Sexologists available in Pune


Sexologists available in Pune


Paying attention to your sexual health is an integral part of maintaining good health on the whole. Sexologists can help you address this aspect of your wellbeing. They deal with a gamut of sexual health conditions and are the professionals you should contact if you face any problems in your sex life, be it physical or psychological.
Just like you would consult a diabetologist if you had high blood sugar levels, it’s important to consult a sexologist in Pune, an expert in the domain, should you have any ailments or problems that you wish to address. Unlike a general physician, a sexologist will be able to offer you targeted and holistic care. To learn more about sexologist doctors, what they do and how they can help you, keep reading for in-depth information.

‘Sexologist’ is a term that broadly covers all those doctors who study sexual health, behaviours and illnesses and offer patients diagnoses and treatments. Sexologists typically work with individuals who need help with their sex life, sex workers who may need medical assistance, and those who have undergone sexual trauma. Technically, a doctor with an MBBS, BHMS or BAMS degree, who also has post-graduate or diploma in sexology qualifies as a sexologist in Pune.

The best sexologist in Pune will provide tailored treatment that suits the patient’s specific needs. Broadly, sexologists opt for either or a combination of the following approaches.
Medication: Just like your family doctor would prescribe oral medication to you for a throat infection, a sexologist will prescribe oral medication for certain conditions.
Workshops and therapy: Often times, psychological concerns manifest themselves as sexual problems. For patients whose sexual health problems arise out of depression, anxiety, stress or incompatibility with their partner, a sexologist in Pune may recommend therapy, counselling or specific workshops.
Lifestyle changes: For many people, sexual dysfunctions are a by-product of poor lifestyle choices such as excessive smoking, drug abuse and heavy drinking. In such cases, sexologist doctors will ask patients to quit smoking and drugs, reduce alcohol consumption and make healthier diet and exercise choices.

Good sexual health is important for your overall health and your mental wellbeing. Poor sexual health can lead to strained marriages or relationships and affect mental health as well. This is why it’s important to address any sexual problems, illnesses or discomfort that you are facing as soon as possible.

Orgasm disorders are those where you are unable to achieve an orgasm or can do so only under certain circumstances. A sexologist is the right person to consult for this problem. He/she will ask questions about your medical history, understand patterns and provide a treatment plan. Typically, this plan is dependent on the underlying causes that are revealed during the consult. A sexologist in Pune may prescribe hormone therapy, couples therapy, adjust dosage of certain medicines or even prescribe a topical cream or patch.

Vaginismus is a condition where the vaginal muscles seize to prevent penetration by the penis during sexual intercourse. The same may also apply to the insertion of sanitary products such as tampons, and physical exams by a gynaecologist. A sexologist in Pune will definitely be able to help you address vaginismus.
The doctor will enquire about your medical history and sexual history, and recommend therapy, if the suspected cause for vaginismus is fear or anxiety. Sexologist doctors may also prescribe certain exercises that you can practice to control and relax your vaginal muscles.

A number of factors determine the consultation fees of a sexologist in Pune. As is the case with other specialisations, the experience of the doctor and the nature of the consultation facility play a role in determining fees. In Pune, you can expect to pay anywhere from Rs.500 to Rs.1,500 for a single consultation.

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