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No cost EMI at Manipal Hospital Baner

Manipal Hospital Baner is an important medical operation that is performed by highly skilled surgeons to ensure good health and quality of life of the patient

What is EMI Financing?

Health EMI is a type of health loan, a financing option, that lets you convert big hospital bills into smaller and more affordable monthly instalments. The guiding thought behind designing this EMI facility is to make trusted healthcare available and accessible to every individual.

How is EMI Financing Different from Insurance?

No Regular Premium Payments
Unlike insurance, EMI financing doesn't require regular premium payments, providing financial flexibility and predictable monthly installments.
Flexible Payment Options
It provides the freedom to choose repayment options that suit your financial situation, allowing you to manage medical expenses with ease.
No Waiting Periods for Pre-existing Conditions
Unlike insurance, there is no waiting period for users with pre-existing conditions. Once approved, this EMI financing facility can be availed immediately.
Coverage for Special Procedures
Health loans cover a wide range of procedures, including bariatric, cosmetic, and dental surgeries, which may not be covered by traditional insurance plans. 
Hospital Room Upgradation
EMI financing enables you to opt for better hospital room facilities, offering enhanced comfort during your medical treatment.
Steps to Apply

How Can I Apply for Health EMI Facility? 

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Take the first step towards affordable healthcare by following these simple steps:


Share Details

Provide your name, contact number, and city name to initiate the application.


Get a Call from Us

After receiving your details, our executive will get in touch with you to understand your requirements and help you with the application process.


Submit KYC Documents

If you are not an existing customer, you'll need to submit the necessary documents to complete the application process.

24/7 customer support
Help & Support
Need Help? We have detailed out the plan for you. Read our fine prints below for all the details.

Once you apply with the required documents, a delivery order will be issued within an hour. Once this is done, the treatment can be initiated by the hospital. Once the DO is issued and documents are provided by the customer , our FOS can immediately submit the case , and it will disburse in 6 hours - post that payment will be released to the hospital

Yes. Both can be used together. The amount that is not covered by insurance can be paid using the EMI finance facility. Yes this can be paid through insurance - if insurance is covered , rest Co-pay amount can be paid through Bajaj

If you are not an existing customer of Bajaj Finserv Health, you will need to provide documents for identity proof (Aadhar card or equivalent). In addition, you may need to provide income proof (salary slip, bank statement etc.). Existing customers only need to provide income-proof documents. Additional documents may be needed; our executive will guide you regarding this. basically, KYC documents is required, and document is required basis credit program selected by FOS like charge slip - salary slip or bank statement 

EMI coveres 800+ treatment even which are not included in insurance. This EMI finance facility covers 800+ treatments that are usually not covered by insurance. Some common examples are infertility treatment, cosmetic surgery, pre-existing illnesses, pregnancy treatment, dental care, LASIK etc.

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