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Create Ayushman Bharat Health Account - ABHA Health ID Card

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ABHA (Health ID) card is used to link all your health records digitally. Create your ABHA card now using mobile number in less than 30 seconds.

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Know the benefits of creating ABHA (Health ID Card)?

Who can apply

Anyone who is a valid citizen of India can participate and create their ABHA Health ID. Anyone can safely link their medical records with the ID which can then be accessed by healthcare providers.


What is it

The digital health ID is a unique 14-digit number used for verifying individuals and helping them access and share their medical records with different stakeholders.


How to apply

The health ID is created simply by using an individual’s basic details and Aadhaar card or mobile number. Post this, the cardholders can link all their health records digitally.


How does it work

The cardholder can interact and share their medical records with verified healthcare professionals and receive prescriptions, lab test reports, and diagnoses.


Why you need ABHA card

An ABHA ID is a must now for all as people can easily store their healthcare records online in the PHR app. The ABHA ID or the Health ID is a combination of the PHR Address, APP, Health Locker and the ABHA Number. With this Health ID card, individuals can voluntarily link their medical and health records, and give access to this information across multiple health service providers with consent. Creating an ABHA ID is the first step towards building the digital healthcare ecosystem in the country.

There are multiple reasons as to why you must have an ABHA address and an ABHA number linked to your Aadhar card. With your ABHA address and ABHA number you help create:


A unique and trustworthy identity for healthcare providers


You get unified health benefits


Hassle-free access to healthcare services & providers


How does it work

How to create ABHA Health ID


How to create your ABHA address using your Mobile Number?

It’s simple really! Just follow the below steps

Step 1 :

Enter your registered mobile number on the Bajaj Health App

Step 2 :

Verify the OTP and fill the basic details

Step 3 :

Choose your ABHA Address

Your ABHA card with your ABHA address will be generated!


How to create your ABHA address using your Aadhaar Number?

It’s simple really! Just follow the below steps

Step 1 :

Enter your Aadhar number on the Bajaj Health App

Step 2 :

Verify OTP received on your Aadhar linked mobile number

Step 3 :

Fill in your Basic details and choose your ABHA Address

Your ABHA card with your ABHA address will be generated!


How to give medical history access to your healthcare provider?

Step 1 : If you already have an ABHA card, go to My ABHA on the hamburger menu on the Bajaj Finserv Health app

Step 2 : Click on Get Medical Records

Step 3 : Enter your health provider’s name (clinic name, hospital name or doctor name) in the search bar

Step 4 : You can now see the number of documents shared by the healthcare provider

Step 5 : Download this file by clicking on it

Step 6 : You can view this file or share it with other healthcare providers


How to give medical history access to your healthcare provider?

Once you are at the doctor, and if he/she is ABDM compliant and ABHA-compliant, you can:

Step 1

Share your ABHA address with them

Step 2

They will trigger a consent request – to allow them to view your medical records

Step 3

You will receive the request on your phone

Step 4

Accept & confirm the consent request

Step 5

Enter the consent PIN

Step 6

Now the doctor has consent to view your record

Who can create ABHA Health ID?

As a citizen of India, anyone and everyone can create an ABHA address and ABHA number.


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Health Professional Sign Up

Frequently Asked Questions

ABHA card makes it easy to maintain personal health records (PHR) and ensures better monitoring of progress. It allows sharing of health records through a consent pin which simplifies communication between patients and healthcare professionals. It provides improved security and encryption mechanisms with easy opt-in and opt-out features.

Ayushman Bharat Health Account number is a 14-digit number used for your identification in India's digital healthcare ecosystem to establish a simple exchange between healthcare professionals and patients across the country.

ABHA address (also known as Personal Health Records Address or PHR Address) is a declared username that is required to sign in to the Health Information Exchange & Consent Manager (HIE-CM).

You can use your ABHA number to seamlessly sign up for a ABHA address, and ensure that the health records created for you are shared only with you. To enable health data sharing, it is recommended that you create ABDM ABHA address and link it with your ABHA number.

No, creating your ABHA is not mandatory. You can also deactivate or delete it whenever you wish to.

Yes, ABHA or Health ID can be created for children as well