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84 Cardiologists available in Mumbai


84 Cardiologists available in Mumbai

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Cardiology is the study of the heart and the surrounding blood vessels (the circulatory system) that distribute oxygen and nutrients around the body. Heart diseases are often the result of poor lifestyle choices, besides being a genetically passed down condition. High blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol are the main genetic factors that propagate the progress of the disease.
Heart diseases are preventable by maintaining strict control over lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, people that are genetically inclined toward heart diseases may still suffer from them in spite of this. Visiting a cardiologist in Mumbai can help ease symptoms and keep the condition under moderate control. To understand what cardiologists do and how they can assist you with heart treatments.

Cardiologists specialise in the study of the circulatory system and the heart. To become a cardiologist in Mumbai, a doctor studies further to specialise in this field after attaining the regular medical degree. These specialists can assist their patients with diagnosing and treating various cardiovascular problems and also perform surgeries when needed.
A top cardiologist in Mumbai may advise regular screenings and check-ups to you, especially if there is a genetic inclination towards cardiovascular diseases or other problems such as high cholesterol and hypertension. These doctors will diagnose and offer the right treatments, along with guiding you towards the best lifestyle choices as adequate preventive measures.

After the age of 40, the likelihood of facing issues with the heart and vascular system increases. So, consult a cardiologist as a preventive measure at this age and thereafter. Most doctors will suggest regular check-ups to you to ensure a healthy heart. Also, if there are hereditary issues that increase the chances of cardiovascular diseases in the family, following preventive measures highlighted by the best cardiologist in Mumbai is crucial.

It is important to consult a cardiologist in Mumbai for the following.
  • When you have fluctuating cholesterol levels Cholesterol problems can lead to heart attacks and strokes so when your levels are high it is prudent for you to do regular tests and visit a top cardiologist in Mumbai as a preventive measure.
  • When there is a familial genetic inclination Congenital heart diseases alongside other hereditary diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, increases your overall probability of cardiovascular disease. If this is the case, visiting a cardiologist in Mumbai is critical to maintaining the best health.
  • When you have had cardiovascular diseases before In case you are less than 40 years old and have already faced issues with the heart or the circulatory system, it is best to visit a top cardiologist in Mumbai regularly.
  • When you have multiple risk factors A sedentary lifestyle, smoking, over-consumption of alcohol, and obesity are all risk factors on their own. Often, it is a combination of these factors that wreaks havoc on the cardiovascular system. Check-ups and tests conducted regularly at a cardiologist’s behest is the ideal way forward to maintaining optimal heart health.

If you are experiencing unexplained chest pains and numbness, you must get tested immediately. Irregular heartbeat, heart murmurs, thrombosis, arterial diseases, are all critical reasons to visit a famous cardiologist in Mumbai. Apart from this, children suffering from heart conditions are affected by a congenital defect. Two of the most common congenital problems are bicuspid aorta valve (BAV) and ventricular septal defect. Congenital problems can be addressed by a pediatric cardiologist in Mumbai.

Heart specialists use an electrocardiogram to find out the areas that have blockages. The test shows the doctor the places with impaired blood flow, signifying a blockage. MRI scans (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and nuclear imaging can also pinpoint the areas that are receiving lower blood flow, signifying a blocked artery. A cardiologist in Mumbai may ask you to get any of these tests done to check for blocked arteries.

Usually, patients are referred to a cardiologist based on their symptoms by their general practitioner. If you are genetically predisposed to cardiovascular diseases, then you can book a consult with a top cardiologist in Mumbai directly.

No matter whether you want to find a paediatric cardiologist in Mumbai for your child’s needs or the best cardiologist in Navi Mumbai, you can find the ideal specialist in seconds when you use the Bajaj Finserv Health App or website. With the hassle-free search feature, you can filter cardiologists by their experience, fee, consultation timings, location, and more. Using the app or website, you can also book instant appointments online for an in-person visit or even book an e-consultation via video or chat. To get started, download the Bajaj Finserv Health App from the Google Play Store or App Store and check the list of the cardiologists in Mumbai.


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