Dr. Archana Dixit

20 Years Experience
Dentist, Prosthodontics
Pune, Maharashtra
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More about Dr. Archana Dixit
Dr.Archana dixit has graduated from bapuji college of dental sciences under rguhs bangalore in the year 2001.She has excelled in the field of endodontics and cosmetic dentistry.She also manages the clinic and looks after every minute details to provide best of the services.She has to credit of practising 14 years of pain free single setting root canal treatment and general dentistry.
Speaks: English, Hindi, Marathi
MRN:  2349-A
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Diagnosis and treatment
Information and advice
Health and nutrition advice
Prescription of medications
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Dr. Dixit'S Dental Speciality Clinic & Implant Centre
Shop No. 3, First Floor, Royal Tower, Next To Sri Krishna Veg Court, Sainik Nagar,Clover Park, Viman Nagar, Pune
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