World Multiple Sclerosis Day: 4 Things to Know This MS Day


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Key Takeaways

  • Every year, World Multiple Sclerosis Day is celebrated on 30th May
  • World Multiple Sclerosis Day theme is #MSConnections
  • On World MS Day, celebrate by helping people with MS feel connected

Established in 2009 by the members of the MS International Federation (MSIF), World Multiple Sclerosis Day aims to raise awareness about MS and the hardships faced by nearly 2.8 million people worldwide [1]. Along with raising awareness, World MS Day also aims to connect with people living with MS and provide support.

World MS Day is globally observed on 30th May every year. Each year, the campaigns and events focus on different themes in alignment with the main objective of the day. These campaigns and events take place not just on the day but throughout the month of May. Read on to know more about MS and World MS Day.

What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)? 

MS is an autoimmune condition that attacks myelin, which in turn affects your brain and the central nervous system. Myelin is a protective sheath that covers your nerve fibers. It can cause disability as the damage to nerve fibers can lead to miscommunication between your brain and the body. Currently, MS is three times more prevalent in women than in men [2]. 

The diagnosis of MS can be difficult as there are multiple conditions that can have similar symptoms. Moreover, no single test can give an accurate diagnosis for MS, and as a result, your doctor may order various tests for your symptoms. Your doctor may order an MRI to detect lesions in your spine or brain, a blood test, and a lumbar puncture in some cases. Apart from this, your doctor may recommend that you visit a neurologist who may perform tests to check your nerve functions.

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The symptoms of MS may vary for each and also depend on the progression of the condition. Some symptoms of MS include: 

  • Weakness and spasms in the muscles 
  • Numbness or tingling sensation 
  • Tiredness 
  • Problems in visions such as blurriness or pain 
  • Imbalance or loss of coordination

The above is not a complete list of MS symptoms. If you notice any signs of health conditions, talk to your doctor immediately.

Currently, MS has no cure, but proper medications and lifestyle changes can help avoid flare-ups and complications. A healthy diet, an active lifestyle, stress management, and giving up unhealthy habits. On World MS Day, you can make people aware of MS and take measures to lead a healthier lifestyle.

World Multiple Sclerosis Day Theme for 2022 

On World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2022, the theme is connection. With the hashtag #MSConnections and the tagline ‘I Connect, We Connect,’ the focus of this year’s campaign is to challenge the barriers that cause the feeling of isolation and alienation among the people living with MS.

From 2020 to 2023, the focus of World MS Day was and is on connections to help people with MS feel more connected to society. In 2019, the focus was on visibility, with #MyInvisibleMS as the hashtag and tagline. In 2018, the campaign on World MS Day focused on bringing the researchers of MS and the people with MS closer to each other. #BringingUsCloser was the hashtag and the name of the campaign. In the year 2017, the campaign’s focus was on the life of the people with MS. That year’s focus also gave people with MS a chance to shed light and advocate for better care. The theme was #LifeWithMS.

World Multiple Sclerosis Day -50

Objective of World Multiple Sclerosis Day 

Apart from World Multiple Sclerosis Day, MS Awareness Month and MS Awareness Week are also observed for the same goals as World MS Day. Awareness Month is annually observed in the month of March. MS Awareness Week, on the other hand, is observed on different weeks each year. For the year 2022, MS Awareness Week falls almost a week before World MS Day. The official week for MS Awareness Week is the third week of March, i.e., 13-19 March.

Celebrate World MS Day

In line with the World Multiple Sclerosis Day theme, you can celebrate the day with various campaign angles. Some of the things you can focus on this World MS Day are: 

  • Break the stigma and barriers around MS to help people with MS feel included 
  • Form communities that can provide essential help to people living with MS 
  • Advertise the ways in which people with MS can take better care of themselves 
  • Promote the importance of self-care for people with MS and for those who provide them support and care

Now that you know more about the World MS Day meaning, participate in campaigns and events happening in your locality. You can start by making people aware of MS and the importance of healthy living. You can do your part for a healthy community by knowing more about other important days. These days include World Population Day, World Red Cross Day, World Liver Day, World Health Day, International Yoga Day, and others.

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Since change begins at home, you should ensure that your health is a priority. Keep an eye on any signs that your body may present and go for regular health checkups. Book an in-clinic or a virtual consult on Bajaj Finserv Health. Talk with experienced doctors who can guide you on how to take care of your health better. You can book from a wide range of pocket-friendly test packages to keep yourself informed. This World MS Day, get involved and take the necessary measures to keep your brain and physical health in the best shape.

Published on 24 May 2022Last updated on 13 Apr 2023

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