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Autism Doctors in pune

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Autism or Autism spectrum disorder is a disability defined by developmental delays of the brain. This disorder can also have a massive financial implication for the families of the children suffering from it. Supporting autistic children to lead balanced lives requires the right autism treatment in Pune, as developmental issues can range from mild to severe. In extreme cases, the patient may need round-the-clock care and support to maintain the most basic quality of life. Here’s more on this neurodevelopmental issue and how you can find the best autism treatment in Pune.

It is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of autism, and it is believed that this disorder is a result of various factors such as genetics and environmental influences. Autism is more likely to be hereditary in nature and it may even skip a generation and affect the next. Disorders and mutations in genes is believed to be the primary cause and those with these genes may be more prone to it when exposed to certain environmental factors such as toxins, certain medications, viral infections, etc.

While the symptoms can also vary from patient to patient and overlap with other conditions, doctors who offer autism treatment in Pune suggest watching out for three major symptoms. They include:
  • Social awkwardness
  • Delayed developmental milestones
  • Trouble with verbal and non-verbal communication

  • Apart from these, other symptoms may reveal themselves later in life. They are as follows:
    • Inability to read and respond to social cues such as the tone of the voice and body language
    • Poor communication skills
    • Self-harming tactic such as head-banging or using objects to hurt oneself
    • Uninterrupted focus on one item
    • Repetitive movements

    • Unfortunately, doctors are yet to find a cure for people suffering from the disorder. As of now, the best autism treatment in Pune comprises managing the symptoms and increasing self-dependency for the patient.

It is no simple task to handle an autistic child during a meltdown. A meltdown occurs when the child is overwhelmed by their current situation and acts out. This may include yelling, screaming, crying, throwing things, and in extreme cases even biting and kicking. Sensory tools play a big role in calming children with autism and while there are techniques you can try as suggested by doctors specialising in autism treatment in Pune, these differ based on individual pathologies and severity. Other extreme cases of a meltdown can cause withdrawals, which may be combated with the best autism treatment in Pune.
You can try to offer solace to a child during a meltdown through some techniques highlighted below.
  • Coping mechanisms: Repetitive motions like rocking or flapping can help calm those going through a meltdown. It is best to identify these with the help of a doctor.
  • Sensory toys and tools: Children often find comfort in tactile objects such as sensory mats, putty, chew toys, cushions, and more. These may be used to ease anxiety.

  • It is also important to remember to carry some of a child’s calming toys or safe objects to help during a meltdown. Do not leave them alone or talk down to them as this can aggravate the situation further. Lastly, give them love and reassurances and do not punish them for acting out.

Autism in children is treated by paediatric neurologists, child psychiatrists or developmental paediatricians. Consultation fees for the best autism treatment in Pune is usually between Rs.150 and Rs.2,000.

ABA stands for Applied Behaviour Analysis and focuses on increasing favourable behaviour such as social skills and etiquettes, academics, reading, communication, adaptive learning, grooming, hygiene, and dexterity. It is a reliable standard of autism treatment in Pune. While most of these functions are easy to teach children over time, autistic children require special care and handling to learn the basics, as their perceptions differ from those around them. The goal of ABA is for the child to learn the correlation of their behaviour to everyday situations and to react favourably to different outcomes in their daily lives.

One of the major symptoms of autism is food aversions and sensory difficulties, which make mealtimes very difficult for parents or caregivers. This also means that often, children face deficiencies in certain nutrients considered essential for their development and growth. The following supplements should only be added to their diet after consultations and tests carried out by the specialists offering autism treatment in Pune.
  • Omega-3: Believed to help in reducing hyperactivity
  • Vitamin B6 and magnesium: Considered to improve speech and language
  • Multivitamins: Thought to help ease symptoms like sleeplessness and digestive issues
  • Iron: To be given if there is an iron deficiency

Use the Bajaj Finserv App or the website to find paediatric neurologists or other therapists for autism treatment in Pune with ease. This app gives you a list of the doctors offering autism treatment in Pune, which you can filter by location, office timings, experience, consultation fees and other parameters. This makes finding the right specialist easier. You can also book instant in-person visits on the app and even use its video consultation feature when a physical visit is not possible. Download the app today and explore its other helpful features to make healthcare a priority for yourself and your family.