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The human body is similar to a machine; even minor damage can affect the whole system. The liver is one of the crucial organs which handles 500 vital functions, including metabolism, controlling blood sugar levels, and storing essential nutrients. Thus, it is easily understandable how a healthy liver paves the way for a healthy life, and liver health is determined by SGPT normal range.     

Key Takeaways

  • A recent study conducted on Asian patients states 19 in female and 30 in male are the SGPT alt normal range
  • The elevated level of SGPT normal value indicates severe disorders like heart damage, kidney disease, and liver damage
  • The symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and breathing problem indicate this condition; hence take proper health test

Before getting into further discussion, let us understand SGPT properly. SGPT, known as Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase, is an enzyme in liver and heart cells. The injury or damage to the liver and heart attack causes excessive spill of this enzyme into the bloodstream & elevates SGPT's normal range. In some instances, medication may also raise the SGPT level. The constant increase in SGPT level may also indicate chronic liver disease. There are also chances that damage may not last for a long time. There are chances of elevated levels getting normal after three months.

The constant rise in the SGPT level indicates the second stage. The damage transfers into the third stage if the SGPT normal range elevates for at least one year. This state is called fibrosis; in the last phase, the liver ultimately gets damaged, and this condition is called cirrhosis. At this period, the SGPT normal value remains the same.

SGPT Normal Range

SGPT normal range is 7 to 56 units per liter of blood serum. The liver blood test is the most common lab test to examine liver injury and its functioning. The widely checked enzyme test includes aspartate aminotransferase (AST or SGOT) and alanine aminotransferase (ALT or SGPT). Like every other disease, there are certain precautions and reasons for this condition too. Stay tuned with us to get a deeper insight on this topic.

Causes Of High SGPT Levels and Symptoms

Every day some new invention is coming into the market to make our life comfortable. It has benefitted us a lot, but at the same time, it has impacted our lifestyle negatively. Today at the speed of one click, all kinds of cuisines are available at our doorstep. There are so many things on the internet that we don't feel like leaving our gadgets even for one second. Everything has become so simple, but this lifestyle has opened the way for many severe disorders. Let us get a closer look at the cause for the hike in SGPT normal value. 

SGPT Normal Range


Drinking excessively creates a hard time for the liver to process. Each time the liver filters alcohol, some of the liver cells get damaged. The liver can develop new cells, but overconsumption of alcohol reduces this ability, and this situation may lead to partial or complete liver damage.  


Patients with uncontrolled diabetes can see higher SGPT levels due to fat accumulation in the liver.  


The overweight may sometimes result in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, where excess fat is deposited in the liver with little or no alcohol consumption. According to expert estimation, 24% of US adults suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, commonly known as NAFLD. In this condition, doctors try to treat obesity problems.  

Heart Attack

According to a study conducted by the reference center for acute liver failure, for a period from 2003 to 2007, among 202 admissions with a primary diagnosis of liver failure, 13 were because of congestive heart failure. 


The inflammatory condition of the liver is called Hepatitis. The particular factors which cause this state are viruses, drugs, and alcohol. Mainly there are three types of Hepatitis, A, B & C. Some signs include fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, and mild fever. 

Hepatitis A

It is a contagious disease that spreads from one person to another through the contamination of food. In most cases, the infection is mild, and it does not cause severe body damage. However, washing hands properly before eating or handling foods is the best practice to reduce Hepatitis A. 

importance of SGPT level infographics

Hepatitis B

As per a source, in 90% of cases, infants get Hepatitis B from chronically infected mothers. Hepatitis B virus has mild symptoms, and most of the time, infection discharges from the body automatically, but there are also chances of transforming into a chronic illness. It may pass from one person to another through unprotected sex, infected needles, or contaminated razors. 

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is mainly transmitted through infected blood. There is also the risk of contamination through the needle, unprotected sex, and injecting illegal drugs. The most precaution to control Hepatitis is personal hygiene and self-care. 

Chronic Hepatitis may slowly damage the liver. Viral Hepatitis is diagnosed through a blood test. The patients diagnosed with viral Hepatitis are advised on personal hygiene and to prevent the virus from passing by not sharing razors, needles, or toothbrushes. 

Some other reasons to elevate SGPT to the normal alt range include Gallbladder inflammation, celiac disease, skin and muscle inflammation, and old age.

Here are a few symptoms to identify a hike in SGPT normal range:

  • Fatigue 
  • Jaundice 
  • Swelling in the leg 
  • Weakness 
  • Nausea & vomiting 
  • Bleeding 

These symptoms are indicators to consult the doctor without delay.

How to Control SGPT Level?

It is natural to panic by knowing the situation, but the good thing is that you can regulate the SGPT level by making slight changes in your lifestyle. Initially, it may look impossible, but consistency and belief can make everything possible. Here are a few healthy practices that may help attain the SGPT normal range. 

Say No to Alcohol

Patients suffering from alcoholic fatty liver disease should avoid the intake of alcohol altogether. Yes, it may be difficult at first, but the continuous infusion of alcohol may ultimately damage liver health. Avoiding alcohol is also advantageous for the heart, sleep, and brain and improves relationships. If you are in the early stage of alcohol addiction and diagnosed with any health disorder, it is always good to talk to a doctor once. 


It is one habit that everyone should follow no matter what. Daily exercise reduces the stress on the liver and enhances our energy. Exercising helps to manage weight, quality of sleep, anxiety, depression, and chronic health conditions. It is not necessary to spend lots of money on exercise equipment or a gym. A simple 30-minute walk and jogging are also proved to be beneficial. People who are at the beginning are advised to take it slow & also you can take advice from experts before starting. 

Hepatitis A Treatment

No special treatment is required for patients suffering from Hepatitis A, but it is essential to stay hydrated and avoid heavy exercise until the doctor's confirmation. 

Hepatitis B Treatment

The treatment aims to control the virus from causing any further damage to the liver. Medications are prescribed by the physician and monitored frequently. No self-medication is recommended. 

Healthy Eating

It is essential to pay attention to our eating habits. If you are more into junk food, then it is high time to avoid it because it may increase your weight, affect your skin and reduce appetite & digestion. Instead, try to include more fruits and vegetables which are high in antioxidants, such as carrot, papaya, spinach, and pomegranate. Include Vitamin D food such as mushrooms, soymilks, apples, oranges, and dairy products, and reduce sodium in your food. If you are taking any supplements, please let your doctor know.  

Health Check-up

This is another step to achieving SGPT normal value. Regular health check-ups as prescribed by the physician should be followed correctly without any misses. In some instances, the symptoms or changes may not be seen, but regular screening is essential to know the proper functioning of the liver. 

Stay Positive

Staying positive can enhance the recovery percentage. Sure it may not sound easy, but it always acts as a miracle.

Additional read: Tips to Keep Your Liver Healthy

Today in our hectic life, we often don't find enough time to take care of ourselves, but what if you can clear all your health-related doubts even without stepping from home? Various online facilities offer Complete Health solutions. You can book your slot and seek expert advice online. In this way, you can have an interpretation-free conversion with your doctor without any chaos or waiting in a long queue, and don't forget to take all the health tests and lab tests as suggested by the doctor. So take the step today for a better tomorrow.

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