519 Gynaecologists available in Delhi


519 Gynaecologists available in Delhi


Specialising in women’s reproductive health, a gynecologist treats the following:

  • Menstruation issues
  • Concerns relating to sexuality and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Problems relating to or management of menopause 
  • Concerns relating to choosing and using contraceptives 
  • Issues relating to infertility 

While a gynac may also delve in prenatal care for pregnant women, this is best handled by an obstetrician. OB doctors focus on the following:

  • Care for women and the unborn child during pregnancy
  • Birthing, including labour and delivery 
  • Care during the postpartum period right after childbirth

Yes, you can visit a gynaecologist who has additional understanding of and training in fields such as fetal care, maternal care, oncology, pelvic floor disorders, endocrinology, and infertility. You can also visit a pediatric gynaecologist to address reproductive health issues in children and teens. 

OB-GYNs are surgeons trained in the fields of both gynaecology and obstetrics. Here is a snapshot of procedures done by an OB-GYN:

  • C-section (Caesarean delivery)
  • Assisted (or instrumental) delivery 
  • Removing cysts in the ovaries or fibroids in the uterus as well as other growth 
  • Hysterectomies 
  • Repairing pelvic injuries via surgery
  • Tests for cervical cancer using pap smears
  • Tests for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Treatments for fertility
  • Treatment for infections in the urinary tract
  • Managing breast health
  • Infertility counselling

Generally, there are 6 types of tests or exams that gynecologist use to examine the reproductive, physical and sexual well-being of a patient. Here’s a breakdown of these to clear any doubts. 

  1. Physical exam: This is a physical exam of the body followed by screening questions about the patient’s family and personal history to gauge overall well-being.

  2. Pelvic exam: This is an examination of the external parts of the vagina and internal reproductive organs. Special tools are used to examine the inside of the vagina and cervix. These may exert some pressure, though the exam is usually pain-free.

  3. Pap smear: This is a test done during the pelvic exam and is when the doctor uses a brush to collect cell samples from the cervix. These cells are then sent to a lab to check for cancers or any other abnormalities.

  4. STD tests: Sexually active persons may contract common sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, HIV and syphilis. To help treatment, the doctor first tests for these diseases by taking tissue swabs during the pelvic exam or by ordering blood tests.

  5. Breast exam: A routine for lumps and abnormalities within the breasts.

  6. Internal bimanual exam: This is an invasive exam through which the doctor examines the internal anatomy of the vagina. Here, the doctor examines the cervix, uterus and ovaries for any abnormalities. 

There are many gynaecology specialists in Delhi and for a typical gynecologist appointment, you can expect to pay upwards of Rs.500 for a consult, with the top gynecologists in Delhi charging well over Rs.1,000. You may also book consults with the gynecologist fees beginning at Rs.200. 

A prenatal doctor appointment is an important part of the entire pregnancy process. These should become a regular part of your routine during this phase as it helps you address any concerns or issues that may crop up. Ideally, you should follow a scheduled prenatal consultation plan to ensure optimal care for both, mother and child. While it is mainly dependant on the schedule that your specialist sets for you, here’s an outline of how often you should undergo a gynecologist exam during pregnancy. 

  • 1 consult a month from week 4 to week 28
  • 1 consult every 2 weeks from week 28 to week 36
  • 1 consult every week from week 36 to week 40

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