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276 Ophthalmologists available in Bangalore


276 Ophthalmologists available in Bangalore

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Ophthalmology is a medical branch dealing with the eye. Such practitioners study and practice the diagnosis and treatment off eye diseases. Moreover, an ophthalmologist in Bangalore receives significant training to conduct surgeries as well. An eye specialist in Bangalore can give suggestions for eyeglasses or contact lenses as well. While deciding to get your eyes tested, it is important to contact the correct professional who can address your concerns. In an eye care team, each member has an important role to play.

A medical doctor is referred to as an ophthalmologist when he or she primarily caters to eye or vision care needs. Compared to the additional sub-specialties under eye care, ophthalmologists are experienced in assessing and curing almost all types of eye diseases and similar illnesses. An eye specialist in Bangalore is also called an osteopathic or medical doctor. Several times, patients are confused about whom to approach for eye health. An easy way to distinguish the providers is by considering the levels of training and expertise they have. Take a look at the table below to understand this in-depth.

Though interconnected, they all have different roles and responsibilities.

Profession Role
Optometrist This professional can undertake eye examination and prescribe remedial lenses. An optometrist can also assess acute eye-related diseases such as glaucoma. Similar to ophthalmologists, optometrists can conduct vision and eye care procedures.
Ophthalmologist Ophthalmologists specialise in eye and vision care. However, they are far more superior in the level of training, diagnosis and treatments. Moreover, an ophthalmologist can recommend appropriate eyeglasses and contact lenses for reducing vision issues. The best eye doctor in Bangalore is also engaged in scientific research on the causes and cures for eye and vision disorders.
Optician The technician can design, verify and fixlenses and frames for eye glasses,contact lensesand other devices. An optician works on the basis of prescriptions given by ophthalmologists or optometrists. The professional is not permitted to test vision, prescribe alternatives for visual correction, or diagnose or treat eye diseases.

Eyes are one of the most delicate and valuable organs in a physical body. Any type of injury—be it minor or major—can cause excruciating pain. Moreover, there is the risk of visual impairment due to careless behaviour or trauma. Hence, it is important to be careful with your eyes and go for regular check-ups with an ophthalmologist in Bangalore.
There are numerous signs that necessitate medical intervention. When you identify any irregularity in the eyes, it is best to immediately contact a practitioner. The best eye specialist in Bangalore has substantial knowledge with regards to eye problems and can effectively assess and cure the problem.

Some of the specific eye-related ailments that ophthalmologists can treat are mentioned below.
Crossed eyes: This condition normally occurs in children. An ophthalmologist in Bangalore can conduct an examination and recommend appropriate treatments, which vary based on a child’s overall health, medical history, cause, age and extent of the damage. The usual remedies are eye drops, surgery, eyeglasses, eye patch, etc.
Cataract: It develops as an individual ages or has an injury to the eye tissue that constitutes the eye lens. Sometimes, hereditary genetic disorders that lead to other health issues can also enhance the risk of cataract. For diagnosing this condition, an eye specialist in Bangalore will conduct a retinal exam, a visual acuity test, and a slit-lamp exam, among others. If cataract is detected certain steps will be recommended like placing an artificial lens.
Diabetes: This lifestyle disease can frequently cause eye issues. In fact, a cataract can also occur due to diabetes. Experts in ophthalmology can recognise if a person is diabetic by looking at the changes in the retina. Those who have diabetes are required to do regular eye check-ups at least once a year to ensure timely treatment right at the onset.
Glaucoma: An ophthalmologist is qualified to medically treat this condition. In glaucoma, the eye’s optic nerve is injured or there are blocked blood vessels or inflammation. Although the impairment is permanent and cannot be overturned, further weakening can be reduced with treatment. The normal procedures used are laser surgeries and medication.

Excessive tearing: Sensitivity to sunlight, temperature change, and wind can lead to the accumulation of tears in the eyes. Extreme water from the eyes can lead to blocked tear duct or an eye infection that needs to be treated at the earliest by an ophthalmologist in Bangalore.
Uveitis: It is commonly used to refer a cluster of diseases that lead to swelling in the uvea, the middle layer of an eye containing maximum blood vessels. Uveitis can occur irrespective of age, height, and gender. The condition can harm the eye tissue and, at times, result in eye loss. Redness in the eye, pain, blurred vision, and light sensitivity are some of the symptoms associated with uveitis.
Eyelid issues: Itching, tearing, pain and sensitivity are some common indications of a problem with the eyelids. The remedies for this condition include cleaning, surgery, and/or medication.

Surgery is the sole option for eliminating cataract. A visit to the best eye surgeon in Bangalore helps to replace the eye’s natural cloudy lens with an artificial lens to solve the problem. A patient’s complete recovery is expected to take about eight weeks after the surgery.

An ophthalmologist can conduct LASIK surgeries with the requisite certification from authorities. However, some doctors do not recommend the same due to the possible side effects. The surgery is projected to cost around Rs.10,000 to Rs.1,00,000 and more.

The fee varies depending on expertise and number of years the doctor has conducted her or his practice. On an average, the charge is Rs.1,000 to Rs.1,500 for a basic diagnosis.

A number of eye-related symptoms or abnormalities require a consultation with the best eye doctor in Bangalore. Whether you’re seeking consultation for a chronic eye disease or going for a regular check-up, a quick way to find relevant doctors is to use the Bajaj Finserv Health App. This unique, easy-to-use digital tool is loaded with telemedicine features that enables you to easily access and avail healthcare services.
Among its key features is the smart doctor search functionality that you can use to locate an eye specialist in Bangalore on your smartphone. You can also tweak the search for proximity and experience and find an ophthalmologist who is ideal for you. Another noteworthy perk is that you can use the app to consult with doctors virtually from the comfort of your home. View the list of ophthalmologists here and gain access to all these benefits and more. Get started and download the app for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store at the earliest.


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