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Best Oncologists in Ahmedabad

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FAQs about oncologist in ahmedabad

Oncologist in Ahmedabad

The branch of medicine dedicated to the study, diagnosis, management, research and treatment of cancer is called oncology. Since cancer treatments entail specialised medical procedures, a team of experts is required for the same. Physicians involved in this are known as oncologists.
An oncologist in Ahmedabad is a trained practitioner who can assess those who have or are suspected of having cancer. Such specialists are qualified to offer a cure for varied cancers that can prevail in different parts of the body. The first and foremost responsibility of this doctor is to examine pathology reports and develop a treatment plan. The course of treatment is customised based on the type of cancer, extent of the disease in a specific part of the body, and susceptibility to further deterioration.
Surgical, radiation and medical are the three chief specialties under oncology, with several sub-specialties. A patient may be referred to oncologists with different specialisations as most cancers are treated by a range of therapies.

Responsibilities of an oncologist in Ahmedabad

An oncologist in Ahmedabad focuses on cancer treatment as a whole, undertaking the following duties:
  • Providing the best healthcare options to keep the patient at ease
  • Doing a detailed discussion of the procedure, including the stage of cancer
  • Suggesting treatment options specific to the cause
  • Enabling the patient to handle symptoms and side effects comfortably
  • Ensuring consistent follow-ups post the treatment

There are diverse specialisations under cancer, and an individual will be referred to different specialists depending on the location, stage and type of cancer. Take a look at the three main specialisations below.

Medical oncologist

 This doctor is the main healthcare provider for a cancer patient and assesses the progress at each stage. Moreover, this oncologist recommends the target therapy, chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy for treating cancer. Such specialists work in tandem with other medical specialties to achieve optimum results. A medical oncologist also needs to ensure the patient follows through with check-ups after the treatment.

Surgical oncologist

 A surgical oncologist focuses on the surgery of cancerous tumours. This oncologist is primarily a general surgeon who has undergone additional specialisation in oncology and similar surgical techniques and biopsy procedures to help in detecting cancer.

Radiation oncologist


Such doctors offer radiation therapy for cancer treatment. The procedure entails the use of high-energy x-rays to destroy cancerous cells. Sometimes it is nearly impossible to completely eradicate cancer cells. In such cases, this oncologist uses radiation to decrease or slow down the tumour and mitigate its effects on adjacent tissues. This is also known as palliative therapy.


At times, brachytherapy is also used for treating cancer. Under this therapy, radioactive sources are entrenched directly into or next to the tumour. Based on the cancer type, such sources may either be entrenched permanently or extracted after the completion of every session.

Being referred to an oncologist in Ahmedabad

A patient will be referred to an oncologist if the general physician believes the symptoms are of cancer following the use of different diagnostic procedures and tests. MRI, CT scans and blood tests are used to determine this. If the tests indicate signs of cancer, then the specialist will offer consultation and treatment options.

Types of cancer treated by oncologists in Ahmedabad

There are several sub-classifications under cancer care offered by oncologists. Some of them are mentioned below.
Paediatric oncologist: The doctor is mainly engaged in cancer treatment among children such as leukaemia, osteosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma or brain tumours.
Gynaecologic oncologist: Under this specialty, the oncologist provides remedies for cancers related to the female reproductive system including cervical cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer, among others.
Neuro-oncologist: The specialist doctor is committed to the diagnosis and management of cancers in the spine, peripheral nerves or brain.
Haematologist-oncologist: These oncologists assess and treat blood cancers such as multiple myeloma, leukaemia and lymphoma.

Recommended tests for detecting cancer

The oncologist will first conduct a physical examination to locate the presence of any abnormalities signifying cancer. The doctor may also suggest advanced imaging and blood tests to accurately understand the issue at hand. The type of tests used include ultrasound, CT scan, MRI, urine and blood tests. Moreover, one or more biopsies may be undertaken to detect cancer cells in tissues.

Consultation charges for the best oncologist in Ahmedabad

For a basic consultation with an oncologist in Ahmedabad, the charges are anywhere between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,500 excluding the cost of tests.

Role of an orthopaedic oncologist

For bone cancer-related issues, patients will normally consult with several doctors for tests, diagnosis and/or surgeries and treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Bone cancer, an uncommon disease that can upset any bone in the body, accounts for less than 2% of all cancers. An ortho oncologist in Ahmedabad is the right specialist to visit for the management and cure of initial, benign and malignant tumours in the bones.

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