World Asthma Day: 10 Interesting Facts About Asthma


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Key Takeaways

  • World Asthma Day was first celebrated in the year 1998
  • World Asthma Day 2022 is going to be celebrated on May 3
  • ‘Closing gaps in asthma care’ is the World Asthma Day 2022 theme

World Asthma Day is celebrated on the first Tuesday of May each year. World Asthma Day 2022 is going to be celebrated on May 3 in collaboration with asthma educators and healthcare groups throughout the world. This day focuses on bringing to light the health issues, symptoms, and treatment measures for asthma. In India, it is also called Asthma Divas.

Asthma is a respiratory condition that causes your airways to narrow down and swell. It also leads to the production of extra mucus, which makes your breathing restricted and difficult. It can trigger coughing and produce a high-pitch sound when you breathe out, just like whistling [1]. Asthma is to some extent tolerable for most people, but for some, it interferes with normal life, and an asthma attack can be life-threatening for such people. This condition is not curable, but it is possible to manage symptoms of asthma

As asthma conditions change from time to time, it is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms and keep a constant check on your health. Read on to learn about the history of World Asthma Day and other interesting facts about asthma.

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History of World Asthma Day

The first World Asthma Day was held in 1998 by the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA). It was celebrated in more than 35 countries in conjunction with the first Asthma Day meeting held in Spain. Participation in the World Asthma Day activities has increased significantly since then. 

Symptoms of Asthma

World Asthma Day 2022 theme

GINA is a medical guidelines organization that works with healthcare professionals and public health officials globally. It aims to reduce the prevalence, morbidity, and mortality of asthma. During World Asthma Day 2022, GINA’s theme is ‘Closing Gaps in Asthma Care.’ This theme was chosen because, at present, there are various gaps in asthma care offered by the health care providers which need to be addressed. The goal of this observation is to reduce the suffering of people with this condition, as well as its treatment expenses. 

Current gaps in the asthma care include:

  • Asthma knowledge and awareness amongst people
  • Equality in access to treatment and diagnosis
  • Setting up an order of priority between asthma and other long-term conditions
  • Coordination between the primary, secondary, and tertiary care interface 
  • Prescribing inhalers and checking whether patients are using them in the right way
  • The disparity between the scientific evidence and actual delivery of care for those suffering from asthma [2]

World Asthma Day - 5

Interesting facts to know on World Asthma Day 

  • Asthma is a chronic inflammation of your lung airways. 
  • This condition is often obtained through heredity means. 
  • Asthma is one of the most common chronic illnesses in children. 
  • The disease may disappear and return, or the conditions keep changing. 
  • Living in polluted places makes you more prone to asthma.
  • Those working in factories and regularly breathing in dust and chemicals have high chances of getting asthma.
  • Smoking plays a major role in getting asthma.
  • Common things that can trigger an asthma attack include mold, pollen from grass, trees, and flowers, and foods such as eggs, peanuts, and fish.
  • You can take allergy shots to control your asthma attacks. 
  • Rescue inhalers help manage the symptoms of asthma and solve your short-term problem, but not the root problem.
  • Dietary supplements have very little effect on the treatment of asthma as per studies to date. 
  • Exercise can be beneficial if you are suffering from asthma, but make sure you consult your doctor for suitable workouts or asanas. 
  • Asthma originates from the Greek word ‘again,’ which means ‘breathe hard.’
  • Women are more likely to have asthma than men [3]
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To lead a healthy life, it is important to be aware of common health hazards like asthma. By observing World Asthma Day, World Environment Day on June 5, World Yoga Day on June 21, and more, you can play your part in protecting the earth as well as keeping healthcare issues at bay. For example, learning breathing techniques in yoga can help you with asthma and other health conditions.

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