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The test to identify the SGOT normal range is often advised for people who are at risk of developing liver disease. Doctors can use the SGOT test to determine the levels of this enzyme in the blood and, based on the results, can order other tests to confirm the diagnosis before beginning treatment.

Key Takeaways

  • The test to check SGOT normal range is a straightforward blood test that doesn't require any preparation
  • AST tests are frequently performed by a healthcare professional known as a phlebotomist
  • A physician will also look at other enzymes that can be a symptom of a liver problem to understand the results

If the SGOT normal range rises, a test known as the Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase (SGOT full form)—also referred to as the AST (Aspartate Aminotransferase) is performed to search for liver impairment and issues related to it. The liver is a very important organ in our body and is in charge of carrying out a number of tasks, including producing the bile fluid that aids in digesting. Hepatitis and the use of alcohol or other drugs are only two examples of the many things that can harm the liver. As long as the liver is healthy, the liver produces the AST enzyme, which has a low blood level. The SGOT normal range increases in cases of liver injury. If you suspect liver damage, look for signs like jaundice, a bloated stomach, a stomach ache, itchy skin, dark urine, etc.

Who Performs the AST Test?

Blood samples, including those for the SGOT test, mean the Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) tests are often carried out by a healthcare professional, also known as a phlebotomist, though any healthcare professional who has received training in blood drawing can carry out this task. However, any healthcare professional who has received training in blood drawing can carry out this task. These professionals carry out tests such as the troponin test, the C Peptide test normal range, etc. Then, the samples are delivered to a lab, where a medical laboratory scientist prepares them and does the necessary tests manually or using analysers.

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Purpose of SGOT Test

Because laboratories may employ different testing methodologies to analyse samples, the SGOT test normal range may differ from one another.

AST levels might differ across individuals and still be within normal limits, so there is no precise range for them. In addition, AST levels can vary depending on various factors, including age, gender, weight, and race.

The measurements for AST levels are commonly in units per litre (U/L) or international units per litre (IU/L). The laboratory will normally mention their specific reference range on a test result.

People should review this reference range and talk to their doctor about what their test findings signify to them. To fully comprehend the results of an AST blood test, a doctor will also examine other enzymes that could indicate a liver issue.

SGOT Normal Range Causes

SGOT Normal Range Result

Normal results

AST levels in the blood typically stay low in circumstances of normal health. AST/ SGOT normal range values are [1]:

  • Males: 14-20 units/liter
  • Females: 10-36 units/liter

Although, depending on the standardisation techniques used, the absolute values of AST may vary from one laboratory to another. Higher age groups may have somewhat elevated AST levels compared to the average. Their ratio is crucial when an ALT test is administered with an AST test. The SGOT SGPT normal range in a litre of blood serum is 7 to 56 units [2]. Under ideal circumstances, the AST/ALT ratio is 1.

Abnormal results

What is SGOT meaning? Having a high level of AST/ SGOT means you have one of the following conditions  

Chronic diseases

  • Gallstones
  • Liver Tumour
  • Alcoholism
  • Diabetes
  • Lung and kidney disease
  • Heart disease

Acute conditions

  • Antibiotic and non steroidal anti-inflammatory medication side effects
  • Increased consumption of certain herbal supplements, such as kava, dandelion, and comfrey
  • Hepatitis infection
  • Muscle overuse

An increase in AST/ SGOT normal range alone does not signify liver damage or any other specific organ damage. AST/ALT ratio is therefore seen to be more beneficial. A ratio greater than 1 implies cardiac and muscle injury, as AST/ SGOT normal range levels in certain situations can increase by three to five times the usual. These ratios may also exist in some cases of cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, and infectious hepatitis. Although additional tests would be necessary to identify the type of damage, if the ratio is less than 1, it could suggest some kind of liver injury.

Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) Test Results Indicate

Test results interpretation

On the test report, the AST levels are often expressed in either unit per litre (U/L) or international units per litre (IU/L). The test report should list the laboratory's reference range next to the level discovered in your blood, along with that level.

Since there is no common reference range for AST/ SGOT normal range, it is crucial to carefully examine the range for the specific lab that examined the sample. Because different labs employ different methodologies and since no definitive SGOT normal value has been established through studies, the ranges can vary from lab to lab.

Furthermore, there will only be an SGOT normal range for some. Instead, your age, gender, and other variables that your doctor can consider when interpreting your test findings can affect your AST levels.

Your doctor will frequently examine the levels of other enzymes that are part of a liver profile test and the AST to comprehend the results' relevance. The patterns of normal or abnormal enzymes can provide important hints about the underlying issue.

When cells are harmed, AST levels in the blood may increase. A raised SGOT normal range might indicate diseases like cirrhosis or hepatitis. The doctor may consider how high the AST level is and how it relates to the levels of other liver enzymes to determine the source of an abnormal result.

How are SGOT Tests Conducted?

The SGOT normal range test is easy to complete and is similar to other blood tests. After booking a lab test, a healthcare provider may perform the following actions:

  • Have the person sit down and then tie a stretchy band over the upper arm to increase blood flow there
  • Use an antiseptic wipe to clean the blood draw site
  • Collect a blood sample by inserting a needle into a vein in the arm, which could cause people to feel a slight prick or pain
  • After sufficient blood has been obtained, remove the needle
  • Submit the blood sample to a lab for analysis

It normally just takes a few minutes to complete an AST/ SGOT normal range blood test. An AST test may occasionally be available for individuals to take at home. People will draw blood from the tip of their fingers using an at-home test kit and submit the sample to a lab. Results of an AST blood test may be sent to a person by mail, an app, or an online platform. AST and ALT tests are also included in Thyrocare's Aarogyam A health test checkup package.

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Preparation of SGOT Test

People may need to fast for several hours when having many liver enzyme tests, such as SGPT normal range test.

People might not need to fast or make other preparations if they only get an AST blood test.

It is necessary to inform a doctor if you take any supplements or medications because some of them may affect the levels of liver enzymes.

It may be advantageous to wear short sleeves during the test because a medical practitioner will be drawing blood from the arm. 

Risks of SGOT Test

An AST/ SGOT normal range blood test carries minimal risks, just like any other blood test. Although serious adverse effects are highly uncommon, patients may feel minor bruising or soreness where the blood was drawn.

A medical expert will bandage or apply a Band-Aid to the arm to stop any bleeding. If you had been fasting before the test, you should eat something after it. In the absence of any unusual symptoms, those with an AST blood test are safe to drive and carry on with their regular activities.

SGOT Test Uses

Your doctor may perform an SGOT test to identify liver disease or liver damage. This is because SGOT leaks into the bloodstream due to liver cell injury, increasing the level of this enzyme in your blood.

People who are already known to have illnesses that damage their liver, such as hepatitis C, may take the test to assess the health of their livers.

Your kidneys, muscles, heart, brain, and other organs all contain SGOT, as do other parts of your body. As a result, your SGOT levels may be higher than usual if any of these regions are affected. The levels may increase, for instance, if you have a heart attack or have recently suffered a muscle injury.

An ALT test is a component of the liver profile since SGOT is found throughout your body. The other vital liver enzyme is ALT. It is concentrated most heavily in the liver, unlike SGOT. Therefore, a more accurate indicator of probable liver disease is frequently an ALT test.

An AST blood test, also known as an SGOT normal rangetest, determines the level of AST, a liver enzyme, in the patient's blood. High levels of AST in the blood may indicate damage to the liver or to the cells of other organs like the heart or kidneys.

To learn more about the condition of the liver, doctors may perform additional tests to assess various liver enzymes, such as ALT. You can book online lab test or  Online doctor consultations from professionals available from websites such as Bajaj Finserv Health.

Published on 28 Dec 2022Last updated on 4 Mar 2023
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