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Key Takeaways

  • ABHA card benefits include consent, easy access to records, and security
  • Digital health abha card was launched under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission
  • Abha card can be generated with Aadhar card, driving license or mobile number

With the world turning digital, the Central Government of India is taking measures to digitize the healthcare system too. To achieve this, the GoI launched Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM). ABDM or National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) was first piloted in 6 Union Territories for one year [1]. It aims to provide the necessary backbone for the integrated digital health infrastructure. It also extends support to Universal Health Coverage in a safe and efficient manner. This initiative offers facilities like storing or accessing medical records and digital consultation. 

Under ABDM, the Central GoI launched ABHA Card previously known as Digital Health Card. With the help of ABHA card, you can digitally store your medical history in a secure manner. Read on to understand what is ABHA card benefits, and the application process. ABHA card full form is Ayushman Bharat Health Account. 

What is ABHA Card?

ABHA card or NDHM card was launched under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. It is a randomly generated 14-digit unique ABHA Address (Health ID) card. ABHA health card helps you access and share your health records in a hassle-free manner. It also allows you to consult with verified healthcare professionals and service providers.

Functions of NDHM health card are as follows:

  • To provide health services and doctor information through mobile app 
  • To store medical treatment details and medical reports digitally
  • To grant access of medical records to doctors with your consent
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Abha Card Benefits:

ABHA card benefits include the following:

1. Digitized Health Records

You can access, track, and share your health records in a paperless manner with your Ayushman Bharat Registration.

2. Access to Doctors

You can have access to verified and qualified health care professionals in a safe manner & also you will get the doctor consultation

3. Personal Health Records

With your digital ABHA Address (Health ID) card, you can link your personal health records. This will help you generate a long-term medical history.

4. Consent

Doctors or other health professionals can see your data only after you grant consent. You also have the option to revoke your consent. This is one of the key digital ABHA card benefits.

5. Security

Strong encryption and security are the base of this digital platform. You also have control over who can and cannot access your health records.

6. Easy Sign Up

To generate your NDHM card you will only need your basic details and Aadhar card number or driving license number [2]. Alternatively, you can also register with your mobile number. 

7. Voluntary Activation and De-activation

Health ID card is not a compulsion. You can generate it at your will and comfort. You can also opt-out and erase your data from your ABHA Address (Health ID) card with ease.

8. Add a Nominee

You will be able to add a nominee to your Ayushman Bharat Health Accounts (ABHA). This functionality is also still under development and will be available soon.

9. Child ABHA

You can create an ABHA health card for your child. This will allow you to maintain health records right from birth. This benefit is still under development and will be launched soon.

benefits of digital health card infographics

ABHA Card ID Creation

Abha card registration can be done in 3 different ways

  • On the website
  • In the mobile app for NDHM health records
  • Inside health facilities like hospitals, community health centers, or wellness and health centers

ABHA Card Registration From Aadhar Card:

For generating your digital health card online, apply on the official website. If you are registering via your Aadhar card, follow these steps.

  • Visit the official website and select ‘Generate ID’
  • Choose ‘Generate via Aadhar’ and enter your Aadhar number. Submit after putting in your number
  • You will receive a One Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number. Put that number in the required space
  • Enter your personal and basic details. Select a username and password to generate your account 
  • With new id and password, login to your account. After logging in give your address details
  • Ayushman Card Download and save for future use

ABHA Card Registration From Website:

If you are using your driving license, you will need to visit a nearby registered facility to get your digital ABHA Address (Health ID) card. Before visiting the facility, you will need to generate an ID from the official website. The steps for that are

  • Visit the official website and select ‘Generate ID’
  • Select ‘Generate ID via Driving License’ and fill in the details on the pop-up window
  • Click submit and note your enrolment number
  • Visit your nearby registered facility to get your NDHM card

ABHA Card Registration From Mobile Number:

If you do not want to use your Aadhar or driving license or don’t have them, you can use your mobile number. The steps to generate your ID with mobile number are

  • Visit the website and select ‘Generate ID’
  • Click on ‘Click here’ under ‘I don’t have any IDs/I don’t want to use my IDs for creating ABHA’
  • Enter your mobile number to generate OTP. Submit OTP once received
  • Enter your personal data and select a username and password
  • Login to the account with the new ID and password. Submit your address details
  • Download and save your digital ABHA Address (Health ID) card for future use
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While applying for Ayushman Bharat Yojana or NDHM ABHA Address (Health ID) card, make sure you have all the required documents with you. With digital health card, it is important to have adequate health insurance too. Besides insuring your health, a health insurance plan can protect your finances as well. Check out the Aarogya Care policies available on Bajaj Finserv Health. Along with adequate insurance cover, you also get a digital vault feature. This will also allow you to store your medical reports online and access them anywhere. 

Published on 4 Mar 2022Last updated on 25 Jan 2023

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