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275 Ophthalmologists available in Hyderabad


275 Ophthalmologists available in Hyderabad

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Eyes are one of the most valued and delicate organs in the body. Any minor injury or ailment can cause extreme discomfort or lead to visual impairment. Consult an ophthalmologist in Hyderabad for all types of eye diseases as this specialist has the best training and experience. A well-qualified eye specialist in Hyderabad will be able to render accurate analysis and treatment for any issues related to your vision.

The General Medical Council has mandated the study of a five-year MBBS degree and a two-year foundation course for an aspiring medical doctor. Moreover, to become one of the best eye specialists in Hyderabad, this doctor undertakes additional specialties or certifications for practising as an ophthalmologist. These include:
MS - Ophthalmology
MD - Ophthalmology
DNB - Ophthalmology
FCPS - Ophthalmology
FRCS - Ophthalmology (Edin)
Fellow of All India Collegium of Ophthalmology (FAICO)
MNAMS - Ophthalmology

An ophthalmologist in Hyderabad is qualified to undertake surgeries as well as recommend suitable medication for eye issues. Interestingly, ophthalmology is one of the longest fields of study under medicine as the individual has to undergo preparation for 12+ years. An eye doctor in Hyderabad can receive surgery specialisations related to retina, paediatrics and eyelids. Most conduct operations as part of multi-specialty hospitals or surgical clinics.

Though both terms are used interchangeably, there is a marked difference between the two. An ophthalmologist in Hyderabad is a medical doctor and offers treatment for common as well as specialised diseases and even undertakes surgeries as and when the need arises.
An optometrist can check for ordinary eye diseases or acute illnesses such as glaucoma. This professional is also permitted to undertake optometry and inspect the vision or eyes for any anomalies and suggest the appropriate eyewear.

Visit the best ophthalmologist in Hyderabad and you will see him or her utilise a diverse set of techniques for eye examinations. The procedures can be simple such as recognising letters on an eye chart or advanced ones like the use of digital imaging instruments to check minute blood vessels and various structures within the eyes. The duration for a complete assessment can take up to an hour or more based on the number of tests needed to gauge vision health.

For an eye diagnosis, the best eye doctor in Hyderabad will undertake several tests to detect the presence of any eye disease or how strong the vision is. This is because recognising an issue at the onset can be treated with best medication or minor surgeries rather than treating a fully developed condition. An eye specialist in Hyderabad could use various instruments such as a range of lenses to test vision or flash intense light on your eyes to check the cornea.
Many important factors play a role in ascertaining the frequency of eye check-ups such as a patient’s health, underlying risk of contracting eye problems and age. Nevertheless, it is good to go for regular consultations with this doctor to help make the necessary vision changes at the correct juncture. Here are some basic guidelines that you can follow:
Children and adolescents
A paediatrician will normally look for signs of crossed or misaligned eyes and lazy eye in children below three years of age. Between three and five, it is recommended that a child undergo a thorough eye check-up at least once a year. In the school-going age, if your child does not have any indications of vision issues or there is no history of the same in the family, then it is best to go for a general eye check-up once in two years.
For a healthy individual with no vision issues or related diseases, it is advisable to go for an eye check-up every 5–10 years (in 20s and 30s), 2–4 years (from 40s to the age of 54), 1–3 years (in the age group of 55–64) and 1–2 years (after the age of 65). However, you should normally visit an ophthalmologist in Hyderabad if you are:

  • Having a family history of vision loss or eye disease
  • Using eyeglasses or contact lenses
  • Consuming medications resulting in acute side effects to the eye
  • Undergoing treatment for ailments like diabetes that can pose greater risk of having eye diseases

An eye specialist in Hyderabad can offer top-class medical care and treatment options. Whether you’re looking for the best eye surgeon in Hyderabad or an ophthalmologist near you, simply download the Bajaj Finserv Health App on your smartphone to connect with a specialist. This digital tool’s smart search functionality helps you search based on location, proximity, and consultation charges as well as other filters.
You can contact an eye doctor in Hyderabad for all your spectacle and contact lenses needs as well as issues like colour blindness, corneal ulcer, myopia, and hyphema to name a few. The app is loaded with telemedicine features that assist you in booking virtual consultations or in-person appointments. It also offers deals at partner hospitals and clinics so you can address your health needs more affordably and proactively. Go through the list of ophthalmologists in Hyderabad here and download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play to access all these benefits.


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