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Depression Doctors in pune

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Depression is a very common disorder but is an equally serious medical condition that most people, owing to their lack of knowledge about the ailment, treat very lightly. Depression can have negative effects on how a person feels, their thought process, and their mannerisms. Most often, a limited understanding about this problem makes depression weigh heavily on a person suffering from it. However, the good news is that depression is treatable. All you need is a good depression doctor in Pune to begin treatment.

Most of the time prolonged illness, chronic problems in life, trauma, and family history of depression can be the root cause of this ailment. In fact, people who get anxious very often and experience a prolonged feeling a sense of sadness are more prone to depression. In medical parlance, there may not always be a perfect reason for depression, as it may happen to people all across age groups without any concrete cause. Certain medicines, when taken over a long duration, can also result in depression.

In a broader sense, depression can be categorised into two streams, basis the intensity of symptoms. For some people, the symptoms of depression can come and go without creating a prolonged impact. However, for some, the symptoms may be major as well. With this factor in mind, depression is namely of two types: the major depressive and persistent depressive disorder.
When you visit a depression doctor in Pune, he or she will first enquire about the severity of your depression. In case the symptoms are episodic and severe then it is major depressive disorder. On the other hand, if the specialist finds out that a particular incident or cause is linked to your depression, then that is less severe and is termed as persistent depressive disorder. Many times, women suffer from this type of depression after delivery.

When suggesting a depression treatment in Pune, a specialist is likely to analyse the plethora of symptoms that are evident and those that are not too pronounced in a patient. A lurking feeling of hopelessness, anxiety, sadness, not being able to navigate through basic routine without feeling lost, and many such symptoms are directly linked to depression. Regular mood swings, anxiety attacks, and episodic lack of sleep leading to suicidal thoughts are also some of the more acute symptoms of depression.

Depression is curable. However, to get the maximum benefit, you should choose a good depression doctor in Pune. In case the depression is in its nascent stage, then simple lifestyle corrections can benefit the patient a lot. The specialist’s role is to talk to the patient to decode the real cause for depression in their lives. If it is triggered by some external factors, like a disease or illness, then the specialist suggests corrective measures to smoothen out those arenas of life and thus motivate the patient to think positive.
However, patients with severe symptoms and suicidal tendencies need extra care and attention. In some cases, the specialist may prescribe antidepressants to give the patient instant relief and induce a sense of optimism. Meditation, regular exercise, and engaging in hobbies can also offer the patient a chance to escape from the negativity clouding their minds.

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