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372 General Surgeons available in Mumbai

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372 General Surgeons available in Mumbai

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General surgery encompasses a wide range of surgeries that treat and cure when medicines cannot. Sometimes surgery is essential to improve your health and treat certain ailments. A few good examples are appendicitis, hernia, benign cysts, gallbladder, and thyroid problems. Apart from treating illnesses, a general surgeon handles trauma, injuries, burns, and other emergencies. A general surgeon in Mumbai usually works with a specialised team for support and the successful completion of each procedure that is undertaken.
General surgeons in Mumbai are often the primary doctors for emergency care, and can address accidents, heavy internal bleeding, and blocked airways too. A general surgeon in Mumbai can perform a wide range of surgeries, although there are many cases when he or she will be accompanied by a specialised doctor to treat the patient optimally.

General surgeons must complete their 5-year medical degree, after which they specialise in general surgery. These doctors must study further if they want to specialise in neurology, orthopaedic surgeries, cardiology, or other specialisations. A general surgeon tackles health problems and treats cases that cannot be resolved without an invasive procedure. If medicines alone cannot treat patients, general practitioners will refer them to a general surgeon who can find adequate solutions for their health problems.
General surgeons in Mumbai are trained extensively, with knowledge about the full surgical process. They can assess the problem for the surgical procedure with pre-operative and post-operative management. The most common types of surgeries that a general surgeon handles are, but not always restricted to, the following:
  • Skin and soft tissues surgeries
  • Invasive surgeries for the abdomen, the digestive tract, the endocrine system, the neck, the head, trauma injuries, and burn injuries

General surgeons in Mumbai are trained to diagnose and execute complex surgical procedures concerning soft tissues. This covers a broad range of surgeries like colectomy, hernia, or gallbladder removal. However, for cancer, it is best to consult a surgical oncologist, as they have knowledge of the niche area of medicine that can adequately diagnose and treat cancer. Most frequently, you will be directed to the right specialist by a general surgeon.

Yes, a general surgeon in Mumbai can perform an appendectomy, which is the surgery to remove appendicitis. This type of surgery may also be done by a pediatric surgeon or a general surgery resident under a senior general surgeon.

Dental surgery is usually performed by a dentist. Dentists specialise in all surgeries related to the dental unit, although general surgeons in Mumbai are trained in many oral cavities. Nowadays, however, dentists also specialise in maxillofacial surgeries, which include all kinds of trauma or injuries to the face, including fractured facial bones.

There are paediatric surgeons who are dedicated professionals that specialise in surgeries on children. Since hospitals may not have these surgeons on staff, general surgeons that perform surgeries on adults can also operate on children. It is prudent to note, however, that operating on children often requires smaller tools, different pain medicine administration, and also the controlled use of anaesthesia.

Typically, a general surgeon in Mumbai is not consulted for wart removal. This is because most dermatologists handle such cases. Wart removal has many treatments without requiring surgery. Therefore, for the right treatments, it is first necessary to visit a dermatologist who may treat the problem with medication.

A general surgeon in Mumbai always operates with a team of doctors, comprising nurses and other staff. An anaesthesiologist also accompanies the surgeon to administer the right dose of anaesthesia for the surgery, based on the patient’s health and any complex health conditions that require special handling. Common health considerations that affect the dosage of anaesthesia are body weight, age, sex, a history of blood pressure issues, renal dysfunctions, heart failures and pregnancy to name a few. A certified professional will determine such factors before the surgery.
Find the best general surgeon in Mumbai with the help of the Bajaj Finserv Health App or the website. Our extensive listing may be filtered by your preferred location, consultation charges, and doctor’s experience, among other factors so you can make an informed choice about the right professional for your requirements. Using the app, you can book an appointment near your workspace or home with ease and choose the right time slots as well. If you cannot travel and require immediate attention, then choose from the large listing of general surgeons in Mumbai for a video consultation from the comfort of your home. Address your health concerns today and choose the best general surgeon in Mumbai for your needs by downloading the app from Google Play Store or App Store.


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