What is Vitiligo Disease: Treatment, Causes and Home Remedies

What is Vitiligo Disease: Treatment, Causes and Home Remedies

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May 11, 20224 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Vitiligo skin disease is a common condition with patchy discoloration
  • Genetic factors and autoimmune disorder are some of the vitiligo causes
  • Vitiligo treatment doesn’t guarantee a cure but helps manage symptoms

Vitiligo skin disease affects up to 2% of the world’s people, and while it is known to affect all races and genders, research shows that it may have a slightly higher occurrence in women [1]. The skin condition vitiligo basically leeches skin color, so you may see patches of depigmented skin all over the body that stand out against your normal skin color. 

While doctors cannot fully eliminate vitiligo disease, there are surgeries and medicinal options to help minimize its appearance. While it is not compulsory to get vitiligo treatment, you may opt for it for aesthetic reasons. Read on to understand the vitiligo skin condition better and know your options for vitiligo treatment. 

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Vitiligo causes

While research is still underway about vitiligo causes, scientists believe that a variety of factors have a role to play. These include certain genes that may cause this skin disease to be inherited as well as health conditions that weaken immunity. The latter may affect the melanin pigment of the melanocyte cell that gives skin its color. 

Similarly, there may be certain disorders in the nervous system that trigger the release of materials causing these cells damage, or these cells themselves may terminate due to internal flaws. Usually, people who have autoimmune diseases like alopecia areata or psoriasis have higher chances of getting vitiligo. That being said, even sunburn, skin injury that causes trauma, or other factors in the environment can be vitiligo causes. 

vitiligo on face

Common symptoms of vitiligo disease and risk factors that accompany them

Major signs of vitiligo include the following:

  • Discolored spots on the skin, which can also include your eyes and the mucous membranes of your nose or mouth 
  • Discolored spots on your head, hair, and face that turn white prematurely

Vitiligo disease may lead to the following:

  • Extra sensitivity to sunlight, so the affected skin area may burn instead of getting tanned
  • Abnormalities or sensitivities in retinas or color variations in irises, but vision is usually not affected
  • Other autoimmune diseases
  • Mental health problems due to embarrassment or feeling different 
Home remedies for Vitiligo Disease

Vitiligo treatment 

All treatments for this skin disease seek to hide the patchy color or reduce the skin color contrast. Here are the common therapies for vitiligo treatment:

Camouflage therapy 

Camouflage may hide vitiligo either permanently or temporarily by using cosmetics such as liquid dyes, foundations, self-tanning solutions, or even micro pigmentation, also known as medical tattooing.  

UV therapy

This kind of phototherapy requires multiple sessions for several months to eliminate or slow down vitiligo. This treatment is best for those whose necks, legs, and arms display vitiligo. 

Surgical options 

There are various kinds of cosmetic surgery options, such as skin grafting, blister grafting, or repigmentation via cellular transplant. Make sure to consult your doctor and discuss what measures will work best for you. 

Vitiligo on body


Corticosteroid creams, as well as creams that impact the immune system, may be used to restore skin color. These may cause side effects, so use them only when your dermatologist prescribes them to you. 


This vitiligo treatment lightens your overall skin so that it matches the discolored areas. This may take up to 9 months and may cause irritation, dryness, and other side effects. 

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While you don’t usually develop serious complications due to vitiligo disease, it may affect your vision and hearing and make you more prone to sunburn. So, be careful of your overall health and make sure you treat your mental health too. It is common for those looking for vitiligo treatment to also feel stress and social stigma. Counseling can help you get your confidence back and break this cycle. 

For the best suggestions regarding vitiligo treatment, you can consult an online dermatologist near you on Bajaj Finserv Health. Apart from vitiligo, you can get guidance for a range of skin conditions like chicken pox, dermopathy caused by Graves’ disease, or something as simple as moles treatment. This way, you can address any issues that affect your skin and ensure your health is on track!

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