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Dr. Ameya Patil


doctor experience.15 Years
Cardicare Preventive Heart ClinicCardicare Preventive Heart Clinic

English, हिन्दी, मराठी

₹ 1200

consultation typeAvailable at 5:30pm
Dr. Surinder Hansra

General Physician

doctor experience.23 Years
Dr. Hansra's ClinicDr. Hansra's Clinic

English, हिन्दी, मराठी

₹ 1000

consultation typeAvailable at 6:00pm
Dr. Mitul Shah


Dr. Mitul Shah CardiologistDr. Mitul Shah Cardiologist

English, हिन्दी, ગુજરાતી

₹ 1500

consultation typeAvailable in 30 mins

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Dr. Vaibhav Patil


doctor experience.16 Years
Hriday Siddhee Heart And Skin Superspeciality ClinicHriday Siddhee Heart And Skin Superspeciality Clinic

English, हिन्दी, मराठी

₹ 800

consultation typeAvailable at 6:00pm
Dr. Keshav Kale


doctor experience.24 Years
Khushi Heartcare And Multispeciality ClinicKhushi Heartcare And Multispeciality Clinic

English, हिन्दी, मराठी

₹ 1200

consultation typeAvailable at 6:00pm
Dr. Arun B


doctor experience.9 Years
Interventional Cardiologist, Lotus Diagnostic Center,Interventional Cardiologist, Lotus Diagnostic Center,

English, हिन्दी, ಕನ್ನಡ

₹ 700

consultation typeAvailable at 4:00pm
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar


doctor experience.8 Years
Dr. Sanjeev Cardio Diabetic ClinicDr. Sanjeev Cardio Diabetic Clinic

English, हिन्दी

₹ 500

consultation typeAvailable at 6:00pm
Dr. Balram Yadav


doctor experience.10 Years
Marble City HospitalMarble City Hospital

English, हिन्दी, मराठी, தமிழ்

₹ 300

consultation typeAvailable in 30 mins
Dr. Vaibhav Jain


doctor experience.11 Years
LBS Health CareLBS Health Care

English, हिन्दी

₹ 700

consultation typeAvailable at 6:00pm
Dr. Prashant Valecha


doctor experience.11 Years
Prashant Valecha ClinicPrashant Valecha Clinic

English, हिन्दी

₹ 500

consultation typeAvailable in 30 mins

Treatments provided by Cardiologist

Venous Leg Ulcer

Rheumatic Heart Disease

Rapid Heartbeat


Inherited Heart Conditions

High Blood Pressure

Heart Problems

Heart Palpitations

Heart Failure

Heart Attack

Enlarged Veins

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Congenital Heart Disease

Common Heart Conditions

Chest Tightness

Chest Pain

Chest Discomfort

Bypass Surgery

Blood Clots


Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

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What does a cardiologist do?

Cardiologists are medical professionals who are experts in providing treatment for heart-related issues. To become a cardiologist, one must complete a 5-year bachelor’s degree in medicine (MBBS), and a 3-year master’s degree in Cardiology (MD). The best cardiologists in Thane are commonly consulted for problems such as abnormal heartbeat, heart attack, high cholesterol, chest pain, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure. Book an appointment with the top cardiologists in Thane by using the Bajaj Finserv Health App for any arterial disease treatment in Thane and heart treatment in Thane. Look for the best cardiologist near me and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

What are the subspecialties of cardiology?

Cardiologists are consulted for a variety of arterial disease treatments in Thane. The medical field of cardiology is vast and includes many subspecialties:
  • Interventional cardiology
  • Electrophysiology
  • Heart failure
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Sports cardiology
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Clinical cardiology
  • Geriatric cardiology
  • Cardiac critical care
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Congenital cardiology
  • Cardiac rheumatology
  • Cardio oncology

Interventional Cardiology

Interventional cardiologist use catheter-based procedures including stenting and angioplasty to provide treatment for structural heart abnormalities, congenital cardiac difficulties, and other heart treatments in Thane.


Electrophysiology specialists identify and manage arrhythmias or abnormal heartbeats. They focus on the electromagnetic impulses that regulate the rhythm and regularity of heartbeats.

Heart Failure

The focus of this field is the management and treatment of heart failure patients. To assess the patient's health, the amount of damage, and the treatment options, the best cardiologists in Thane use diagnostic imaging procedures including echocardiography and chest radiography.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

This specialty aids patients in recovering from significant heart problems like heart attacks and other heart problems. Specialists from this, create individualized plans to assist them to regain their fitness levels and get back to their pre-heart disease lives as soon as possible.

Sports Cardiology

These specialists focus on heart treatment in Thane of athletes and sports people who suffer from heart-related conditions. Due to their busy lifestyles that place a high demand on their health, sports cardiologists have unique medical requirements in terms of heart health.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

This field concentrates on invasive procedures to treat diseases of the esophagus, heart, lungs, and other related chest organs.

Clinical Cardiology

Conditions that require heart treatment in Thane including angina, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), and heart attacks can be diagnosed and treated by cardiologists who specialize in this field. Based on the diagnosis and course of treatment, a clinical cardiologist may work alone or in association with other cardiac doctors or surgeons to treat the patient.

Geriatric Cardiology

The focus of this specialty is heart issues in older patients. Due to their old age, this patient population has a unique set of problems that must be identified and treated in a different way than younger individuals. Geriatric cardiologists receive specialized training and can address the special needs of elderly patients.

Cardiac Critical Care

Critically ill patients receiving therapy for cardiac problems such as heart failure, heart attacks, or other heart-related conditions are the focus of this medical department.

Cardiac Imaging

This branch of imaging entails the radiographic assessment of the heart and associated components. The top cardiologists in Thane help to detect and assess heart conditions such as leaky heart valves and structural heart abnormalities.

Congenital Cardiology

Congenital cardiac disorders address heart-related problems that exist from birth. Some examples of common congenital conditions include anomalies in the heart valve, holes in the heart, and problems with the aorta.

Cardiac Rheumatology

The risk of cardiovascular disease is increased in people who have rheumatologic disorders including rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, or scleroderma. Cardiac rheumatologists are experts at treating cardiac patients with rheumatology issues.

Cardio Oncology

Patients who experience heart-related adverse effects from cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and anthracyclines are best treated by cardio oncologists.

What are the most common heart-related symptoms for which people visit cardiologists in Thane?

People often consult the best cardiologists in Thane for the following heart-related symptoms:
  • Pain in the left arm
  • Pain in the arm, shoulders, back
  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Persistent coughing
  • Chest pain
  • Breathlessness
  • Missed heartbeats (skipping of heartbeats)
  • High cholesterol level
  • Irregular or abnormal heartbeat
  • Headache because of high blood pressure
  • Uneasiness in the chest
  • Tightness or pressure in the chest
  • Reduced ability to do physical exercise
  • How do cardiologists treat abnormal heartbeats?

    Prompt treatment is required if an arrhythmia or abnormal heartbeat has been identified by a heart specialist. Your cardiologist will recommend medications to maintain regular heartbeats. Moreover, cardiac surgery may be necessary. Sometimes, to address the issue and prevent further complications, a device may be inserted into the heart. If you are experiencing abnormal heartbeats, schedule an appointment with the best cardiologist in Thane by using the Bajaj Finserv Health Portal.

    What are the most common symptoms related to heart attack?

    Cardiologists are experts in arterial disease treatment in Thane including heart attacks. People often visit the best cardiologist in Thane for the following primary signs of a heart attack:
  • Breathlessness
  • Pain in the back and arms
  • Chest pain
  • Weakness
  • Fainting
  • Chest discomfort
  • Pain in the neck, jaw, and shoulders
  • Shooting pain on the left side of the arm
  • Dizziness, lightheadedness
  • What should I expect from a cardiologist consultation?

    During your consultation, the cardiologist will ask you about the main heart complaint, conduct a physical examination and listen to your heart to check for any abnormalities. All details of the signs and symptoms that you have been experiencing such as the intensity of pain or discomfort, duration of illness, and any patterns (for example, whether the symptom only develops during or after a specific activity or time of day) should be mentioned to the cardiologist. The cardiologist will also inquire about any relevant medical history or family history. To make an accurate diagnosis, the cardiologist may suggest certain blood tests, cardiac stress tests, and other diagnostic examinations. Book an appointment with the best cardiologist in Thane using the Bajaj Finserv Health Platform and resolve your issue immediately.

    Which procedures does a cardiologist perform?

    The following procedures are carried out by the best cardiologists in Thane to identify, treat, and monitor cardiac issues:
  • Stress test
  • Heart transplant
  • Open-heart surgery
  • Pacemaker insertion
  • Heart valve repair or heart valve replacement
  • Angioplasty
  • Angiography
  • By-pass surgery, often known as a coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)
  • Stent placement
  • How to find the best cardiologist near me?

    Use the Bajaj Finserv Health Platform to schedule an appointment with the best cardiologist near me: Go to the section “Show Doctors Near Me”.
    Choose the option “Click Here”.
    A list of the top cardiologists in Thane will appear. To find the best cardiologists in Thane, enable your location and follow the above-mentioned steps.

    Which cardiology treatments are available in Thane?

    The best cardiologists in Thane are trained to treat several heart conditions, including congenital heart disease, heart failure, coronary artery disease, heart enlargement, sudden cardiac arrest, endocarditis, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, blood clots, irregular heartbeats, atherosclerosis, heart blockage, aortic aneurysm, high cholesterol, angina, abnormal heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation, renal artery disease, stroke, and arterial disease treatment in Thane. In-clinic consultation can be found in top localities such as Manpada, Mira Road, Thane West, Kalwa, Palava City, Kalyan City, Dombivli East, Ulhasnagar, Hiranandani Meadows, and Vasai West.

    FAQs about Cardiologist in Shivajinagar, Thane

    Should I visit a cardiologist for a persistent headache?

    Persistent headaches could be a sign of high blood pressure or other heart-related issues. So, you can visit a cardiologist to find out if the headache is due to a heart condition.

    How much does a cardiologist consultation in Thane cost?

    The fees for cardiology consultation vary as per the doctor. The charges are different for different doctors based on the doctor’s experience level, consultation mode (offline or online), and other factors.

    Is a cardiologist able to treat heart diseases in kids?

    Yes. Cardiology specialists are qualified and trained to diagnose and treat heart problems in children. They can treat heart issues present since birth (congenital heart problems) and those that develop after birth.

    What educational qualifications are necessary to become a cardiologist?

    A person needs to complete their MBBS and MD, Cardiology degrees to become a cardiologist.

    Is there any additional benefit of booking my cardiologist consultation in Thane through Bajaj Finserv Health?

    If you visit the Bajaj Finserv Health App or website, you can see the profiles of the best cardiologists near you. You can check the doctors’ experience level, consultation charges, location, and availability here. Once you have selected a doctor, you can immediately book an in-clinic or online consultation.

    Is instant cardiologist consultation possible in Thane?

    You can book an instant consultation with available cardiologists using the Bajaj Finserv Health platform (App or website). You can find the best cardiologists in Thane on the App or website and book a consultation immediately with your preferred doctor.

    What are the ways in which I can consult a cardiologist in Thane?

    When you book your cardiologist consultation via the Bajaj Finserv Health platform, you can consult the doctor at their clinic (offline) or consult via telephone or video (online).

    How can I pay for my cardiologist consultation in Thane?

    Several convenient payment methods can be used to pay for a cardiologist consultation in Thane. You can pay with cash, card (debit or credit), UPI, internet banking, or wallet (if you have a Bajaj Finserv Health plan with wallet benefit).
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