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329 Physiotherapists available in Mumbai


329 Physiotherapists available in Mumbai

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A physiotherapist helps people who are recovering from an injury (sports injuries, accidents, falls)

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Ms. Piya Gulati

I am an avid gym goer in Bangalore. I am 31 years old. I had a bad muscle pull-up which made it difficult for me to even go to the park to walk normally. I spoke to a physiotherapist through Bajaj Finserv Health App. During teleconsultation, the doctor helped me understand my muscle pain and gave me medicines as well as suggested lifestyle changes. I now, am back to being a gym lover. Thank you Bajaj Finserv Health!


Injuries are part and parcel of life and physiotherapy is a field of medicine responsible for treating these. With physiotherapy, you get access to physical rehabilitation, fitness practices, injury prevention advice, and more. In essence, physiotherapy aims to provide holistic, all-inclusive care for complete wellbeing by restoring physical function. This is why it is important to have a good physiotherapist in Mumbai to help you stay healthy and in top shape.

Physiotherapy is a field of medicine that uses massages, exercises, and rehabilitation to treat bodily injuries. In this discipline, specialists try to restore optimal function and movement in damaged or injured parts of the body without the use of drugs or surgery. As such, it is accessible to patients during any stage of life, be it young or old. Moreover, an experienced physiotherapist in Mumbai can help treat disabilities effectively too.
Physiotherapy also has a key role to play when it comes to preventive care. Specialists can advise you on exercise, movements, and practices to help you keep your body strong and healthier for longer. After all, physiotherapy is meant to serve as a holistic solution to wellness.

A physiotherapist is a trained physician that has specialised in physiotherapy, a field that studies the science of movement. As such, physiotherapists can help restore normal physical function after injuries or even help alleviate pains and aches. Besides this, a physiotherapist in Mumbai is also trained to help you maintain optimal physical function and improve your lifestyle if you’re dealing with chronic illnesses or conditions.

As a matter of fact, there is absolutely no difference between a physiotherapist and a physical therapist. These are synonyms in every sense, but this speciality of medicine does have different nomenclature in different sections of the world. In Canada, Australia, Europe and most parts of the world, this profession is called physiotherapy. In America, these specialists are referred to as physical therapists.
There are some professionals who distinguish between these terms based on the mode of care or treatment administered. According to these beliefs, a physiotherapist is one that mainly relies on manual therapy for treatment. This involves the use of a hands-on approach which includes soft tissue release, joint mobilisation, stretching, and others. Alternatively, physical therapists are said to rely on treating patients through exercise. This includes balance improvement, muscle strengthening, and coordination boosting exercises.

In the field of physiotherapy, there are several different specialisations. For this reason, it isn’t advisable to simply find a physiotherapist in Mumbai. Instead, look for a physiotherapist in Mumbai as per their specialisation, which is better for targeted care.
Here are some of the main specialisations in physiotherapy.
  1. Musculoskeletal or orthopaedic physiotherapy
  2. Paediatric physiotherapy
  3. Cardiopulmonary or cardiorespiratory physiotherapy
  4. Sports physiotherapy
  5. Women’s health physiotherapy
  6. Neurological physiotherapy
  7. Geriatric physiotherapy

Ideally, you should consult a physiotherapist in Mumbai whenever you sustain major injuries. In some cases, it may be wise to get advice on dealing with minor injuries too, as improper care can complicate matters.
To avoid problems altogether, here are clear signs you need to get professional care from a physiotherapist in Mumbai.
  • Chronic pain
  • Difficulty moving or loss in a range of motion
  • Loss of balance
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Body pains arising from sitting at a desk

With a clearer idea of when to call your doctor, remember that physiotherapists play a crucial role during recovery too. This is especially important when healing from major accidents. For instance, if you have sustained injuries to your spinal cord, you should contact the best neuro physiotherapists in Mumbai for a full and complete recovery.

There are ample physiotherapists in Mumbai, which is good for you since the price for consultations varies. Depending on the specialist, you can expect to pay between Rs.100 and Rs.3,000 for an in-clinic consultation fee. It is also important to remember that certain treatment will incur additional charges.

In today’s day and age, you are no longer restricted to the practises of old, especially when it comes to finding expert doctors. Physiotherapists in Mumbai are now listed on several websites and portals, making it easier for you to find and book a top physiotherapist in your area. In fact, to make the experience simpler, the Bajaj Finserv Health App is something you should definitely consider using.
This digital tool is loaded with telemedicine features that can aid the accessibility and availability of healthcare services. With the smart search feature, you can find a relevant physiotherapist. In fact, with the app, you can book appointments at physiotherapy clinics in Mumbai online. If you are looking for physiotherapy at home in Mumbai, you can consider a video consultation or find a specialist willing to travel. To get started, download the app for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.


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