Ustrasana Health Benefits: Steps by Step Process and Tips

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Ustrasana is a backbend that energizes your body, benefiting both your physical and mental health. It is a heart-opening yoga pose that adds spinal flexibility and improves your body balance.

Key Takeaways

  • Ustrasana benefits your heart health by increasing blood circulation.
  • Ustrasana enhances your metabolism and protects your internal organs.
  • Ustrasana boosts your energy and improves your mental health.

What is Ustrasana Yoga?

Ustrasana, or the camel pose, is a backbend pose that helps you to stretch body muscles and improve your mood. As the name camel pose goes, your end posture will resemble the back of the camel. Ustrasana is an intermediate-level yoga pose in terms of difficulty. With the regular and correct practice of Ustrasana, you can see long-lasting effects that improve your mental and physical health.The health benefits of practicing Ustrasana are more than you can imagine.

Practicing Ustrasana stretches your internal organs. This pose also increases your flexibility and enhances your performance in daily activities. Read on to know more about the Ustrasana benefits and how to achieve the correct yoga pose.

Ustrasana Benefits

1. Improves Your Body Posture  

Ustrasana's pose focuses on the spine while doing the backbend. The pose strengthens your back and improves the range of motion of your spine. Ustrasana helps to tone the muscles in your back and enhances your body posture. Doing camel pose yoga can tone your abdomen, chest, and leg muscles. Ustrasana benefits your physical fitness by building your core strength.

Ustrasana extends your arms and shoulders and opens up your front portion of the chest. Ustrasana stretches the muscles in your upper and lower body and improves your flexibility. Reducing fat from the arms, stomach, and legs is one of the important Ustrasana benefits [1].

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how to do Ustrasana pose

2. Regulates Blood Circulation 

Ustrasana is a chest opening exercise that stretches the chest muscles and improves blood circulation in your body. This promotes your heart health and enhances your chest cavity [2]. Ustrasana also expands the diaphragm while doing the backbend, which is beneficial for your respiratory system. Ustrasana also increases your lung capacity.

As the pose increases blood circulation in your body, Ustrasana allows for improving the internal organ functions. This enhances all the metabolic systems in your body. 

  • Ustrasana improves spinal health and regulates the nervous system. 
  • The neck stretch stimulates the lymphatic system, which detoxifies your body. 
  • The abdominal stretch improves digestion and treats stomach problems such as constipation and lack of appetite. Ustrasana regulates the salivary gland and helps with proper digestion. 
  • As a chest opening pose, Ustrasana treats respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. 
  • It treats irregular menstruation and stimulates the reproductive system. 
  • Ustrasana benefits the organs of the urinary system by treating disorders of the organs.

3. Increases Your Focus  

Ustrasana enhances the sense of awareness about your surroundings. Practicing the backbend focuses your mind on doing the steps and performing the correct posture. Ustrasana requires your concentration to expand your chest and open the heart. It aligns your legs apart and extends your shoulders and arms back. Ustrasana enhances your consciousness about your body.

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4. Boosts Your Energy 

One of the important effects of doing Ustrasana is improving blood circulation in your body. This helps with better metabolism that energizes your body [1]. Ustrasana stimulates the nervous system and leaves a calming effect, and relaxes your nerves.  

Ustrasana also benefits the spine, revitalizing your brain. It increases your stamina and makes you feel active. Ustrasana stimulates your mind activity that boosts your performance, which improves creativity and builds a healthier mindset.

5. Balances Your Emotions 

Ustrasana promotes two main chakras in your body. Stretching the chest activates the heart chakra. This chakra is the energy center of your body that stimulates emotions for universal love. The neck bend while performing Ustrasan stimulates the throat chakra, which drives the sense of clarity in your mind. This helps you improve your communication skills and determination. Ustrasana also helps to cleanse your emotional difficulties, improving your mental health.

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Steps to do Ustrasana Yoga

Ustrasana is one of the poses practiced in Ashtanga yoga. It comes under spring yoga poses for beginners to increase their flexibility. Here are the steps for doing the Ustrasana pose.

  • Start performing Ustrasana by standing straight and bending both of your knees to keep your leg-hip width apart, having your toes flat on the ground.  
  • Align your hips with your knees and inhale while stretching your pelvis towards your knees. 
  • Breathe again and lift your chest forward and broaden your shoulders. Extend your elbows back and expand your rib cage.  
  • Keep your chest upward and tighten your core to bend your upper body backward. 
  • Place your hands on the heels, keeping your fingers over the soles of your feet.  
  • Continue breathing and lift your chest, stretching your upper body. 
  • Lift your shoulders to cushion your cervical spine and extend your neck backward.  
  • Hold the pose for 30 seconds, preferably, and slowly release the Ustrasana pose by bringing your head forward and hands on your hips. You may use your hands to support your back while getting back on your knees.
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Tips For Ustrasana Yoga

There are a number of variations of Ustrasana that can help you build your confidence and practice with more ease. This can help you find a routine and variation that is safe for your body and avoid any injuries resulting from the improper and incorrect practice of Ustrasana.

To avoid such situations, consult a yoga specialist in your vicinity. You can get an online doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health with the top practitioners. They can guide you to include the Ustrasana pose in your daily routine or help you understand the importance of spring yoga poses. Do this yoga practice at your convenience and enjoy a healthier lifestyle ahead!

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Dr. Vibha Choudhary

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Vibha Choudhary

, Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT)


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