • Antiseptic mouth rinse and topical treatment help cure the psoriasis disease

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disorder that affects both women and men of all ages [1]. Most commonly, it affects the skin on your scalp, knees and elbows, and your nails. Among different psoriasis types, oral psoriasis is less common and often overlooked.

Oral psoriasis causes red inflammation both inside and outside your mouth, your cheeks, tongue, and sometimes gums. The causes of an oral psoriasis disease and its treatments can vary. So, it is vital to understand important facts to manage the disease effectively. Read on to know more about this condition.

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How is oral psoriasis different from other psoriasis types?

In case of scalp psoriasis, treatment includes application of medicated shampoos, lotions and creams. To avoid such skin conditions, you can follow simple tips for healthy skin. This includes using moisturizers, avoiding hot baths, and protecting your skin from the sun. With these skincare tips for men and women, you can protect your skin from psoriasis and other skin issues. However, unlike psoriasis on your skin, oral psoriasis is very rare. It can cause immense discomfort owing to its place of occurrence.

It normally affects the internal area of your mouth, which keeps you from eating properly. You may notice red and white patches on your tongue, also known as lesions. You can get treatment for these as soon as you notice them. Moreover, these patches do not spread fast. This allows you sufficient time to consult a specialist.

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Oral Psoriasis

What are the top facts to keep in mind about this psoriasis disease?

Before you even ask ‘Is psoriasis curable?’, it is important to understand the problem and symptoms of oral psoriasis more closely. Here are a few facts to bear in mind:

  • In 90% of cases, psoriasis disease is categorized by plaque type of scales [2]. In case of oral psoriasis, it may be difficult to predict the symptoms as they range from mild to medium. However, plaque lesions may not occur in every case of oral psoriasis.
  • The sores inside and outside of your cheeks, mouth, and tongue can cause peeling of the skin on the gums. You may even notice blisters with pus and experience pain or a burning sensation, when eating spicy foods.
  • Skin flare-ups and rashes on the skin are also common in cases of oral psoriasis. They appear along with mouth lesions. Psoriasis is likely to show up on your skin immediately after you get it on the oral surfaces. So, its appearance on the skin can signal the problem and you can treat it as a red flag for oral psoriasis. Even if you have mild symptoms, your doctor may advise a skin test or a genetic test as this condition is an auto-immune disorder.
  • Oral psoriasis can affect your lips in many cases, causing inflammation and bleeding [3]. It can further lead to itching and severe discomfort. However, it heals fast as compared to oral psoriasis occurring in the mouth or on the inside cavity of your cheeks.

How to cure oral psoriasis?

Treatment in general is meant to keep the symptoms at bay and stop the recurrence of psoriasis disease. To treat this condition, you can apply antiseptic creams, follow certain home remedies, and take some basic medications. These techniques reduce the aggravation of symptoms and may ease your discomfort.

Doctors usually prescribe steroids to reduce inflammation and itching, and cyclosporine capsules in case of severe symptoms. In addition to this, here are a few simple home remedies you can follow.

  • Rinse your mouth with a mixture of lukewarm water and salt
  • Avoid eating spicy foods when symptoms are present
  • Stop smoking to reduce the symptoms from worsening

Once you are aware of the symptoms of this desease, it is easier to keep an eye on signs that require you to visit a doctor. Do not hesitate to talk to a specialist near you if you notice such symptoms. Book an online appointment or an in-person consult with a dermatologist on Bajaj Finserv Health. This way you can address oral psoriasis before it worsens and maintain your oral health.

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