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Nephrologists available in Chennai

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Nephrologists are basically kidney doctors who treat any disorders related to the kidneys. The kidne

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Ms. Kritika Bakshi

I am a 44 year old mother of three and started noticing that my urine is not yellow, but dark brown. This caused me a lot of nervousness and concern. I then contacted an expert nephrologist about my condition. He recommended me some tests and advised me some serious lifestyle changes. This has enormously helped me! Thank you Bajaj Finserv Health!


The role of kidneys in the human body is very important. These organs are engaged in essential functions like sustaining the balance of electrolytes and minerals such as calcium, sodium and potassium. Moreover, kidneys have the primary responsibility of maintaining blood pressure as well as discarding waste and toxins from your body. Kidneys also help in retaining the pH balance in blood.
The failure of kidneys to perform functions satisfactorily can lead to severe complications or even turn fatal. With timely interventions by specialists, most conditions can be treated effectively and also lead to full recovery for patients. Generally, a family physician may refer you to the best nephrologist in Chennai if there are signs of any anomalies. To know more about when to visit a nephrology clinic and how to find the right specialist, such as a paediatric nephrologist in Chennai, with ease, read on.

Kidney specialists undergo specific training in the branch of medicine called nephrology. A nephrologist is involved in prescribing internal medication and undertake surgeries for kidney care. While a general practitioner can offer treatment for basic kidney conditions, acute disorders or renal failure cases are referred to a specialised doctor such as a nephrologist. When it comes to treating kidney issues in children, it is best to visit a paediatric nephrologist in Chennai.

In a nephrology clinic, treatment is provided for several conditions related to the kidneys. In case of the following diseases, it is vital to visit a specialist at the earliest.

 Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome  It is a complex condition mainly caused by the immune system's reaction to an infection in the gastrointestinal tract. This results in kidney injury and residual build-up of platelets and red blood cells. It can further impede the kidneys' filtering ability and lead to the accumulation of waste products in the body. The usual signs include inflammation in limbs and face, blood spots in urine, pale skin, vomiting, reduced urine output, irritability and fatigue.
 End-stage kidney disease  Also known as end-stage renal disease, this condition is the final and fifth stage of chronic kidney disease. Here, kidneys are unable to filter waste from the body, thereby lowering the efficacy in handling day-to-day functions. End-stage kidney disease is ascribed to an attack on and disabling of the kidney’s filtering units, nephrons. Headaches, nosebleeds, lower occurrence of urination, unexplained pain in bones, hiccups, abrupt weight loss and reduced appetite are commonly associated with end-stage kidney diseases.
 Acute and chronic kidney failure  This condition happens when the kidneys are incapable of filtering out waste from the blood. This can be ascribed to trauma or damage, chronic underlying conditions, exposure to toxins or dehydration. Kidney failure is identified by swelling in the ankles, feet or legs owing to fluid retention; unexplained shortness of breath; and chest tightness or discomfort.
 Kidney cancer  Incidence of cancerous growth or tumours can impede kidneys’ function of filtering blood, thereby causing many indications like anaemia, excruciating pain in the lower back, blood in the urine, a lump’s existence in the abdomen, and persistent fever.
 Kidney stones  Crystal formations due to uric acid, calcium, struvite or cystine in the kidneys can cause stones in bladder, urethra or ureters. Kidney stones can constrict the production of urine up to 1 litre each day. 

Nephrologists are also responsible for providing services such as kidney transplant, peritoneal dialysis and haemodialysis. You can contact the best nephrologist in Chennai to better understand the comprehensive treatment offerings.

Nephrologists can diagnose and treat any condition related to the kidneys. A basic consultation in Chennai will cost around Rs. 350 and can even go up to Rs. 1000 for the best doctors. You can check the charges while pre-booking your appointment.

Kidney disease can cause hypertension (or high blood pressure) and hypertension may lead to atherosclerosis, which in turn may cause kidney failure. Although nephrologists cannot completely treat conditions of hypertension, they can comfortably check for such dysfunction impacting the kidneys or vice versa. Some kidney specialists offer treatment for imbalance in minerals and pH levels as well as fluid retention to help with this.

A nephrologist assesses several kidney ailments through certain tests or procedures. Some of the usual blood and urine tests advised by such doctors is listed below.
Urinalysis: The best nephrologist in Chennai will view a urine sample under a microscope or undertake a dipstick test to identify irregularity in the levels of minerals, pH, pus, proteins, bacteria or sugar. The doctor will utilise a chemically treated strip that changes colour upon reaction with abnormalities in the sample.
24-hour urine test: The patient collects urine produced in 24 hours in a special container. This sample is tested in terms of production and number of electrolytes and proteins lost in the urine.
Blood urea nitrogen: Digestion of foods and drinks can form urea nitrogen, a waste product. High levels of the same in the blood are indications of kidney illnesses and this common blood test helps track the nitrogen levels in blood.
Creatinine clearance: This test helps to govern the kidneys' rate of filtration per minute. Here, the level of creatinine in a urine sample taken within 24 hours is compared with that in blood samples, thereby providing a complete depiction of your kidney health.
Serum creatinine: Muscle damage on a daily basis leads to the production of creatinine, a by-product. Creatinine levels in the blood are dependent on race, sex and age. An abnormal level can indicate ongoing or development of a kidney disease. A value of 1.4 or more in men and over 1.2 in women signify kidney issues .

As nephrology and urology involves the study of the kidneys, there is bound to be some overlap. The role of a nephrologist is to focus on disorders or diseases directly impacting the kidneys, while a urologist looks at conditions related to the male and female urinary tract. Moreover, the latter works with the male reproductive organs as well.

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